If All You Do Is Chase Women, You Will Never Be Satisfied

If a man racks up hundreds, or even thousands of notches, but yet never actually accomplishes anything great in this world and leaves nothing behind, then what has he done with his life?

If I only wrote about how to meet women and never wrote about the other aspects of life, then my writings would be for naught.

If you only pursue women and make that your main life goal, then you will always be chasing the next ‘high’ and will never feel satisfaction past the temporary feeling of accomplishment that comes with seducing a woman.

As I drop this post I will be 30 years old. Although I’m not old by any means, I have lived enough life to know from whence I speak.

I have had sex with over 350 women in my lifetime and I’m sure many more are to come.

No matter how fun the notches are, no matter how exciting the journey is in the pursuit of new beautiful women to seduce and enjoy their company, it is not everything. It does not define me. It simply is a side dish to this journey we call life.

When we examine the great men of this world, both those still living and those who have passed on to eternity, a careful examination of their life shows us that the pursuit of women was not their main cause for living, nor was it their main motivation.

Alexander The Great left a legacy that not many other men have come close to duplicating, but it’s clear that if he spent all of his time pursing women only, he would never have conquered as much of the world that he did.

While Jack Nicholson is a legendary actor known for his antics off the set as well with beautiful women, he would never have 3 Oscars to his name if he solely pursued bedding women.

John F. Kennedy was known as much for his politics as he was for his dalliances with famous women, but he would have never become president of the United States, if he only pursued the bedding of famous women.

In your pursuit of becoming great with women, it’s important to realize that while it is a necessary skill-set to develop and work on, you should never make it your main focus alone.

A man who accomplishes great things has a passion, a pursuit and a goal that trumps even bedding the most beautiful of women.

The women and the game that he plays, is simply a side dish to his life.

The women complement his life; they are not his life.

The women provide him with both physical pleasure and emotional support, but he does not forsake his life goals for the sake of a woman.

The women provide him with companionship, but he does not decide to abandon building his life’s legacy, in pursuit of building hers.

Do not mistake my writing of this blog post for that of saying Game is not important. Instead, understand that Game encompasses not only women, but life itself. Without Game one cannot fully recognize their potential in all aspects of life.

Game is more than just seducing a woman and having sex. Instead, it is the keys to opening the door into the room where your real life begins.


While the man who pursues his career and never gives time to learn about how to deal with women is never fully realized and well-rounded, neither is a man who spends all of his time pursuing women solely.

Remember, that a man who is passionate about his career, is making major moves to better himself and is constantly pursuing perfection in self-improvement is more attractive to women, then the man who knows the perfect line to say and who is at the whim of women.

Part of not putting women on a pedestal, is also realizing that they have their specific place in a man’s life, but they are never his entire life.

A woman will be turned off immediately and will lose her ‘love’ for you when she realizes that you have given up that what she found attractive in you in the first place.

A man can be both great with women and great in life. Never forget that. It’s neither one or the other.

It’s up to you to have discipline and balance your personal pursuits and your development as a man who will be great with women.

The core of satisfaction for men is accomplishing, building and making a name for themselves. Every great man in history had an innate drive in themselves to be more, accomplish more and change history.

You cannot spend the entirety of your life focused only on women and then expect to be a world-turner.

Select your passions with care.

Create a disciplined lifestyle from which you can be a well-rounded man pursuing your goals and still finding time to enjoy the company of beautiful women.

You will find that the time you spend with women will be that much more enhanced and enjoyable, because it is a dessert to your main course. The sweetness of lying in bed with a naked women post-sex is that much sweeter when you can close your eyes and realize that your entire life is coming together.

And here’s a little secret that no one talks about: women are drawn to passionate men who are on the move reaching, striving and accomplishing worthwhile goals.

The entire reason for this blog to focus on not only women, but every aspect of a man’s life is not a mistake. Women are just one aspect of your life, albeit an important one to figure out and strive to be better with. Your lifestyle which includes your interactions with women, is the all-encompassing umbrella that will make you complete as a man.

Without the skills to be good with women, you will never be satisfied.

Without the pursuit of worthwhile personal goals and the fire of passion in your belly, you will never be satisfied.

The only true satisfaction comes from both: pursuing your passions, making history and also allowing beautiful women along for the ride with you as you become great and leave a legacy in this world.

The man who seeks complete satisfaction in life based on his relationship with a woman will find his world crashing down and his soul unsatisfied. I know. I once was that man.

The man who cuts himself off from any interactions with women will find himself also unsatisfied.

Focus on becoming a man who is complete in both.

Don’t give up your goals and only pursue women.

Don’t give up women and only pursue your goals.

Be disciplined and create a lifestyle where you can taste of both fruits and truly experience satisfaction in your soul.

Get the guide for kicking life’s ass here.

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15 Replies to “If All You Do Is Chase Women, You Will Never Be Satisfied”

  1. Gotdammit McQueen this manifesto needs to be read by every man entering a college campus nationwide haha…good stuff man. Worthwhile read


  2. Ya it’s important not to compare yourself to others too. You don’t need to be banging more girls than your friends. your identity doesn’t need to revolve around getting as many girls as possible.


  3. McQueen

    As far as the notches go-

    What number of notches did it all just become a novelty and no longer like-oh man I hope I have enough experience to understand women and how to find what I need and remove what i don’t from my life with women?

    ?Is it true even “good” girls will go swallow a studs load then kiss their beta chump fiancees lips as he buys them lobster and champange for Dinner later and plans their Wedding over Dinner?


  4. CMQ-
    Just had an idea. Somenone needs to do an e-book on how girls play guys-get them to marry them, try to take their paper, mind f#$% guys, etc. You need a compendium of ways to get chicks hamsters spinning and of the tricks these snakey hos be using on the streets-nom sayin player?


  5. Is not the highest goal of life to attain liberation from the cycle of birth and death? I know many people may be atheists who do not believe in God or a soul, but assuming that there is a soul and that this soul keeps reincarnating over and over again until we can attain liberation, wouldn’t focusing your life on liberation be the ultimate and highest goal?

    Imagine at every moment experiencing heavenly bliss and ecstasy. Once you reach that level, you are in the realm of prophets and god-men. Naturally, everything else will fall into place.


  6. Damn, that post hits close to home brother. Awesome.

    I get crazy sometimes when I hear about young guys only focused on game. You gotta live first, you have to have goals and dreams…turn them into accomplishments. Then the women will come easy.

    We can all be renaissance men now…it’s what the fucking internet is for, use it!

    Keep these words coming sir, spread the good word. Thanks.


  7. Great post. I think in this post we’ve learned that having good game to get laid is only half the battle. Pursuing other opportunities to kick ass in is the other half.


  8. Amen. Too many guys don’t see the forest from the trees. Too many are unduly influenced by what Krauser calls notch hyenas. Yes, all men need to bang out a lot of girls, and the appropriate amount is different for each man. However, after a certain point you will not care as much for yet another +1. You won’t feel that rush like you used to.

    Mostly this happens when you get a bit older (mid-30’s and up). If you haven’t developed your life skills and handled other aspects like money by that age, you are in for a world of pain because all you will have is the ephemeral joy from being with all those girls, but that does not put food on the table, buy you a nice car, pay for vacations or a nice place, or any of the other fine things in life (assuming you care about such things, many don’t and that’s fine).

    I really like the point about the great men of history. Great men did not just leave for easier more comfortable lands to sleep with as many women as possible. They built armies, amassed empires. They had children. They built and created, because that is the essence of man. Women are certainly a necessary part of enjoying life to its fullest, but they are accessories rather than the clothes that a man wears.


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