Readers Success Stories

A new segment that I’m adding to the blog is a once a month post with readers success emails. Not only do I enjoy hearing about your successes, but it’s an inspiration to other readers.

The names will always be changed to ‘John Doe’ to protect the identity of submissions and any specifics such as your city etc, will be changed as well, so feel free to send me your success story and maybe it’ll get posted right here.

Also, once a month from the reader’s success stories I’ll select 1 lucky winner to receive my Mega Book Bundle for free.

To kick this off, I’ve included 3 readers’ success stories. Enjoy gentlemen.

Success Story #1

Hey bro,

Just wanted to say thanks very much for all the great articles and material you put out there.  It’s a thousand times better than most stuff you see on a lot of those sites, probably because you’re a cool guy who gives advice on improving your entire lifestyle, not just some guy spouting bullshit that any normal guy who’s been laid a few times should already know.  You can tell you truly want to help people too, it shows in your writing.
I wanted to email you just to let you know that some of your stuff really helped me.
Just about 5 months ago, my girlfriend broke up with me, and I took it pretty hard.
It was the day after Valentine’s Day, 2 days before my birthday, and 2 weeks before our 8 year anniversary.  I was actually going to propose to her in May, so thank God she broke up with me before I bought her a ring or we got married.  I was with the girl for damn near my whole 20’s, and I spent my 30th birthday right after the break up moving back into my parent’s place for the first time in years. (pretty much the fucking dirtiest 30 you could have, lol).
Luckily I was keeping busy because I work full time and I’m a full time student.  I bounce back well from everything, and I’m basically ridiculously positive, so I was surprised that after 2 months I still would find myself being bummed out, lol.  But still, shit’s been good.  I found a great place, got a 4.0 in all my classes (including organic chemistry which is supposed to be the hardest shit you can take in undergrad) and even saved up more money then I’ve possibly ever had due to working overtime and not paying rent for a couple of months.
The first month of the break up I hooked up with some girls just because I was making sure I was out doing shit every night, but I was still all fucked up.
Second month I just tried to stay by myself and not really be around people, third month I’ve been normal (at least for dating) and been having fun seeing a few girls in my crazy ass schedule.
I’m actually pretty good with women, but really out of practice, so your stuff has definitely helped out.  And just other stuff too man.  I saw your “rise above” article when I was really, really fucking low.  So yeah, thanks for that.
Just wanted to send you an email to say thanks, and keep doing what you’re doing.  You’re reaching and helping more people than you know.
John Doe

Success Story #2

I purchased your e-books a few weeks ago. I’m currently doing your 30 day challenge.

First a little about me. Recently divorced, 41 yrs old, working 2 jobs to try to obtain my first set of goals. Kept getting asked out by fatties and fuglies. Tired of fatties and fuglies. I wanted to take my game to the next level. I wanted to meet hotter women and get more than a simple kiss on the cheek at the end of the night.

Met a chick using an indirect approach per the 30 day challenge. Made plans to meet. Met her at a bar were drinking, having a good time, tell her we need to go to the second venue. Outside, grabbed her by the hand and we walked there, her following me the entire time. (Went to a Jazz bar, playing real jazz.)

While there, we both go to the bathroom at the same time. While in there, i noticed the men’s restroom empty. When she came out of the ladies room, I grabbed her by hand pulled her into the men’s room and guided her to an empty stall. We didn’t have sex, but we did make out for a few minutes.

An hour later, we’re back at her place and I’m killing the poot nanny. Afterwards, she confesses she wasn’t sure about having sex with me tonight. When i asked what put her over the top, she said me pulling her into the men’s room at the 2nd venue.

Your advice was gold! I would like to thank you for that piece of advice from your books. I can’t wait to try the others in the future.

Before I sign off, i would like to add this to the story. At the second venue there’s about 30 people there. I walked in with the lady in tow like I owned the place. Lot of single betas, and some betas with girlfriends a few single ladies. While sitting there with my date, she kept kissing me. I thought she was just being affectionate. When she got up to pay the tab, I suddenly noticed why: several of the single ladies at the bar were seriously eye fucking me. The girl I was with was trying to send a message to them that this alpha was with her and they should keep their distance.

Again, thanks for helping an older gentleman in (XYZ city) get his swagger back. I’m not trying to bed every chick I see, but i like knowing what to do when i get one i do want to get with.

Have a good day sir.

John Doe


Success Story #3

I just read The Alpha Playboy cover to cover — I have to say thank you.
Where there was darkness a great light shone down and opened my eyes. I’ve had an adventurous, blessed life so far that’s been marred by what felt like a black hole in my soul — complete failure on the female front. Mystifying, disheartening, cancerous… to such a degree that would make any man sick to his stomach.
The vast majority of my experience in the sack wound up paid for, for fuck sakes. It seemed the only viable option for a guy with nowhere else to turn. This major weakness contaminated everything I should have been thankful and appreciative for… your book was part of what helped change all that.
Thankfully, I’m just starting my thirties and now have a decade worth of exciting tales and interesting accomplishments that have only given ammunition to a feeling of self-worth that was sorely lacking  — a renewed focus on improving and striving forward instead of bemoaning one sorry avenue that should never have been such a priority in the first place. With this new frame you and others in the red-pill community have instilled I already sense everything turning around.
Wish you all the best, happy birthday (if it were possible I’d be there for your most cool open invite to the big bash to shake your hand, but I’ll just have to have a beer in your honour!) and thank you again for showing me the light.
John Doe


What’s your story? Shoot me an email with your success story:

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