7 Signs You’re A ‘Nice Guy’ Who Isn’t Getting Laid


“John, you’re really a sweet guy and nice too…but…I just don’t feel attracted to you.”

Ever heard something like that? If you have and you tend to get friend-zoned more than you fuck, then read closely these 7 tell-tale signs you’re a nice guy.

#7. You Constantly Apologize

One of the most blatant signs of a nice guy is the cat who’s always apologizing, even when he doesn’t need to. Stop fucking apologizing to girls, in fact if you’re in doubt of whether you should apologize or not, don’t. A girl might forgive you for being a dick, but she’ll never forgive you for being a pussy constantly asking for her approval.

#6. You Spend Money On The Chick Hoping To Get Laid

Facepalm. There’s nothing wrong with spending money on a girl, but you should do it because you’re doing it as a part of your lifestyle, NOT to impress her. Here’s a rule I go by: No dinners, no spending excessive money more than a drink tab on a date until AFTER I’ve tasted the goods. Girls smell desperation 20 miles away and this stunt proves to them that you’re just a nice beta bitch boy provider. She’ll be fucking the bad boys while letting you pick up the tab.

#5. You Don’t Enforce The Rules With Your Girlfriend

Let’s say you have a girlfriend, or hell even a wife. Let’s then say that you made some sort of ‘rules’ about the relationship. Then let’s say God forbid, you don’t enforce the rules. Guess what? She’s losing respect for you by the second. Grow a pair, establish yourself as the alpha male and dominate. If you say that something will be a certain way, then do it. Don’t cower down like a bitch. You won’t respect yourself and she sure as hell won’t either.

#4. You Put Girls First

If you find yourself putting girls before your goals, wants, needs and desires, then you are a nice guy my friend. As selfish as it sounds, you should be putting yourself #1. Not only will you benefit more due to this mentality, but girls will be more attracted to you as a result. Don’t ever put a girl before your goals and life. Women should complement your life, never BE your life.

#3. You Are More Concerned With Her Cumming Than Yourself

If you’re that guy spending two hours eating the chick out trying to make her cum, I have news for you. 1. You’re not doing something right sexually. 2. She’ll get more satisfaction if you ravage her like a dominate male then spend all of your time trying to please her sexually. Don’t believe me? Try both and see the result.


#2. You Think Being ‘Nice’ Will Get You Laid

This one will leave you with blue balls and a virgin if this is your mentality. In addition, it’s a form of beta bitch boy behavior, because you feel like if you’re just nice and polite, then eventually she’ll magically decide to allow you access to your sweet pussy. Wrong. Not happening. Doesn’t work that way. Be a man, be assertive, be dominate, learn game and learn that being a ‘yes’ bitch to girls dries them up drier then the Vegas Strip in August.


#1. You Have More Female Friends Than Fuck Buddies

If you’re THAT guy who gets blown up to go shopping, hang out and you’re the emotional tampon for girls who you’re NOT fucking, then you are a nice guy. Here’s a little rule for you: if you’re not fucking her, then what do you need her as a friend for? Do you need a shopping buddy? A friend to hit up Starbucks with? Come on man, drop the female friends and let the friendship void be filled by male friendship. I firmly believe men shouldn’t be pals with girls. Either you’ve made them your lover, or you don’t talk to them. They simply have no purpose as your friend, unless she’s a lesbian who hooks you up with smoking hot bisexual club rats on the regular. Nuff said.


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6 Replies to “7 Signs You’re A ‘Nice Guy’ Who Isn’t Getting Laid”

  1. All true, but you CAN use female friends as social props/winggirls.

    Example: I was seeing 1 girl, she likes to go to clubs with 3 hot friends from work, so I would take them (not paying, maybe I bought a round here and there, but they did too). Use the hotties to cut the line and breeze into the VIP (comped by the bouncer). Every eye turns when we walk in, I can see the hamsters spinning at light speed, as their eyes flick from me to the girls back to my crotch, the conversation bubble above their heads: “What does HE have? (to be with HER/THOSE girl(s)?”.

    Instant DHV/social proof, even more after some chick asks me (often heard): “Is SHE your girlfriend?” to which I reply dismissively, “Nah, we’re just friends…” which usually results in more IOIs and an easy number close. Aloof indifferent Game with abundance mentality, right there in front of their eyes, gets them tingling hard, you can see it in their eyes. My girl would get jealous, which works in my favor with her game wise, but usually she was off on the dance floor with her friends.

    About the only time I want to go out with female friends. LOL. Though I have gone to the beach and done the same, it works in almost every social situation, as long as your “friend” is attractive of course. If she’s fugly, forget it, won’t work, and who would want to show up at a social event with one anyway.


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