2 Style Blogs Worth Reading

I don’t read many blogs, but there are two style blogs that are good. Scratch that. They are excellent.

Add these to your reading list and get your style on the next level.

I’m not affiliated with them, but these guys get my vote for providing Grade A style advice for men and I happily endorse their excellent sites.

Gentleman’s Gazette


This is an excellent style blog with articles from how to match socks to which shoes to wear with an outfit. This gent knows men’s style inside out. If you sign up for his email list you also get a free style e-book.

Visit the Gentleman’s Gazette style blog by clicking here.

Wear It Like McQueen


While you would think this cat’s site has to be tied in with this one due to the ‘McQueen’ name, it’s not, he just has great taste. The very unique and cool aspect of this blog is that he features a different style icon/celebrity every week with their outfits and where to get the clothes. He also has some cool posts on unique penthouses and real estate around the world.

Visit Wear It Like McQueen style blog by clicking here.

Get your Game in order here.

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4 Replies to “2 Style Blogs Worth Reading”

  1. The Gentlemen’s Gazette was a fantastic suggestion I’ve bee reading it for a year or so now and have profited from it immensely. I’m glad to see you read it too.


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