Episode 23: How To Use Your Voice To Get Laid

On episode 23 of The Christian McQueen Show, Dagonet and I explore the possibilities…with your voice.

A man’s voice can be powerful, or weak and in this groundbreaking episode we drop real-life knowledge on how to better enhance your voice to communicate with women when seducing them and even in your day to day interactions with men as well.

Go here to listen to this intense knowledge packed episode.


9 Replies to “Episode 23: How To Use Your Voice To Get Laid”

  1. Christian, this upcoming rapper (G-Eazy) *IS* using his voice to get laid and paid.

    Check out his music videos and lyrics man. He’s displaying the role of an alpha playboy in them.

    Example Lyrics:

    1. “If I ever said I fucked your bitch … just know I mean it.”

    2. “And If I ever said I’m getting money … just know I mean it.”

    3. “She calls me, I screen it, I’m only fucking if it’s convenient.”

    4. “I do not give a fuck about your ex, I’m not looking for love, I’m just looking for sex.”

    5. “You lie on pussy, that’s weak shit, we pass pussy ’round, that’s G shit.”

    They might not be not too unique in rap (don’t listen to much) but … they definitely remind me of what you talk about on your blog and podcast.

    In this music video it’s like he’s hypnotizing the audience, they’re nodding/smiling in approval and he’s being the alpha on TV, lol.

    In this music video, first listen to the beginning lyrics. It’s what girls secretly want even if they deny it. The video shows that he fucks some girl that has a boyfriend and at the end you can see her sneaky/turned on face while walking back to her boyfriend’s room (after cheating on him). It’s just “red pill.”


  2. As a former (and still active) Voice actor and voice over artist, I am grateful as fuck that someone finally dropped this knowledge. I am sick of hearing guys talk to girls when they sound like a hyped up Steve Urkel. Slow it the fuck down, talk with purpose and talk with poise. The only thing that you have that is more powerful than your voice and what you say is your body language. Great podgecast Gents.


  3. SO TRUE!

    The tone and speed of a man’s voice can somewhat dictate the outcome of any social situation. Funnily enough, a hotty in my lab commented on how suave your voice was on a podcast I was playing the other day Mr McQueen.

    I’ve had great success with my ‘dirty English’ accent and voice on trips to the states, bitches can’t get enough.


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