Elevate Your Life: Rant On Success

It’s been a while since I unleashed a good ole’ fashioned rant.

Hence, as the new week starts, I’m unleashing a rant on those who hate on success, fame and money.

Have you ever noticed the only cats talking shit about those with money, success and fame, are usually average as hell?

How can one discuss the ‘trappings of fame’, when they themselves have never experienced being famous?

How can one say ‘money doesn’t bring happiness’, when they themselves have never experienced having real wealth?

Is it better to be broke and unhappy, then have money and be unhappy?

Perhaps it’s because I know both sides of the coin that I would never take being broke and ‘happy’ over having money and being ‘unhappy’.

Money does not in and of itself equal happiness. But it does equal less stress over the basics of life and more importantly it provides true freedom.

If one is broke and constantly worried about where their next meal is coming from and can they pay their rent on time that month, how can one ever focus on accomplishing something bigger in life?

Being constantly worried about money will stress you the fuck out. If you’ve never been there, take my word for it: there’s nothing noble about being broke and stressed. It doesn’t mean you’re more pure because you’re not focused on making money.

The other inconsistency I find with people who bash on the famous is the illogical conclusion that the famous person must have sold their soul in order to become famous. Perhaps the famous person may have made some compromises and most certainly made some sacrifices in order to achieve their goals, but does that make them a child of Satan? Certainly not. While it’s impossible to know every single detail of someone’s personal life, from my personal experiences with celebrities have found most of them to be sincere people who sacrificed a lot and went through hell before achieving success and then fame.

To call famous people ‘sell-outs’ is a blanket statement that is usually a cover-up for personal insecurities.

If you ask the average person on the street the following question, it would be interesting to see the response: “If you could be famous and rich right now, would you take it?” Some might say ‘no’, but most would say ‘yes’.

Having riches without the fame may be ideal for most because the riches provide freedom, while the celebrity may be too invasive for some, but to hate on those with success says one thing: You’re not confident in your abilities to become great yourself.


When a man is confident in his journey, he has no need to bring down others. He has no need to use twisted ‘logic’ in order to make himself feel better.

This doesn’t mean he is a suck-up and brown-noses those who are rich and famous, but instead can use their examples to benefit his life and learn of angles that may work for his own success.

You will never get ahead by being consumed with jealousy, hate, or trying to tear others down.

If you find yourself getting jealous or feeling inferior to those who are more known and wealthier than you, then take a minute to check yourself. It doesn’t mean you’re a horrible person, it just means you need to tweak your attitude a bit and allow other successful people to INSPIRE you, not DISCOURAGE you.

If you’re being discouraged by other’s success, it more than likely means that you’re not happy with your life and what you’re doing at the moment.

Perhaps you need to make a drastic change in your life. Perhaps the passion you’re pursuing isn’t your true calling. Perhaps the life you’re living is because other’s have told you that’s what you should be doing, instead of you following what you truly desire to be doing.

It’s easy to get caught up with others in this world as they cheer on the downfall of a celebrity, but instead of joining the irrational and emotional mob, stand by yourself, examine the star’s life, learn what you can and never celebrate their downfall.

Do you want to be a crab in the bucket pulling the other’s back down, or will you be helping them get out of the bucket?

As we start this week and taking it to a more personal level, is there someone in your office who you are jealous of? Is there someone at your company who you secretly cheer when they fail? If so, take a minute to check your attitude. Just because they are doing well, doesn’t mean you’re not and what do you really gain from hoping for their downfall? Nothing.

Focus on bettering yourself, ignore the mob mentality of losers hoping for a successful person to fail and blaze your own path. You can learn and improve your own life by observing famous and successful people by learning what to do and what not to do, but don’t focus on the negative. It’ll only make you bitter and jaded.

If you’re reading this blog then you’re a man who wants to improve their life and I commend you on that, so focus on bettering yourself and uplifting others. You’ll be a better man and live a better life for it.

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10 Replies to “Elevate Your Life: Rant On Success”

  1. Personally, Im glad when anyone succeeds.

    I just wish I had the belief in myself to do the same, and the ability to handle the pressure of all eyes on me like the top celebs.

    Does true belief in ones ability come about by doing positive affirmations every day/self programming?


    1. That’s just one aspect of it. Believing in yourself is easier the more you do and prove to yourself that you can do it. Start with small steps and build. It also takes faith in yourself. Faith is believing in yourself even though you don’t have ‘proof’ that you can do it. A life without faith is a stunted life.


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