Asking 100 Girls For Sex In Vegas (video)

Approach anxiety is something just about every guy is familiar with.

Will the girl embarrass him in public?

Will she throw a drink on him?

Will she spit in his face?

Will she make him feel like the biggest loser in the world?

This cat cold approached 100 girls from the strip to the mall and asked a direct question that makes ‘Direct Game’ seem like a joke: “Will you have sex with me?”


Out of 100 girls, 6 said ‘yes’.

No dinners.

No dates.

No money invested.

Do I suggest using this line? Probably not, but it shows you a couple of things:

1. Rejection is no big deal.

2. Nothing bad happens to the guy.

3. Some girls are really that down to fuck and quick.

Put your excuses to the side and start approaching.

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4 Replies to “Asking 100 Girls For Sex In Vegas (video)”

  1. He didn’t get 6 lays. He got 6 girls that were being funny back or maybe they were prostitutes. You can do this technique in Vegas or Cancun. Anywhere else the police will pick up for harassment.


  2. Hi McQueen,
    I was wondering what your views on God, religion, and the afterlife are? I was raised Christian and do still believe- my interest in “game”/social intelligence is to try to understand people better but sometimes im taken a back by how toxic our society has become due to social, economic,’political, and spiritual factors. My own life has suffered because of ignorance about how to deal with hurt and heartbreak. All I really just want is a love of my life kind of scenario- Ive seen deeply in love Christian people who saved themselves for marriage- they are very forunate.In my heart I feel there is so much love of God for us all and the gift to deeply love one another.


  3. Nice numbers game, but that’s a whole lotta work (exhausting EVEN if you disregard the approach anxiety factor).

    IMHO, you’re missing a whole lot more opportunities by simply accepting “no” and moving on.

    Check out the booty (in short shorts) on the girl coming from the right of the screen @ 0:13.

    I don’t know if you asked her to or if she said yes but it’s a sure bet you got something tingling there with your very direct manner (I might even go so far as to say that the other chick saying she’s going to slap you was actually what got that big booty wet).

    I’d be willing to bet that while only 6 out of 100 said yes, the actual number that WANTED to have sex was actually much higher.

    The vast majority of sluts simply need a means of easing into it that doesn’t make them appear that easy (in fact I might even go as far as saying that the main value of PUA techniques isn’t that they work but rather that the PUA provides sluts with an opportunity to be slutty without guilt as it was the PUA and his ‘evil bag of tricks’ that ‘made her do it’).

    I would suggest you try this as a ‘you’re on candid camera’ type gag.

    After they respond (yes OR no) point to the camera and then make real light of the whole thing (make up some B.S. about doing a school project or what not).

    But THEN any girls that stick around (and don’t proceed to walk off) THOSE are your sluts!

    The gag acts to filter out females you’d be far less likely to score with.


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