Behind The Cloak Of Beauty: 10 Thoughts On Game

The true testament to a player’s prowess is how he looks at a beautiful girl. By ‘looks’, I don’t mean physically, but instead how he perceives her in his mind.

You see, the comparison between a virgin and a player is that the player has pulled back the cloak of beauty that hides who a girl really is and once the mystique has been dropped then he sees her for what she really is, while the virgin continues to put the girl on a pedestal due to her beauty.

It’s of no fault of his own that the virgin, or inexperienced gent perceives women as such, because he simply hasn’t had the necessary experience to understand how women really are.

Following this train of thought, I have 10 more thoughts on game.


#10. The Prettier A Girl, The More Unaffected You Have To Be By Her Looks

Show me a pretty girl and I’ll show you a girl who’s had special treatment her entire life. She’s been bombarded with compliments since she opened her first high school locker and she will continue to get this special treatment until her looks fade away. Gushing about her looks and acting like a school boy about her beauty will only allow her to quickly categorize you into the beta orbiter group of which she will never get sexual with.

#9. Putting A Girl On A Pedestal Is The OPPOSITE Of What She Really Wants

While every girl puts “Treat me like a princess” in their online dating profile, that’s not what they truly desire. You see, deep down most girls don’t feel worthy of a high value guy, thus they say these statements to strengthen an insecurity they have. In addition, many girls don’t want to be treated like queens and have their ass kissed, because they know deep down they’ve done nothing to deserve that besides being born pretty. In order to separate yourself from the beta bitch boys who worship the ground she walks on, you must abstain from treating her like a princess.

#8. Pretty Girls Shit Too

This is very base, but absolute fact. If you’re every overwhelmed by a girl’s beauty when you approach her, just imagine her taking a shit. Guaranteed a small smile will try to escape your lips and it’ll be just the right amount of smugness to pique her interest.

#7. The More Status You Have The Easier It Is To Pull Pretty Girls But…

Your game has to be even tighter otherwise you’ll get fleeced by gold diggers and fame whores. Status may give you access, but game will keep you protected. Even if you’re a status seeker, always always always develop your game.

#6. Once You Fuck A Lot Of Pretty Girls…

Your standards raise. What was once an 8 to you becomes a 6 or 7. Once what was a ‘dime’ to you becomes an 8. As your game skill increases the quality of women should improve as well, otherwise what’s the point? Some gents are content with fucking 6’s, however once you’re balls deep in a drop dead gorgeous 9 and she looks back at you with her smokey eyes you’ll see what I mean. Doesn’t mean you won’t dine on some hamburger once in a while, but once you have prime rib you won’t have quite the drive to smash average girls.


#5. At Some Point You’ll Recognize That Your Game Has Surpassed Your Goals

You might start out developing your skills with women so you can find a girlfriend, then realize that you’ve unleashed a ‘super power’ that you never imagined you could posses and start on a journey of slaying poon from here to eternity. The choice will be yours, but the journey must start. If you’ve hesitated thus far, make a decision.

#4. If Your Goal Is To Fuck The Highest Quality Women In The World…

Then develop yourself into the highest quality man you can. Doesn’t mean you can’t pull above your weight. You can and will, but do the self-improvement first for yourself and then because it gives you greater access to greater girls. To get the best, start becoming the best. Don’t sit at home eating Cheetos and playing World of Warcraft and wonder why Jessica Alba isn’t banging down your door.

#3. If You Think You’re Too Old To Learn Game…

Then you’ve given up on life. From what I’ve heard old people are taking out their dentures and still humping away in nursing homes, so apparently it’s never too late. Your age will never hold you back, just yourself. If you don’t start living right now, then when?

#2. If You’re Constantly Getting Out-Shined By Your ‘Wingman’ It’s Time To Eject

I don’t care if your wingman is your brother, your best friend or your roommate, if you’re constantly getting cockblocked by him, or are invisible to the girls because of him, then you have to split off and do your own thing. Doesn’t mean you’re still not friends, but it is key for your growth as a player. Also, just because your ‘wingman’ might be any of the aforementioned titles, doesn’t mean he’s a good wing. A good wingman incorporates you into the setting and helps you get laid too. If he’s just in it for himself, then he’s not a wing, he’s a hindrance. Roll solo and find a real wingman.

#1. You Get Out Of Game What You Put Into It

I’ve harped on this point before, but it needs to be repeated. Without real work in the trenches whether that’s daygame or nightgame, a man will never really reach his potential as a player until he’s pounded the pavement. Online game will only teach you so much. The skills attained by rolling out solo and breaking through countless barriers to achieve your goal can only be learned by DOING IT.

If you’re feeling discouraged because you’ve been rolling solo and you’re in a dry spell, don’t freak out. It happens. Hell, I even get dry spells, but if you continue to push through plateaus then you will achieve growth. The old saying that pain is weakness leaving the body correlates with game as well. While no one wants to go home alone at last call, it’ll make your victories that much sweeter. Be tough, put in the work and achieve the results. You can fucking do it.

Sick of fuckin’ 5’s and getting nowhere in life? Change your life here.

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6 Replies to “Behind The Cloak Of Beauty: 10 Thoughts On Game”

  1. #2 resonated with me. I had a wing that I would roll out with on the weekends all the time back in Florida. His personality is far more amped than mine is so in most sets I was pretty much invisible. He kind of loved to hear himself talk. He’s a good friend and has pulled a few really good wing moves for me (waited outside in the car while I smashed some Chilean chick we were dropping off at home), but more often than not he stole the show and left me high and dry. I now live in Vegas and roll solo most nights. I actually get laid far more rolling solo anyway.


    1. Man I can’t speak for anyone but me but that whole extrovert clown game with all these requisite social filters than must be Checked off must be an American game thing. The women I meet from EE have this I’m a girl you’re a guy this is all good and natural pleasig vibe to the interaction while in America you feel like you’ve gotta be some sitcom character who makes a 21 point social approval check list. I’m an introvert and don’t apologize for who I am. I just wish the girls in the US had that natural, smooths feminine aura to them as opposed to being some quasi androgynous thing who needs a personal clown.


      1. Generally my smooth calmer personality works for me as long as I’m not competing with someone else for attention. I also throw in a little bit of aggression or rather ballsiness to spike a woman’s emotions during the interaction. All in all though I go for the quiet and mysterious vibe.


  2. “#1. You Get Out Of Game What You Put Into It”

    great list. i set the goal of doing 1,000 approaches in one year and it has really helped. i started out pretty nervous around cute girls, after 200 or 300 approaches i was actually having fun, by 500 approaches i didn’t have much approach anxiety but still wasn’t totally calm, and now after 1,000 approaches i am almost always very calm and relaxed, and i can see that it creates a certain amount of intrigue in the girls. who is this guy who is so calm and confident? like roissy said, the first step is getting over that fear of rejection, and 1,000 approaches is a great way to get there.

    “The first challenge you must overcome is building immunity to rejection. All else flows from that critical initial step. Immunity comes with repeated exposure.” -Roissy (2008)


    1. I agree- the more approaches I do the less outcome dependent I am but I wonder if its making me cycnical too? Maybe I’m damaged to begin with or maybe our society is too toxic- I mean Marxism fiat money feminism military industrial complex- it is all pretty messed up. Our grandparents were lucky they could meet someone and pretty much stay together if they weren’t a total loser. Try that today you got 1’out of 4 odds- Inwouldnt take those to a bookie with my money- ya dig?


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