4 Tips For Gaming Modern College Girls Whether You’re In College Or Not

(Christian here. In the spirit of the Fall semester starting for college students, today’s post is a guest post by none other than Hans Dix, author of the Campus Hustler and writer of TheCollegePlayer.net blog.)

Who doesn’t love college? No, not the part where you go to class and do the work, I’m talking about that magical place where, every Fall, thousands of new girls arrive from all over to finally live on their own for the first time.

If you think college “sucks” or “is way too much work” then you need to re-asses your priorities and work ethic. Any finite space where thousands of 18-22 year old girls gather with a huge predisposition that getting piped by a staggering amount of dudes is completely OK, is not a struggle to me: it’s heaven on earth.

Ever since Animal House back before my time, movies and TV shows have continued to bring into light exactly what a kick ass college experience looks like.  This, of course, includes vividly portrayed scenes of girls doing things that would make their father a three-alarm heart attack.  While many of our mothers may have told us this was “just a myth” and that “college isn’t like that”, you can check that bullshit at the door once you arrive because this couldn’t be further from the truth.

College girls LOVE to party, get mind-numbingly wasted, and swallow enough cum to feed Ricky Martin for 10 years. 

Gaming these girls is not exclusive for college students.

While living on or close to campus and taking classes is beneficial, I know of men well into their 30s who routinely go out to run game on the new crop every year, with shockingly desirable results.  It doesn’t matter if you’re 18 John Doe from Generic High School USA or a 35 year old investment banker, pretty much the same set of all-around rules apply to successfully opening, gaming, and closing on these lovely ladies.


1.  Provide Them With Exclusivity

A large amount of college students are broke, under 21, live in the dorms, and don’t know shit about where to start when it comes to college parties.  Like I mention in my book, everyone is cut down to size and it’s completely on you  to go from there.  If you are on campus, being older comes with a set of automatic perks such as access to alcohol and an apartment, which will already help you out.  If you’re older and out of school, this arsenal is pretty much a standard.

Everything exceeding this basic lifestyle is viewed as as fun and exciting.  Having alcohol, a car, an apartment/own room, access to parties, or even being able to get them into bars underage will pique their interest dramatically.  The younger girls, especially freshman, are hungry for these types of experiences and will cling to anything that presents itself as being able to provide them.  Make sure to instill in their head early on that you can provide these things and you’ll be golden.

This does not only apply to material things, however.  Keep in mind that while most girls on campus probably aren’t virgins, it doesn’t mean they’ve actually been fucked GOOD.  Take a look around a modern college campus and tell me if you think 90% of the guys you see could actually fuck a girl up in bed.  I know damn sure all the cargo shorts and satchels don’t help, but I digress.

Once you finally have the girl in your bed/couch/back seat of your car, let loose.  Give her the absolute roughest, craziest, hottest sex she’s ever had.  If you’re lacking in this area, read up on some of CMQ’s tips for being a sex god. Do this, and you can be damn sure she’ll never forget your name.  This is especially useful if she’s in a sorority.  Date functions, free alcohol, bid parties, etc.  You’ll never go wrong by rocking a girl’s world.

College girls really are like tile; lay them right once and you can walk all over them for years.


2.  Regulate Your Maturity

During the teenage years, women mature faster than men.  It’s not even an opinion, it’s science.  All throughout high school girls are used to dealing with a bunch of “boys” who wear Jordans and Cargo shorts and spend most of their time smoking weed and playing Xbox.  This is one of the major reasons many high school junior and senior girls will go and regularly fuck college guys.

Once college rolls around, girls are hungry for a mature, confident man who will provide the spark masculinity they all crave.  Dressing nice, being well groomed, working out, and carrying yourself with a cock swinging confident demeanor will put you a country mile ahead of all the other schleps.

This applies just as much to how you talk to these girls.  When you speak, a straightforward, confident and masculine tone works best.  While you don’t need to turn into an Oxford professor, don’t devolve into total dudebro mode and make cock-slapping jokes as soon as you open them.  College girls have yet to be jaded (for the most part) and have the potential to actually be pretty interesting.  You’d be surprised how incredibly easy it is to hold a nice, pleasant chat with college girls AS LONG AS YOU PROJECT CONFIDENCE AND MATURITY.

3.  Let Them Talk

Be the guy who asks questions that they love to answer.

A key part of game is getting the girl actually interested in the conversation.

“What’s your major?  Why did you choose that?  Where did you go to high school?  What do you want to do after graduation?  Are you rushing?”.

They may seem like benign questions (because they are) but what you need to keep in mind is that girls (especially this age) LOVE talking about themselves.  While she’s chatting your ear off about how badly she wants to be a vet and how she’s always loved dogs, seem interested.  You could be mentally setting your fantasy football lineup, it really doesn’t matter, as long you’re there and she has an ear to talk into, she’ll love it.

Not only does the standard repeating 3 step procedure not sleep on college girls, but it’s actually MORE effective.  Girls this age are so used to guys placating them and talking like a bumbling moron that most have yet to experience the perfectly timed teasing display that a seasoned player can provide.

The typical routine of 1. Ask question, 2. Listen to ramble, 3. Witty response will get a college girl interested in you very quickly.


4.  Run Both Day and Night Game

Campus is the mecca of day game.  Yes, while big cities are are great as well, college provides the plethora of young legal and curious bodies all in one place.  It’s kind of like going quail hunting with a rocket launcher.

Night game leans more in favor of younger guys.  House parties, bars, anywhere off campus where people congregate to get wasted on weekend nights is a good option.  A distinct advantage of living on campus is access to house parties, since this is where all the under 21 {read: most desirable} girls usually are.  However, if you’re an older cat, the bars are always an option if you can get a good read on which ones are the most crowded on certain night.  College students often frequent different bars on different nights, so getting a grip on the usual weekend schedule is very important.  Once in the bar, it’s game as usual.

Day game on the other hand is an event for all-ages.  It’s also a bit better suited for you older cats who might want a more efficient and socially acceptable way to snatch some numbers before the weekend.

Make sure you identify your strengths and tailor your routine appropriately.

Do you approach easier in a quiet university coffee shop where you can have a nice conversation over the book that cute girl is reading? Or do you prefer roaming the quad after classes; rocking fraternity letters and chatting up every 8+ that looks at you.  Whatever suits you best, figure it out and go do it.

A key thing to remember, no matter what age you are, is that you need to look at least somewhat busy.  While approaching girls out and about it’s best to keep the exchange brief, as you would any other day game encounter.  It’s always best to have a certain air of pre-occupation; as if you have somewhere to be and were just stopping by because you “liked her shirt”.  People out and about on campus are usually going or coming from somewhere, and simply wandering around can make you seem a bit sketchy.  My best advice is to always carry a backpack while walking campus.  It makes you look much less ominous when walking alone and you can always have the “I’m just coming from class” line in your back pocket.

September and October are the best two months of the whole year when it comes to gaming and fucking college girls.  Don’t waste another day.

Kickass in college, get laid, get in shape, get good grades with the guide to college here.

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5 Replies to “4 Tips For Gaming Modern College Girls Whether You’re In College Or Not”

  1. One other thing I think that this post completely left out is the type of university. I’ve gamed college girls in universities located in big cities as an older dude, was very doable and normal for college girls there to go for older guys. Right now, I am temporarily staying in a college town that is supposed to have a fun night-life scene but the Greek Life scene is taken very seriously at the university here. Most of the hot girls here are in sororities and tbh, I do not know of any older guys who have had luck getting them. For the most part it is frat bros in certain fraternities and athletes who have any luck at all.

    I think that has to be included, it all comes down to the kind of university you’re at.


  2. Christian, thank you for this article, I will definitely check out Hans’ blog more and his book eventually.

    I am trying to fulfill my fantasy of being with an older woman right now though, haha.

    I’m doing it online right now (new to online in general). Can you give guys in their 20s tips for hooking up with an older woman?

    The ones that have the most interest in me right now are 31 (two kids, MILF fantasy) and 48 (no kids), hahaha. They look great though, otherwise I wouldn’t waste my time on them.

    The age thing seems to be a problem with the 48 year old especially since I am becoming more sexual. The 31 year old never mentioned age and it seems totally fine with her.

    An article on gaming older women (online and offline) would be greatly appreciated man.


      1. Nice! Thank you so much man I am really looking forward to it.

        Dude holy fuck though … I was beginning to think the 48 year old was not that interested but I just checked in again and she sent me a message saying she wants to hear my voice (it’s not as deep as yours, shit) and wants my number! I was maintaining my frame throughout and being persistent and it worked. F’ing shit tests though … I almost gave in.


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