The Truth About Dick And Jane


Dick meet Jane.

Jane meet Dick.

Dick likes Jane.

Jane likes dick, but not Dick.

Dick chases anyway.

Dick buys Jane flowers. Jane thinks “awww that’s cute”, then tosses them in the trash.

Dick offers to take Jane to the finest restaurant in town. Jane thinks “awww that’s sweet, but do I really want a free dinner with Dick?”

Dick offers to change his job, lifestyle, goals and friends simply for the chance to date Jane. Jane thinks “eww what a loser that he would change for me. Doesn’t he know I’m not worth changing for?”

Jane likes dick.

Jane likes the man who doesn’t really care about her, but instead just wants to ravage her sexually and show her a good time because that’s HIS lifestyle.

Dick doesn’t get this until one day he sits down and Google’s “how to meet girls” and stumbles across this blog.

Dick reads every article (over 200 and counting) and is shocked at the reality that is written about women and how to improve yourself as a man.

Dick starts to change.

Dick starts working out, building his bankroll and developing his game.

Dick starts to see women for who they really are, not what he imagined them to be.

Dick starts to get phone numbers.

Dick starts to go on dates.

Dick starts to get clubs On-Lock and pull girls for one night stands.

Dick starts to feel like a man after having spent years feeling inferior to basically everyone.

Dick’s confidence starts to build, not based on false routines and dilusions, but instead on concrete blocks of actual self-improvement that he has put in the time to build.

Meanwhile Jane is running the streets taking advantage of the short window her age allows her to be a princess.

Jane likes dick.

Jane gets lots and lots of dick, but is still empty. See, now Jane wants a ‘nice guy’, a guy who will buy her flowers, take her to fine restaurants and do more than pound her pussy, but there’s no one to be found to do this. Well, I  guess there is, but the guys available aren’t alpha males like the ones she so desires.

Jane might have to settle.

See, Jane’s window of being a princess is shortening. Her looks are starting to fade, crows feet appearing around her eyes and years of drinking and parting are taking their toll on her small belly starting to show.

Meanwhile Dick is over thirty years old, but is just hitting his stride. He’s making more money than he ever has, having more adventures, dating better looking women and loving life unlike ever before.

Dick has arrived. He knows how to get pretty girls and keep them if he desires. Dick isn’t a dick per se, but he knows how to game girls with the right amount of aloofness, charm and mystery with a dash of dick thrown in.

One night Dick is headed out to the local hot spot. Dick is rolling solo because he has built up his game and has the confidence to do so. Of course Dick will run into multiple people he knows and has built relationships with so he’s not really alone. He’s just doing his thing on his time and on his terms.

Jane is out this same night too. She’s tired of the party scene, but is trying to squeeze the last drops of validation out of her worn psyche from thirsty beta bitch boys who she has real contempt for before she’s ‘expired’ and the new crop of 21 year old girls take over the club scene.

There’s a large line outside of the local hot spot and Dick chuckles to himself as he sees a line over a block long. He doesn’t wait. He’s learned the secrets to getting a spot Locked The Fuck Down, so this is of no concern to him. In fact, he welcomes the looks on the other peoples’ faces when he walks by them.

Jane walks right up to the velvet rope too, but alas she gets turned down tonight. See, her looks have faded. Her value to the club is non-existent now. The door guy knows guys only want to buy drinks for pretty young girls and Jane just doesn’t have it anymore. Jane throws a fit and then goes to stand in line like an average schmuck.

Dick walks past the line headed to the rope when Jane spots him. “Dick! Dick!” Jane yells and runs after him. Jane makes a show of throwing her arms around him and acting like she’s into him. Dick recognizes her, but remember that dash of dick? So he acts like he doesn’t recognize her. Jane is crestfallen. Then Dick decides to have some fun. “Ah yea I remember. You were the girl who treated me like shit, threw the flowers in the trash and turned me down multiple times when I was being sincere”.

A tear runs down Jane’s cheek. She knows she was a bitch, but can’t Dick just be nice now. It’s not like she’s changed. But has she?

About that time a smoking hot model-esque 22 year old girl trots up in impossibly high heels and throws her arms around Dick. Jane watches feeling her heart break that very moment. Dick casually kisses the girl. She’s a sexy little filly he picked up a week ago. Dick shrugs to Jane like “yea, I’m that good” and turns to walk inside the club.

Jane tries one more time to get his attention, but stops at the last minute because her pride is just too strong. Jane turns and walks down the street contemplating her life while Dick heads inside the local hot spot to have a great night and enjoy the great life he lives.

Meanwhile a young guy walks down the street and spots another cute young girl and compliments her dress. The girl retorts with a bitchy attitude and the young man blushes with shame.

The cycle continues.

We’ve all have moments of being Dick, but are you going to be the Dick before he changes or are you going to be the Dick who changes his life? The Janes will come and go, but only YOU have the power to change your life. Don’t ‘dick’ around anymore. Get started today.


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12 Replies to “The Truth About Dick And Jane”

  1. Christian,
    Hands down one of the best/most clever/most inspiring pieces I’ve ever read. You are a hell of a writer and motivator. Thank you for the blog and for helping me see the world for how it really is. Every guy needs a wingman like you to keep our head in the Game


  2. are the majority of your clientele/readers ‘Dick before he changes’?

    I was always an oddball in this community of men learning game. Supplicating to women, falling in love with my best friend only to be turned down, etc were never things I experienced. truth is women didn’t get close to me. They’d either ignore, get scared, or a select handful liked me. However, I didn’t know how to capitalize on the latter until game.


  3. This post clicked with me. Whenever I get rejected I just picture a couple years down the road when I run into the same girl and she’s crushed to find I’m with a hotter more attractive girl. Thanks christian


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