Weekend Game Tip: 3 Tips For Using Your Instincts To Get Laid Tonight


A coaching client of mine was recently struggling with the issue of when to take the interaction in the club with a girl from makeout to leading her out the door. Coupled with the increase in emails I’ve been getting regarding this problem, there’s obviously some of you who could benefit from some advice on what to do.

I’m going to paint a common scenario and then some solutions so you can apply the information this weekend.

Let’s take a fictional guy named Pete. Pete has developed his game enough to open girls in a club, get a phone number and even kiss her, but after that his brain shuts off and he struggles to get her out of the club. For Pete, he describes it as ‘freezing up’ and is clueless on how to escalate past the makeout.

Pete is in the club and he meets a cute girl. The girl warms to him almost immediately and after a few moments of flirting Pete gets her phone number. He bounces for a few minutes to catch up with his friends with a promise to return to her in a bit. Pete returns and the cute girl is eager to see him again. They kiss for a bit and then the girl looks at him with apprehension in her eyes. She’s thinking, “Can he read my silent cues? Does he get I WANT to go home with him? Why isn’t he LEADING me out?”

Pete’s instinct is screaming for him to just say something, do anything, but he falters, mumbles “nice to meet you and I’ll hit you up” and he turns and leaves. The cute girl is disappointed and Pete blew a perfect opportunity for a one night stand.

How does Pete fix this?

What are the solutions?


Here’s 3 Tips for the ‘Petes’ out there who are struggling with this exact issue:

#3. Always Assume She Wants To Leave With You

I wrote about when you look at a girl thinking in your mind “she needs to get fucked” in this article, but this is the advanced step in the process. Whenever you have positive momentum going with a girl, i.e. making out, heaving flirting and her number already in your phone, then you must assume she wants to leave the nightlife venue with you. 

The reasons for you thinking why she might not want to are usually these:

-Your self-confidence is low.

-You’ve never been past that point with a girl, so you’re mindset is not where it should be. 

-You are doubting your worth so you assumes she just doesn’t like you enough

-You are incorrectly assuming she’s a ‘good girl’ so she doesn’t fuck on the first night. Remember? ‘Good girls’ fuck too.

-You’re afraid of ‘failing’ with her by taking her to go home and her rejecting you. It’s safer for you to feel secure in the good that’s happened between the two of you and leave it at that. Bad move.

-You’re making up obstacles in your head that have zero merit and have even registered in her mind. Why create obstacles where there are none?

Whether she leaves with you or not, you won’t know until you lead. You can say “let’s get out of here sexy” take her by the hand and start to leave the club and she could stop you. It’s happened to me in the past and it’ll probably happen again, but you’ll never know until you actually do it. A girl is more attracted to an aggressive alpha male who knows what he wants then a beta bitch boy who doesn’t take initiative. Trust me on this, you will shoot yourself in your foot if you pansy foot around when it comes to taking her by the hand and bouncing.

To recap: ALWAYS assume that she wants to leave with you based on the momentum you have going with her.

#2. Be The Leader

Girls are sick and tired of pussy dudes who can’t lead them. I’ve talked about this extensively in my blog posts because it’s THAT important. You are better off being the leader and her NOT following, then her wanting you to lead, be willing to follow and you never leading. Never assume the girl will take the initiate to suggest you two leave the club together. This does happen, but it’s rare and it’s up to you to lead. Don’t be a pussy and lead.


#1. Trust Your Instincts

Your instincts are for a reason and if you don’t start to trust them you’re going to keep shooting yourself in the foot.

When a girl is kissing you, looking at you with glowing eyes and saying she wants to hang out after, why the fuck would you stop now? That’s a chick that’s ripe to be taken and it’s your ‘job’ to do so. Don’t be a cat that gets obvious signals and doesn’t follow through because you don’t trust your instincts. If your instinct is telling you to kiss her, then do so. Worse case scenario she turns her cheek. Hell it happened to me last weekend, but who cares, because after a few more minutes we were making out. Sometimes I don’t get the kiss. Oh well, clearly I survived and there’s millions of more girls.

It’s better for you to go for it then to always wonder “What if?” You can not have regrets if you take the plunge!

The best ‘line’ I’ve used is quite simple, direct and just aggressive enough: Right as the two of you are kissing passionately, pull back right as she is really getting into it and say, “Let’s get out of here”. The moment she smiles, nods her head yes or verbally agrees, take her by the hand and get the fuck out of Dodge.

Walk outside grab a cab, do whatever, but get going. If she takes your hand and follows you without an issue, then odds are she’s down for some fun.

This weekend when you’re feeling hesitant and you don’t know if you’re reading her signals right, TAKE ACTION! Don’t worry about what she is going to do, it’s not that big of a deal. Go for the kiss. Say the ‘line’ I told you. Whatever you do, just do something to get her to go. You standing there wondering about it and heading home alone are sometimes the player’s fault for not taking enough initiative.

Don’t hesitate. Take Action. Lead.

Good luck this weekend in the clubs, bars, parties and on your dates and don’t forget: I’m your Wingman In Spirit!


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7 Replies to “Weekend Game Tip: 3 Tips For Using Your Instincts To Get Laid Tonight”

  1. CMQ
    I want to see no bs ways (Id buy an e-book and do consulting for real results) to go from Broke Bob to Paper Paul bcuz the more I learn in life the more I see I want to be like Roosh making 50k location independent going after slavic girls 15 years younger.


  2. I really like how you incorporate fictional stories as examples along with your game tips. Personally, I learn best like this and I think you should make it a template for your future writings it would help a lot of guys remember theses tips ( example, I still remember how to be like Alpha Adam not Thirsty Theodore).


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