Episode 24: Strip Club Marathon, and Special Guest Hans Dix on Frat Life & Picking Up College Girls

On Episode 24 of The Christian McQueen Show, Dagonet and I welcome Hans Dix, author of The Campus Hustler. We discuss frat life and how to get laid in college. Plus, I recount my recent 27-hour stint at a strip club.

Listen Here to this hilarious yet informative brand new episode.

7 Replies to “Episode 24: Strip Club Marathon, and Special Guest Hans Dix on Frat Life & Picking Up College Girls”

  1. Pardon me McQueen for not sayin thanks for the quality response, thanks for listening,and the show was really flowing in a solid rhythm with Hans. Dude was a total fireball- he pumped me up made me do pushups- total motivator that guy. He reminded me
    What a mean sob I was at that age but was clueless about game- I mean an idiot. The truth is when I was in college we had no CMQ, Roosh V, or Hans- if i had I wouldve been out approaching every day instead of fapping away by the Play Station like an clown. Porn, video games- all that useless bs even the collge debt to corporate slavery game is to reduce the population. if all the 18yos could make a livable wage- not barista or waiter but enough $ to get a house cars keep the chick in the kitchen changing diapers, were outside or at the gym, and had a full sack ready to bust in chicks instead of fapping away to porn the population would explode. This is how it should be- old school knew something we didnt today. Im glad he can help younger guys build confidence and save them from pathetic
    social behavior. Help all the young bros you can man. Lets see white birth rates grow again not sink in the toilet.


  2. McQueen and Hans-
    If you’re a fat guy omega who missed out on his college years and 20s- what should you do?

    The essence of my crisis is I know I need to improve things but I feel frustrated and hopeless/so negative I
    feel a little hopeless.

    I’d love to have a hot early 20s 8 or 9 be mad about me but being realistic is this a pipe dream now?

    Should I move to Eastern Europe and try to achieve that goal that way?

    What would you guys do?


    1. I’d start with losing weight.

      Once the weight is off, you’ll feel better, look better, and be mentally sharper. Google the actor ‘Chris Pratt’ for an example of a guy who went from being fat to in shape and it turned his career around.

      Start with the weight. Everything else you can focus on after you raise your value.


      1. I can’t go without game- Im doing online game and had a chick tell me she’s feeling a connection fast when she knows she shouldn’t- I expounded upon my knowledge of birth signs and why hers is a favorite of mine telling her things she knows I shouldn’t readily know.

        I’ve done over 250 approaches- Im not quitting- ever! I get 2 out of 10 numbers- and many flakes after that. I think I’ll start only approaching 8s or better to desensitize myself (where i live its mainly 6s-sad but true). The irony is the hottest chicks seem to be open or more nicer- best number close was a blonde Claudia Schiffer German 8.5. I smiled big that day.

        On that topic McQueen your a Leo and my best friend is a Leo- you guys have 0 trouble walking in a place and having great frame control- its easy as pie for you guys (or at least you make it look that way). I’m like Dagonet-a Virgo- Im grounded,
        Low key, and tend to over think things. I hope I didn’t give the impression I’m a total wuss- I used to box- know alot of fight techniques- and am like a flabby football lineman in size and stature. Anyway, frame control for psychologically
        Weak and socially struggling men would make a good post- like what do you say to control everything without coming off like an interrogator or like you’re conducting an interview?


    2. I agree with McQueen; focus on the weight first. I used to be the chubby kid in middle school/beginning of high school and the turnaround in my life from simply getting fit and a bit more style savy was insane.

      I know “go lift” is almost becoming a cop out response in this neck of the web, but it really does work. You look better, feel better, and have more energy to go get shit done. It can drastically reduce or even completely cure depression.

      I’d recommend getting started on a solid regimen ASAP and sticking to it for the next few months. You’ll feel the mental results almost immediately, but once the physical results begin it’s tough to stop.

      Keep at it brother.


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