Weekend Game Tip: The 1 Line To Help You Get Laid That Has NEVER Failed Me


Welcome to the motherfuckin’ weekend gentlemen!

The nights are getting cooler, the sun is going down sooner and there’s a magic to the air. Some call it Fall Season, I call it Pussy Season.

“Wait, isn’t Summer the best time to get laid Christian?”

It’s close, but it’s still second to Fall.

You see Fall is the time girls start looking for a boyfriend so they don’t have to endure the upcoming holidays alone. What this means is that girls are out in droves in college bars, city clubs and just about everywhere and they are more receptive to meeting stylish playboys such as yourself.

The last couple of weekends I’ve noticed a dramatic uptick in girls being receptive in the Los Angeles area and my ‘theory’ this year once again is proving to be true.

Alright, that’s enough about Fall season, and if you commented on this article with a description of your perfect girl, then at the bottom I announce the winner of my Big Book Bundle.

Moving on to this Weekend’s Game Tip…

This line has literally never failed me. 

I’ve used it on insta-dates, regular dates and when meeting girls in a nightlife venue for the first time.

The key to this line which I’ve NEVER written about, is proper calibration before saying it.

If you say it too soon, you err on the side of trying to hard.

If you wait to say it after the ‘moment’ has passed, then you miss what makes it effective.

The key to this line is timing.

Let’s take one of a hundred examples of how this has worked for me so you can see exactly how it works. Re-read this article a couple of times at least before going out this weekend and you can use it too. (Don’t be shocked when it works very well)

I saw Michelle (fuck, I love that name), on the street on a brisk Fall Saturday night when rolling out to a popular bar with a buddy of mine. She was cute as fuck, brunette, thin and had those eyes. You experienced players know what I’m talking about. A sensuality so strong you can literally feel it.


She looked a lot like Emmy Rossum actually.

I did the head swivel when she passed, but didn’t approach. Instead I continued walking past her where she was in line to this popular Midwest bar, gave my bouncer buddy a pound and was inside with my friend in mere seconds.

I mentioned the girl to my buddy and he laughed knowing that she was my physical type.

The spot was cracking though, so I forgot about her and went to the bar to order a refreshing vodka-tonic.

The night progresses and I talk to a few girls, but wasn’t clicking with any of them. Around 1am (this bar closed at 3am) I spotted the sexy girl (Michelle) and her friend chatting with a couple of guys. Well, I should say they were ENDURING the bad game the two guys were spitting at Michelle and her friend.

Being the dick that I am, I walked over and made my presence known: “Watsup guys? I see you met my girlfriend”

Michelle gave me a knowing smile like “Thank you you sexy man” and I knew my swagger was knocking home runs again.

The two schmucks sputtered and mumbled, but I blocked them out with my back by creating a triangle with Michelle and her friend. (I’ll write an article one of these days about this technique)

I went through the usual conversation stuff, getting to know them, light teasing, etc. You gents know what I’m talking about.


Actual bar where this happened: Bartini’s on Meridian in my old stomping grounds in Indianapolis.

After a few moments they mentioned they wanted to buy drinks and I should join them.

Now this can go one of two ways:

1. Girls will say this as a backward way of asking YOU to buy them a drink.


2. They sincerely are going to buy their own drinks.

The more you get out and game in nightlife, the quicker you’ll recognize the signs of girls who are just trying to use you for drinks. The vibe was good though and I knew that this was the latter case.

We went to the bar, they ordered drinks and surprise, surprise, Michelle asked me what I wanted to drink so she could treat me.

1 round of drinks goes down, more flirting and I start to physically escalate.

I pull her over to me gently by her waist and she gets close to me.

Her friend started chatting with another guy, my buddy had disappeared and it was more or less Michelle and I ‘alone’. Granted the bar was packed with people shoulder to shoulder, but I created a ‘bubble’ with her. (I’ll write an article on this one day too)

We kissed, then kissed some more.

You know how when you kiss a girl the first time and it’s good, but it’s the kisses that come after the initial kiss where she really gets into it? That’s when you drop the line. Not on the first kiss, but when the two of you start to really make-out.

Right as she was really getting into the kissing, I pulled back, pushed her hair away from her ear and whispered:

“How wet are you right now?” (glint of a smile)


Marching band.


Alright, that’s enough.

She looked at me with her eyes glowing like embers, a slow smile escaped her perfect cock sucking lips and she whispered back: “Very”.

Needless to say I took her to her apartment and we pretty much wrecked her spot with the crazy wild sex we had. The night ended with the sun coming up and her mom knocking on her apartment door in a surprise visit which forced me to hide in her closet until her mom left. Good fucking times.

Anyway, back to the game tip.

Here’s a Short List of HOW to use this line so you know EXACTLY what you’re doing, because this line really is fucking effective as fuck when the timing is right.

1. Use it ONLY after you’ve built rapport + attraction.  

If you use this line as your opener, get ready for a drink thrown in your face.

2. Use it ONLY after you’ve kissed her a couple of times.

The first kiss is where the two of you are ‘testing’ each other. “Can he kiss?” she’s thinking and you the same. After that’s been proven you go back to talking and flirting. As you continue to turn her on by cranking up the sexual tension through Push-Pull techniques, and then start kissing again, use the line AFTER that make-out.

3. Whisper it in her ear.

You whispering it, is a part of you creating a ‘bubble’ with her and it also allows her to respond honestly because the entire bar didn’t hear what you said and is staring with their mouths open.

This also creates a new ‘dirty secret’ the two of you share. Girls LOVE ‘dirty secrets’!

4. Move her hair away from her ear before you say it if she’s wearing her hair down.

I’ve yet to meet a chick who didn’t like their hair moved away from their face/ear in a sensual, but dominating manner. It’s one of my signature moves and it’s literally never failed me on a receptive girl.

5. After you say the line, look her in the eyes to see her response.

Don’t say anything else. Let the words settle. Girls will usually do one of the next few things or a combination, all of which are positive signs:


-Smile and nod their head ‘yes’

-Say “Very”, “OMG”, “You’re very bad”, “You’re trouble”, “I can’t believe you just said that”, or “How did you know?”

-Giggle, look down and away.

-‘Smack’ your arm, but watch the eyes: It’s ALL in the eyes. If her eyes are glowing as she looks at you, she’s loving it. You’ll know what I mean, but actually getting out there and practicing is where you’ll get that Player Instinct.

So there you have it gents, a line that has literally never failed me and I don’t say that lightly. If you follow the steps I outline to a T, don’t be surprised when the girl gets turned on even more and you wind up having a one night stand with her that very same night.

Don’t forget to pre-game to the #1 Player’s Podcast before you roll out, The Christian McQueen Show with a brand new episode just recorded last night! You can listen to it here.

Have a great fucking weekend and remember: I’m your Wingman In Spirit! If that’s not enough, have me be your actual wingman here.

As promised, here’s the winner I selected from the comments on the prior article. Some of you got the point of that exercise, as did Danny with the line below in bold in his comment.

By: alpha.rez

My perfect girl would be a unicorn.

Now that we know they don’t exist, instead I’ll get to what kind of woman I will hope to marry.

A young Latina girl with pale complexion. A huge ass and perfect NATURAL tits with round nipples. She’ll have brown eyes and long, dark brown hair. She’ll be from some small town in Mexico. She will be hard working in that she will get up to milk the cows on her ranchero because her father asked her to and she is to obey. She’s going to be feminine in that she will be able to cook me food and clean without asking. She’ll be a virgin saving herself for marriage, hoping that some Mexican-American man will take her to the U.S. where she could have a family and provide them with a stable home and new opportunities for her children.

Besides her children, the only person she will love will be her husband. She will be grateful to leave her home country of rural Mexico and remain loyal to her husband regardless of how many suitors will want her. She will know that her life is to be healthy and keep up with her fitness. She will do everything for her children and for her husband.

As her husband comes home from a hard working day, she will be sure to keep a clean house and hot meal for him to return to. When he has a hard, cruel day the husband will know that he has his lovely lady that still loves him waiting for him at his house.

She will only use her smart phone to search the internet and catch up with her latest novelas. She will only use social media to stay in touch with the rest of her family in Mexico and send them pictures of her own family. When her husband speaks to her, she will keep her cell phone away and always give him her undivided attention.

She will be aware of how much other men desire her but will use it to the benefit of her husband only. When her husband has a dinner party at their home, she will remain polite and pleasant as she charms the guests and ensures that the men her husband works for respect him.

As the years of mothering children take their toll and she hits the wall, she will age knowing that she spent her most beautiful years of her life to meet a man who will commit to her.

This is me writing a fucking novel in the comments. I just turned 18 and from California so I don’t know what I’ll want in the next ten years but this is my guess.
Anyways, I’m a big fan of your blog, McQueen. I’m thankful to have a resource like this to learn about real shit for real life. Looking forward to reading future posts.


This was a TOUGH decision, thank you all for your responses and the winner (Danny aka alpha.rez) should email me at: AskChristian@RealChristianMcQueen.com to claim his FREE Big Book Bundle.

Tired of NOT getting laid? Sick of NOT getting texts back? Get the answers here.

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24 Replies to “Weekend Game Tip: The 1 Line To Help You Get Laid That Has NEVER Failed Me”

  1. Just remembered this article. Have used this line multiple times and it has always, ALWAYS worked. Timing is key of course.
    Thank you, Christian!


  2. I’m British – I worked in Indianapolis for six months on a medical research gig. I spent the time making a dot go back and forth across a screen, when what I should have been doing in Naptown is what you were doing. Fine, fine work, and _copyable_. Thanks for posting, and wellfuckingdone.


  3. I know you are not short but you may know some short dudes whit game why you don’t make a post about game tips for short guys believe me we have it really hard man …I am 5″7 and is hard..to get pussy for us…


  4. Tried this line out this last Friday.

    Waited until sparks were flying, proceeded to ask in the manner prescribed.

    Her response? “Let me check..” *sticks hand down pants* “Pretty wet… You wanna check too?”

    Don’t think I could have asked for a much better response.


  5. Thanks so much Christian! You’ve really helped me get my shit together; I own a company now and picked up three models this weekend. Thanks a million.


  6. Damn, that was a great tip Christian. I’m looking forward to more on the ‘bubble’ too.

    I had a feeling you were wondering if we realized there is no perfect woman or not, but I didn’t mention it.

    Good luck (don’t rely on luck though) and great comment Danny!


  7. Nice comment Danny.
    If you knew a couple places where white girls were like that- Id be golden.

    I love some fair skinned, perky, dainty, blue eyed white women.


  8. Letting out the deep secrets now!

    For real, this works. But just like you said, timing and mindset is everything, its gotta be razor sharp.

    I omit the word ‘pussy’ the first time I say it though and as them “how wet are you?” and when they respond positively, i say “I can smell it” and sniff and bite her neck.

    This is some Pandora shit, must be used accordingly.


  9. LOL what are the chances. I have used this line a handful of times. Timing is so key. I remember using it once on this reserved shy blonde who seemed very inexperienced and it killed the vibe and she eventually left. But most of the time, it works and gets the girl super hot and horny.


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