Weekend Game Tip: One Surefire Way To Cockblock Yourself


It’s no secret that I like to drink.

Specifically vodka-tonics.

Put one large square ice cube in a glass, pour a 6-8 count (screw the pansy 4 count) and throw in a dash of tonic plus two limes and I’m a happy man. Problem is, too many of these and my game might just go the way of the dodo bird.

While drinking is fun, it can be the biggest cockblock known to mankind.

Granted, it can help loosen you up and become better adjusted socially in a new setting, but have too many and you might become the court jester who is over gaming and acting like an idiot.

It took a few years, but now I know my limits. There’s a magic drink number that I know if I go over then I enter the land of no return. The odds of me waking up next to what I thought was a 8 and it actually being a 6 increase exponentially after I cross over this magic number of drinks.

If you’re anything like that as well, here’s a few tips to help keep you in the zone without overdoing it. While it’s easy to write this we all know it can be hard as hell to actually stick to it, but the more you practice it the better off you’ll be.


#4. Pace Yourself

Learning how to pace yourself can be somewhat difficult if you have an extremist personality such as myself. I do everything in extremes. I work to an extreme and party to an extreme.

While it’s beneficial on the work side, on the party side it can become a negative that cockblocks the hell out of you.

A simple way to pace yourself is this: after every 2 drinks, have 1 glass of water.

The beauty is you can just have the bartender fill up your empty alcohol glass with water, down it, then have them pour you a new drink. This method has worked quite effectively for myself. It depends on one’s tolerance of alcohol, weight etc, so experiment. You may need 2 glasses of water after every 2 drinks etc.

Pacing yourself will help you maintain that sweet spot of a buzz, but always be in control of what you’re saying and doing. Your game will not be as sharp if you’re a sloshed wreck.

#3. Know Your Problem Alcohols

I know that if I do a Tequila shot, or Jager shot that it’s going to take me over the edge without a doubt. That doesn’t always stop me, but overall I know to abstain from those two alcohols.

Know your ‘Problem Alcohols’ and steer clear of them.

I remember this one particular time I met this really sexy latina girl from Argentina here in LA. We were co-workers at the time and the mutual attraction was strong. We met for drinks at a popular bar on Sunset Boulevard and from the get-go I knew I just needed to run ‘don’t fuck up game’.

Well I fucked up.



I started doing Tequila shots, I started ranting about God knows what, she cusses me out in Spanish (I think it was) and then she left. The night was young so I decided it’d a great idea to sing karaoke (which I can’t sing) and picked ‘Down With The Sickness’ by Disturbed.

I wound up crawling up on someones table which in turn pulled their table cloth off the table and along with it an assortment of drinks and food.

But I wasn’t done yet.

I still had the mic and I could see the lyrics on the screen although for some reason they became blurry. They said “Down With The BITCHES” now.

Well, I’m terrible at remembering lyrics to songs so I assumed it was right and belted out “DOWN WITH THE BITCHES” in my best metal voice I could muster.

The last thing I remember was the look of shock on patrons faces and security rushing me.

I woke up, no joke at all, in someone’s yard on a side street off of Sunset. I was curled up in their front yard beneath a tree and a black hat I was wearing had yellow paint on it. Too this day I have no idea why that hat had yellow paint on it, but it did.

Needless to say that’s only one actually very calm story about how Tequila makes me act crazy. There’s another one where I’m playing bongos at a house party and wind up walking into the neighbors house with the bongos. Obviously they freak out, cops get called, I ran and get tackled by a cop after jumping a fence, but no time for that here, maybe some other time.

Point is, know your problem alcohols and steer clear.

#2. Know Your Objective

It’s easy to start drinking, then you drink some more and before you know it you’re full on JUST partying, but if your objective is to meet women, get a phone number and maybe even a one night stand, then you have to keep that in mind.

Alcohol can help you get loose, but if you overdo it it can completely fuck up your night.

Before you go out follow the best going out prep system ever created here, and keep the focus on meeting girls, not turning into Frank The Tank and streaking naked down the street.

#1. Go Out Sober Or With A Set Limit

If you rely on alcohol to approach then your game is suffering my friend. I know of too many cats who cannot approach until they have a couple of drinks in them.

This is dangerous.

This eliminates day game (unless you’re at a day party).

This becomes a crutch and the longer you rely on it, the harder it is to break free from.

I understand the struggle of alcohol, hell I’ve had my share of good and bad experiences as a direct result of it, but a couple of ways to force yourself to up your game are these:

1. Roll Out Sober

2. Set A Drink Limit

Listen, being around a bunch of drunk people while you’re sober is boring as fuck to me. It’s annoying and although you can toy with drunk people it’s not my cup of tea. I’ve rolled out sober and I’ve pulled sober, but knowing myself it’s just not realistic for me to give up alcohol.

That leaves me setting a drink limit. While this is HARD, it requires discipline.

If you know that at 8 drinks you become a wreck, then set your limit to 4 drinks. If you have a sober buddy who you roll out with, have him hold you accountable. Essentially what you’re doing is weaning yourself off of heavily drinking.

Drinking in moderation can be a blast, hell even getting drunk as fuck can be a blast, but when it starts impeding your progress with meeting girls, then check yourself, and consider one of these options.

Have a great weekend each and every one of you, thank you for reading my blog and remember: I’m your Wingman In Spirit!


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14 Replies to “Weekend Game Tip: One Surefire Way To Cockblock Yourself”

  1. This part yr I finally found my appropriate drink count and have been religiously attempting to staying disciplined to it when I go out. Great article, something we all need to read again once a quarter haha.

    Still traveling the world,



  2. Great advice. Guilty as fuck. I lost quite a few nights this year due to excessive alcohol consumption and was just beginning to realize what you summed up perfectly here.
    Gotta acquire more discipline and test the waters being more sober.


    1. @ Ian

      Will do man 🙂 Or something like it … maybe more than an eBook(s).

      PS: That’s if I stay in college, hahaha. College really *isn’t necessary* but there are of course some benefits. I am pretty sure I will stay though.


  3. CMQ
    Do you need a business degree to have a good side hustle?

    What are some ways to do demographic searches so you know who and how to market your wares to?


    1. I know you were asking CMQ, but I can tell you the answer to your question is no. You do not need a business degree to have a side hustle. In fact, you can even become a billionaire or even a millionaire without ANY degree.

      I am working towards a business degree and doing ‘side hustles’ right now but once I graduate I am going to share what I learned from and what I think about business degrees and college (from experience).

      You want to narrow down and laser target your market … and tailor your marketing message to that market or “customer avatar” after doing so. Create a customer avatar … who is your ideal customer / client? What is their … Sex, Age, etc. You should have an idea of what problem your product / service is going to solve too. Add all that up in your marketing message.

      Quick Example

      Product: Condoms

      Sex: Male

      Age: From puberty and on…but…my marketing message could be specifically for college students so the age would be 18-26-ish.

      Let’s call my ideal customer Joe.

      Just keep on adding more and more information about Joe to help you visualize him as customer avatar and develop your message to him. Your message will be seen by many people but make your message personal. Speak directly to Joe in your marketing message.

      Search around and ask more, you will find answers 🙂

      PS: CMQ, idk why but I remembered this song after seeing your Deadmau5 song. Shit song (not the Deadmau5 one), but the video is nice. I think it’s relevant, haha.


      1. D-
        An ebook on thencoolest stuff you learned in business school (What they taught me so you dont have to pay all that tuition and time kind of vibe to it), good books to read (you could go ask your professors and connects right now and ONLY IF they have MADE GOOD MONEY THESELVES) what books, urls, journals-anything in print or online to read. All of
        This combined would make

        CMQ- Alot of college is bs isnt it?
        i reflected after that post and i thought hey man ill ask someone I knew who had made real money-my Uncle has done more in the sexual and commercial World than most and like he says “I didn’t go to college I got a Ph.D. in street”. In his business he showed up daily and was putting $800/day in his pocket man.


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