How Am I Doing?

Ever wanted to complain, compliment, or offer a comment regarding this blog?

Now’s your chance.

As I strive to make this a great blog and close in on the 1 year mark (January), I need your input. You, the reader, who makes this blog possible.

Below is a very short 10 question survey that by you filling it out will help me continue delivering great content.

The more of you that fill this out the better, because I’ll get a good idea of what you gents want.

In advance, thank you very much for taking the couple of minutes to fill out this short survey and I’ll share the results late this week or early next week.

 Click this link to take the survey: Christian McQueen “How Am I Doing?” Survey

19 Replies to “How Am I Doing?”

  1. I didn’t think of it until after I took the survey but I wouldn’t mind seeing a Christian McQueen recommended music section. Something like a weekly playlist or daily song. I can tell from the podcast you have good taste in tunes.


      1. Put me down as supporting a music section, I bought one of the songs after I listened to the full version on YouTube. Saves me the trouble of listening to a radio and then trying to remember what the song was.


  2. J Rawles and Fred Astaire, why don’t you both take a chill pill and calm down, this website is a resource for men, not bitches battling it out to be the next keyboard warrior.

    Christian – is this you asking us for approval??? I thought you advised us to never seek it ha ha. I’ll read through the questionnaire when I have chance and get back to you with as constructive a criticism as I can, yours truly, the UK’s hottest playboy.


    1. @Burkey

      No, he’s getting feedback from us (his audience) so he can provide what we want. Which is really great in terms of business and generally connecting with us. I’m about to fill out the survey right now and hopefully help CMQ out with my thoughts.

      CMQ, great idea man and I’m looking forward to hearing about what others thought! I was actually thinking to myself before on how you could improve too! I’m off to the survey now.


      1. You serve us pretty damn well already mate, I support the notion of constant self improvement, but from the bottom of heart I really just want to let you know you’re a fucking hero.

        I filled out the survey, I should have added I’d love to hear your thoughts on how to manage anger and maintain composure in times of desperation….


  3. Christian – I might be reading too much into your call for opinions, but it does seem like a lot of the material on your blog has got generic and repetitive over the past few months. I guess maybe there is only so much a blog can say about being a playboy (and only a small market to say it to.) Maybe time to branch out into something your readers *haven’t* seen before? For what it’s worth.


  4. Mr Rawles: How about you first learn how to use the English language like a big boy? I’m told that communication is important in dating and business.


  5. CMQ-
    Like you say complaining is gay bs.

    My only thing for you is-
    how the F%$# does a person get a real hustle going-are there specific ones a guy from white trashville East Coast who doesnt want to spend his life making 40k and dating 5s and 6s need to do?

    I like 8s-even on OKCupid LA and Vegas have fly talent as opposed to mediocoreville USA in the East and I know EE is even better but quality of life and talent are highest in LA,Vegas, and SFO.

    Do you know a legit consultant who could help me make paper Internationally like Roosh?

    I kind of think long term (in my late 30s and onward) id be happy splitting 6mos in Thailand and 6 in EE but I plan on trying West Coast out too.

    To me its about finding away to get real paper because that precedes everything else.


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