Survey Results

First off, thanks to everyone who filled out the survey.

I received a shit ton of feedback and after sorting through it am now showing you guys the results.

It’s always annoyed me to take a survey and never get to see the results, so in the spirit of transparency here they are. My comments are below each screenshot.

Note: there were more submissions then showing on the screenshots, but obviously forms were being filled out as I was writing this post. After doing the math though the averages stayed the same.


This is about what I expected based on traffic numbers, so no surprises here.


Solid numbers, but always room for improvement.


This was interesting to me because I would expect the share number to be higher. Perhaps many readers don’t want others knowing that they are focused on self-improvement, which I can understand. That being said, the more you guys share with your buddies the more readers and the motivation that supplies me with. To those who do share the blog, thank you for spreading the word.


No surprise here either based on my traffic numbers. I personally love the Weekend Game Tip too ha.


This should be higher, so it looks like Dagonet and I have more and better work to do.


An 8, just like with a chick rating is not bad at all, but who doesn’t want a perfect 10? As we make changes to the podcast streamlining episodes, while still keeping the trademark humor, I expect to see that number be even higher.

Question 7 was a Comment Box: If you could change one aspect of this blog (layout or content) what would you change?

-These answers varied and were written out, but all of the feedback is appreciated. A few reoccurring themes came up so I’ve answered those below.

Podcast Frequency: My co-host Dagonet and I both live extremely busy lives, thus the sporadic nature of releasing podcast episodes. We will try to be more consistent in the future, but it’s not guaranteed. It takes roughly 5-6 hours to record and edit episodes and sometimes longer when we have a guest. Due to this and our hectic schedules, being consistent is sometimes an issue.

Podcast Length: many have mentioned you would prefer more topic concentrated and shorter podcast lengths. A good trade-off may be that we shorten the episodes but are more consistent with releasing them and more focused in content. Example: LTR Tips. Budgeting Basics. 1st Date Tips. Etc. Breaking them down into singular topics will also help when you’re searching for a particular episode.

Posting of Weekend Game Tip Timing: an anonymous survey response made a great point. He lives in Germany and by the time I post the WGT, it’s already almost Saturday there. From now on out I will try to post them on Thursday night, or very early Friday morning so everyone around the world benefits from the post.

Blog Header: most of you don’t have an issue with it, but some have said that they have to scroll down just to see what the new article is. While it is obnoxious with the links, when I experimented a while back with having a drop down menu bar the book sales dropped considerable overnight. I’m working on a solution so that the layout is user friendly and yet the products are visible. A perfect example is the Forum link in the header. Almost 30% of you didn’t even know there’s a Forum, yet it is in the header on the right end side which is eye catching. Case in point. Regardless I will be changing the header to be more user-friendly and may experiment with a different marketing strategy within the posts.

Thank You’s: everyone that said ‘thanks’ I greatly appreciate. It takes a considerable amount of work to keep this blog updated and a simple ‘thank you’ means a lot. I love writing and sharing my experiences and I thank every one of you for supporting and reading this blog.

Risque Photos: many of you made a GREAT point that you read this blog at work, but sometimes cannot due to the risque photos. While I love posting photos of barely clad broads, this is a very solid point that I have forgotten about due to being out of a corporate environment for many years. Starting from now on out, I will make it more Work Friendly with the photos so you can improve yourself on the company dime haha.

Consistency of Posts: In the beginning I was updating Monday-Friday for a good length of time. The last couple of months I have been extremely busy on VHE trips, other business endeavors and working on The Alpha Playboy Part 3, so I have not been able to update as frequently. I went through some of my older posts and I noticed they are much shorter. I will be deciding this week, but I will be doing one of two things:

1. Updating with new posts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


2. Updating Monday-Friday with daily posts but they will be shorter. I average around 1,000 words per post now, but my earlier posts were around 500-600. If I go back to a Mon-Fri posting schedule they will be shorter posts then they currently are.

I do get the point of being consistent. Blogs that are sporadic get lost in the shuffle and generally die out due to not being consistent and giving the readers something to look forward to.

Personal Stories: a tremendous amount of you asked for more personal stories where I share what didn’t work and what did. From now on out I will be focusing on sharing more of my experiences with how-to’s mixed in. We learn more through ‘failing’ then succeeding and I have plenty of life stories to illustrate certain points.

Music List: this is a very interesting suggestion and I more than likely will add this. Perhaps a weekly selection of 3-5 songs that I’m rocking in the car and in the bedroom. I love music like a motherfucker and I believe most people do. Whoever made this suggestion, great contribution.


This is a loaded question and I expected roughly this response. It’s hard to ask this question without expressing what they get in exchange for a low subscription, so the multiple ‘no’ responses isn’t a surprise. I’m working on developing a VIP aspect of the blog which will be a separate site and packed with extras, including Next Level Game posts etc. This blog will continue, but the option will be there for those who want to get to the next level in life supercharged.


Surprisingly, or perhaps not unsurprisingly, those with the harshest criticisms and calling for the most change, hadn’t purchased anything. The blog is free and the articles are there for men to better themselves, so regardless if you ever purchase anything, I hope you enjoy it and learn. To those 40+% who have supported the blog, I sincerely say a big thank you!


This one BLEW MY MIND! I know I’m aggressive with my marketing, but apparently I haven’t marketed the forum enough. Almost 30% of you gents didn’t even know that a free forum existed. Here’s the link and check it out: Project Playboy Forum

It’s packed with free information and is a great way to connect with like minded men. The forum will be undergoing some drastic changes for the better in the coming weeks as well.

Alright gents, that concludes this break down of the survey. Any questions or additional comments, leave a comment below.

Thanks again for filling it out and providing me with great feedback to make this blog a kickass resource for men.

11 Replies to “Survey Results”

  1. Hi from New Zealand, love the podcast.

    Some suggestions for the website as an affiliate marketer:

    1. I would personally like to see a soundlcoud embed of your latest podcast on the right sidebar. There should be a plugin available for this.
    2. Also add call to action buttons for your info products to the sidebar. I would recommend using something like the adrotate plugin to more prominently display the products that are getting the highest rate of conversions, while still tracking click through rates for all products from home page to product page.
    3. Get rid of the repeating header. Not sure why but on my browser it says ‘the blog o’ on the right and ‘hristian mcqueen’ on the left. One header in the middle is fine.
    4. Add an RSS link to the sidebar, along with like and follow buttons(or at least social icons) so people can add your social profiles quickly and easily. This will result in more return visitors.
    5. Despite the advantages of using paid WordPress, I would highly recommend going the self-hosted route. You could make this site look classy as fuck with a solid theme and a few cheap virtual assistants. If you’re getting high traffic rates I would recommend using liquidweb for hosting.

    Anyway props for your straight to the point approach to this niche, can’t wait to hear rollo’s interview soon. Keep hustling hard you’re making good progress.



  2. The one thing that bothered me about your forum is the link for it on the blog header.

    Instead of taking us directly to your forum, this page:

    It brings us to this preliminary page:

    This is unusual. I can’t think of any forum link that didn’t just take me directly to the board. It took me awhile before I punched the forum homepage directly into the url bar to skip the preliminary page.

    Also the forum is called project playboy, which is a term you rarely use unlike alphaplayboy. This could have led to a slower growth


  3. Usually when you tweet something, then I go check it out.

    Listen to the podcast regularly, Hans Dix..c’mon man, like knocking down bowling pins..


  4. Christian, no lie, the first time i read
    your weekend game tip sometime the beginning of this year i got laid THAT fucking night. i remember it because it also linked to the process of what to do before going out too (affirmations, music, videos, grooming, working out etc…). i will admit ive always done well with women but like you said always room for improvement.


  5. The biggest thing you can do is realize transcripts of your podcasts so we can consume them faster (e.g., while exercising).


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