Elevate Your Life: 5 Tips For A Successful Work Week

How you start your week is key to creating momentum and getting into that magic zone of productivity. If I start my week unprepared, then I’m constantly playing catch-up. Here’s 5 of my best tips for having a successful work week which will optimize your productivity and help you get shit done.

#5. Make A Weekly To Do List

I make an overall list which is important stuff I have to get done by Saturday. I then break it down day by day, so I it’s not a massive list that’s overwhelming.

Here’s a simple hypothetical example to show you what I mean:

To Do Week of Sept 29th

-Business calls Monday 12p-6p

-Take car to mechanic Tues to get brakes checked

-Gym Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri (1 hour min)

-Seminar on Wed Oct 1st 6p-9p

-Get manuscript edited.

-Contact production company for travel video

Now that’s just a sample list, but then I break it down from that into each day, so the work is evenly spread throughout the week and I don’t wake up on Friday with a ton of shit that hasn’t gotten done. I swear by lists as I’ve written about before, because they are essential for compartmentalizing your life and helping you be disciplined and successful.

#4. Eliminate Distractions

One of the keys to getting into the zone where you are getting massive amount of work done is by eliminating distractions. A distraction is anything that’s pulling you away from completing your list. It could be social media, talking with your mother for hours, or even girls. Learn how to ignore phone calls, put your phone on silent and focus on YOU.

If people really need to get a hold of you and it’s something very urgent, after calling they’ll send a text message. You can lose tons of time just talking on the phone about mundane shit that has no real effect on your life, so learn to say ‘no’ to a TV show, a phone call that you know is going to drain your energy or anything else that distracts you completing your list.

#3. Combine Tasks

Let’s say based on that hypothetical list in point #5, that you know you have to take your car in on Tuesday to get the brakes checked. If you know you’re going to be at the mechanic’s garage for a couple of hours, then write in on your Daily List what you can do while you’re waiting for your car to be checked out. I do this constantly. If I know I’ll have some ‘spare time’ when doing one task, then I’ll schedule in something I can do productive so I’m killing two birds with one stone.

#2. Cut Out Busy Work

Just because you’re being busy, doesn’t mean you’re being productive. Know the difference. I’ve met people who were constantly ‘busy’, but with bullshit. Make sure that what you’re doing everyday are small steps on a bigger goal. Being busy for the sake of being busy can be just as wasteful as watching re-runs of the Simpsons for 5 hours straight.

#1. Make A Weekly Theme

This is something that I’ve never written about, but I find it to be very helpful as a through-line, or objective for the week. A theme is essentially a catch-phrase for the week.

Week of Sept 29th

Theme: Getting Back On Track

I then write down a quote about getting back on track or staying the course. I then read that every morning before I look at my list. This serves as a sort of guide and reminder of WHY I’m doing what I’m doing all week and helps keep me motivated. You can make the theme whatever you want, but base it on something that will inspire you for the week. Let’s say you’re starting an intense workout program to get in the best shape of your life. Then your theme could be 300 as in the 300 the film about the warriors who are in incredible shape. This puts a mental picture in your head which will help motivate you because you have an idea of the end goal. I find themes to be incredibly helpful when planning my week. Try it out and let me know how it goes.

Sidebar: I have decided to resume a Monday-Friday posting schedule, so look for my old consistency to return with posts.

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11 Replies to “Elevate Your Life: 5 Tips For A Successful Work Week”

  1. I’ve been carrying around two yellow legal pads for years. One is for what I’m doing that day and for writing down important messages (an assignment or job from a client-rely upon your memory at your own peril) from calls I take on the road. The second is “big picture” ideas or projects I’m working on. You made a good point distinguishing between being “busy” and being “productive”. Too many novices focus on whats “urgent” and not on whats “important”. Addressing “urgent” (shit that needs to be done that doesn’t add value-paying bills, important everyday phone calls, helping your friend move) matters is part of being an adult, finding time to focus on whats “Important” (steps or projects that add value and momentum-finishing an MBA, developing a new business idea) will help you grow. Good post.


  2. These are all good tips, as usual, but I would like to second another poster’s mention: I especially like the idea of identifying a theme for the week — that’s a novel idea to me. In my business, as others I assume, I have to make lists of shit I’ve got to get done just to keep track of it all. I prioritize the most important things, the most time-crucial items, and the shit I actually want to do and do them first. Like you mentioned, I often leave the most difficult things till later — once I’ve built momentum, I can stand on small successes and build confidence for some of the bigger tasks that need completing. This also give me time to consider better ways to accomplish my goals before I actually start them. I heard someone say once that they always give the toughest jobs to the laziest people, because they invariably find an easier way to accomplish them.

    What I like about the ‘theme’ idea is that it gives you focus. It gives you a reason for all the shit you’re doing, a purpose behind it all. Often times we get lost in the hustle and forget the end-goal, at least I do. I am going to try implementing this idea in my own work and may even share the idea with my employees.

    Thanks Christian.


  3. Great blog. Its got me all hyped up. Im finally about to leave the Army. Its a living hell, I had to do it straight out of higschool to avoid debt and have enough to start my business. Its finaly time to go full time with my passion. I was only able to do it part time after business hours so it was slow but I layed the foundation. All that built up rage is about to be unleashed into positive energy for the business. Through my time in the service I constintly read blogs on the manosphere to find motivating post like these. Its a breath of fresh air from all the surrounding stupidity to read a blog of someone who thinks on your level. Even the people on the comments. Good shit man. Rock solid posts.


  4. Superb redesign, Christian. The layout is sleek, modern, easy to navigate, and appealing to the eye. The color scheme is awesome, and the blog maintains some of its old school flare and it is much more navigable. As a fellow webmaster I gotta say, it really looks great. I bet your book sales will go up without that monstrosity of a navigation bar haha.

    Great tips. I have to compartmentalize every little task in order to be at my most productive. It’s a constant battle between my unorganized nature and my optimal working conditions which are the exact opposite of what I naturally do. This blog is changing my life. Many thanks


  5. Great tips. I especially like the weekly theme idea.

    I swear by to-do lists. There is something about crossing off a to-do item that is extremely satisfying.

    Do you find that you like to get the bigger, more challenging items done first during the day/week? Or do you prefer to do smaller tasks to gain momentum and work your way up to the bigger items?

    Also, thank you for listening to user feedback. The site looks great.


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