4 Tips For Rockstar Text Game


Getting a grip on text game is absolutely key in the day of smart-phone addicts and swipe right dating. Recently a coaching client of mine sent me some text exchanges he had with a girl and I helped him out, but it got me to thinking more about text game and I jotted down 4 tips for rock star text game that are below.

#4. Eliminate Feminine Phrases


Cut this one out. It’s ridiculous and sounds like a gay dude or a chick. Do you want to sound like either one?

-“I wish”

Men don’t wish. They do.

-“I can understand”

I know that sounds extreme, but communicating through text is a science because much is lost in translation. Phrases like that scream “I’M YOU’RE UNDERSTAND FRIEND!”, which you do NOT want to do. Do you want to be the understanding guy getting into pointless text conversations, or the guy who’s fucking her?

-“What do you think?”

Lead. Lead. Lead. Don’t suggest a date, then send her two different date spots and ask this fucking question. Lead the interaction. “drinks at XYZ Wed @ 9. skirt n heels sexy” (hat tip to Gmanifesto for this one)

#3. Match Her Text Length Or Less

Some of you cats might be struggling with this one, but the simple answer is:

If she writes this:

“hey what’s up?”

and you write this:

“Just washed my car, went to Wal-Mart and got my oil changed, bought a new pair of Levi’s jeans, went to Chipotle and got a burrito bowl and now am taking my grandmother to get a new oxygen tank.”

you’re overdoing it like a motherfucker.

“just left gym. come over”

If you find that you’re sending much more dialogue than she is to you, then it’s out of balance and your interest is probably much higher than hers.

#2. K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid)

I use the KISS method constantly. When you start to think about some elaborate text you want to send or start typing away for 5 minutes, check yourself with KISS.

Here’s all texting should be for:


Example: “u kno its rude to stare right…professor is gonna kick u out of class”

Comfort Building

Example: “i’m about 2 min from campus. right by that pizza hut everyone goes to”

Connecting familiar places creates comfort. Why do you think people on vacation always get excited when they meet people from the same state or city?


Example: “meet u at XYZ bar at 8”

That’s it. If you have some elaborate shit you need to say, pick up the phone and call her. Funny thing is our smartphones still have this crazy technology called “talking on it”. Try it out.

#1. Assume The Sale

Whether you’re wanting to get her on a date, or meet you directly at your pad or hers, you should always assume the sale.

Example of what NOT to do:

“Would you like to come meet me at Joe’s Crab Shack?”


Example of what TO do:

“headed to joes crab shack. join me”

Why THIS works is for a few reasons: it’s assertive, dominate, and is leading the interaction and girl. The best part about it is that you will get an answer no matter what. By that I mean this:

-She’ll either not respond, agree to meet you, counteroffer, or say ‘no’. Either way you’re cutting to the chase in a masculine way and the actual language you’re using causes a girl to WANT to join you instead of putting a decision in her head.

When you ask “Would you like to come meet me…” that instantly makes her go into decision mode and she’s going to think about all the shit she has to do, etc and will probably say ‘no’.

When you say “join me”, it’s a quick snap decision statement. IF she likes you at all she’s more apt to jump up, put on some makeup and drive over quick to meet you. It’s also not too harsh because you’re saying JOIN me, which means that two entities are coming together. If you said “come to me” she’ll probably balk due to the bossy language. Subtlety is your friend.


If you like these tips, you’ll love my Player’s Guide To Text Game. Packed with over 45 pages of how to text girls, sample texts and exactly how to get her on a date, plus a shit more of stuff then go here and get it for pennies. 

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13 Replies to “4 Tips For Rockstar Text Game”

  1. Other game blogs have advised that spelling and grammar have to be perfect, and to avoid using “lol” etc. You should come across as a fully grown and educated man, not a teenager. Agree? Disagree?


    1. Do those game blogs show pics of the writers with hot girls?

      No it’s not as effective. Of course rules are meant to be broken and you can take her age into consideration, but overall the less effort you put into your grammar etc with texts the better. I’ve tried out both and there’s no comparison.


  2. Text game is definitely the weakest part of my game. Great tips here.

    I noticed lack of capitalization. Do you just turn off autocaps or it doesn’t really matter?


      1. Sweet. Thoughts on using emoticons?

        Oh, I see you have a text game ebook. Gonna go grab that.


  3. ur articles have been dramatically improving, there was a mild “drought” for a few weeks where i didnt get too interested in your articles but youre coming back super strong and im loving it!


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