5 Red Flags Of A Crazy Bitch


Based on the response from the Day I Died article requesting what the red flags were in the relationship, I’ve decided to put together what the main red flags were with her. Now there are more and just because a chick doesn’t have these doesn’t mean she’s not a crazy bitch, but this will get you started. I’ll have additional lists coming out in the future regarding this topic, but these 5 red flags are damn good indicators of a chick who’s just not right in the head.

Also, these aren’t just red flags from that one relationship. I’ve noted a variation of these in multiple girls so I know from whence I speak. Take heed.

#5. Was Abused As A Child

If a girl tells you explicitly about the abuse she went through as a child then watch out. Granted it’s NOT her fault she went through such tragedies as a child and anyone who violates a kid should be put on death row, not this stupid do 5 years and get back out bullshit, but it’s not your problem and I can tell you that she will have severe issues due to the abuse. It’s not your job to ‘rescue’ a girl even though it’s easy to fall into that role. I used to be huge into ‘rescuing’ women, until I found out that some damage is irreparable and I was only hurting myself by being involved with them.

#4. ALL Of Her Exes Were ‘Abusive’ & ‘Jerks’

This is a big one. You have to wonder how in the hell did every ex she’s had be abusive? My ex in particular would absolutely trash the hell out of her past relationships and I’m sure she did the same with me. The reality is her exes probably treated her like a queen as I did and she disappeared on them as well. In fact I found out later she got an ex to buy her a nice house and then left him as well. Ouch. Girls date who they want to date. If she really did date ‘abusive jerks’ then she wanted to. Watch out for the girl who starts ragging on her exes from the start because you might be next. Eject.

#3. Extremely Promiscuous

Yea, I know this one is tough because girls sleep around like sailors fresh off the boat and are starting to take on masculine attributes, BUT look for the extreme outliers. The girls who are experts sexually and casually mention different hookups they’ve had like they’re talking about getting their hair done, are girls who have had multiple cocks in multiple holes and probably at the same damn time. Mine in particular was extremely sexual and we used to roll out and pick up other chicks together. While this sounds great and it can be for a CASUAL fuck-buddy relationship, NEVER take a chick like this serious as I made the mistake of doing. She’s damaged goods and a tiger never changes it’s stripes.

#2. Glazed Eyes Look Into The Distance

This one always struck me as odd and I couldn’t quite figure it out, but when I did it was too late. The girl will stare off into the distance like she’s watching a mirage or some shit. Her eyes will slightly glaze over and she’ll make irrational statements and act like they’re normal. Watch the fuck out for chicks who ‘zone out’ at random times and essentially have a conversation with themselves. It might seem like this one is obvious, but it’s easy to get fooled because it might be associated with tears and we all know how a chick crying can cause our logic to fly the fuck out the window.

#1. Asks To Act Out Rape Fantasy

That should have been the red flag that caused me to dump her, but alas it wasn’t. If a chick continually asks you to act out consensual rape fantasies run for the hills and never look back. I for one, have no desire for that kind of sex and it’s actually a turn off for me, but this chick was into that. Role playing between two consensual adults is fine, but if a girl has a hardcore desire for this fantasy to be played out during the course of your sexual activities with her, think about it first and see if it’s just an isolated event or a part of a much bigger problem.

What are red flags you’ve noticed in bad LTRs? Leave a comment below.


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36 Replies to “5 Red Flags Of A Crazy Bitch”

  1. Dear Christian,

    What do you think glazed eyes mean exactly? What are your experiences with such girls?

    Reason why I ask is this: I have met a girl at a psytrance party who is exactly my type, and I will meet her again within the week. I have ran a bit of Game on her, she was very receptive of me, but I had to leave the party and we agreed to meet on the next one.

    So, sometimes in the middle of the conversation, she does just that: glazed eyes looking into the distance, making some comment which I can not place.

    Thing is, she is so much my type of girl, I want to fuck her, I WILL fuck her no matter what… But you definitely got me thinking…

    What can I expect from her? Please, give me advice! I would be really, really grateful! It just might save my life, even though my dick is committed…

    Thank you in advance, and best wishes to you,



  2. Funny I came across this article, one of my previous girlfriends had told me she has a rape fantasy. Turns out she was a crazy bitch and that relationship ended quickly. Learned this one the hard way.


  3. I found the sit to bel very helpful on boardeline woman,my girlfriend of 5years and we have a son of 2years,I find her mood changes sicking,and her cold shoulder fruststrating and always blaming me for everything,she believes that I am lucky to have her. Lol! And always seem to back stab me with her abusing family,and always get ussed by her narc mother.


  4. 1) Badmouthing ex, with eyeroll.
    2) “Casual” haidressers talk when drunk, like “My college neighbour has a huge dick.”
    3) Rarely smiles.
    4) Very proactive in offering her place for sex.
    5) Gives blatant IOI’s to other guys or heavily flirts with them, showing boobs moments after you passionately kissed her.
    5) “I have only guy friends.”
    6) Wears short denim skirts, leather jackets.
    7) Arrives with guy who is ‘just friend” while everybody suspects otherwise.
    8) Party pics with alcohol, cold face selfies.
    9) Behaviour varies from pleasant, feminine to showing you middle finger and saying you don’t have value.
    10) Lets attractive men touch her in public and isn’t phased – even ass, legs…
    11) Skillfully plays nice or bad girl depending on beta bucks vs. alpha fucks guy. “We had nice walk.” vs. “I bet you wouldn’t last 2 minutes.”

    This is actually all one girl. Hot, mostly pleasant, good family, fitness, style (although bit masculine)..but red flags keep popping occasionally. Also, single for long time. It proceeded quickly but I didn’t fuck her because of 5) as I was disgusted, then i tried some dates to find out if my assesment was correct, these felt quite calculated, she tried nice girl hand, wanting me for relationship.


  5. I once met a chick who casually mentioned , our second time out, that she had just come back from a nudist retreat. She had gone with a guy friend. She then quickly followed up with ” we are not romantic or anything” . I am rarely lost for words but her statement left me speechless. All I could do was say “oh” and then thought to myself – you’ve just eliminated any chance of us having a relationship.


  6. I was reminded of this article over the past weekend. I met a chick that did #2 and it was creepy as fuck. Chick was bad ass at the bar and came off really pleasant. Almost too cool of a chick. Brought her and 2 of her girls back to my place and were talking and she started doing this zone out stare thing. It was the only red flag but damn it stuck out. It got weird quick and I knew what I was getting into immediately because I read this. She would stare off and say bad things…I thought it was a shit test at first but I realized she never looked my way to judge my reaction.

    Stare off in the distance and say…

    1. “Im divorced”–deal breaker for me.

    2. “I dont like my body. Im a Twin Peaks girl. I need to lose weight.” –chick was insane hot.

    3. My last man was 56. (She was 23)–done…I dont want to even fuck her now.

    4. I have 2 facebooks…one for work, one for friends. –says shes a flight attendant…escort on the side?

    Shit gets weirder…

    5. Im expensive. Men by me tiffanys shit and I give it away.

    6. I lost 2 pregnancies.

    All these red flags mentioned in the article are important. But #2 is creepy as fuck. You see it and you know your gonna hear some messed up shit.


  7. my list:
    1. always refers back to a particular ex (she willget back with them at the drop of a hat)
    2. checks they have a bunch of party pictures on their social media. used n abused.
    3. using sex as a currency. How many other guys a bit done this with?
    4. gives Life altering head that you didn’t teach her.
    5. she curses like a sailor.
    6. and the obvious one, “I I don’t have any girlfriends, I only have guy friends”


  8. Agree with all of those. I think the biggest one has to be #4. When you’re actually involved in the relationship, you might think you’re her “white knight” and not like those other guys.

    Truth is you’re just another mark whose about to be played the same way. NEVER take a girl seriously who trashes past relationships. It’s one of the biggest signs of low value women, because if she truly had any class she wouldn’t completely disrespect someone she was fully intimate with. Which makes her a crazy bitch.

    Also #2. Holy shit. I used to think that was cute. Now when I look back on it I can see she was clearly troubled.


  9. A major red flag is when she is trying to push the relationship to evolve at an unnatural pace – wanting to move in soon, pushing for marriage or kids etc

    Major credit card debts – poor impulse control/decision making

    For >25yo: never been in a relationship that lasted more than a year


  10. This is the best article I’ve read all week. Major red flags I have noticed:

    1) The innocent “doe eyes” that don’t go away. Although cute, it seems to me that these girls have experienced abuse.

    2) Any actions that shout Borderline Personality Disorder, such as odd lies or stories, unstable communication patterns, extremely impulsive attitude, and abandonment fears

    3) Aggressive accusations of cheating or flirting, regardless of sex (being accused that you’re fucking a dude)

    Thanks for putting this one together. I’m looking forward to all the comments


      1. What I hate the most about a girl with BPD is the addiction she creates inside me; the highs are so explosive and infrequent that I crave them even after she is gone. “Normal” girls aren’t able to give me the same rush after being with a few wild ones.

        I’ll be waiting for your article on the topic


  11. 1) lots of guy friends
    2) seems to be spying on you – knows things she shouldn’t
    3) party girl
    4) parents no longer together
    5) goes quiet on you for an extended time with no real reason
    6) still friends with an ex
    7) has kids to another bloke
    8) something in your gut tells you something is off – listen to your instinct
    Yep I’ve seen my fair share of crazies and these are some of the main red flags for long term relationships. Ok for casual flings.


  12. Here are a few red flags that might help a diagnosis: 1)raised by a single mother 2)is a single mother 3)ridiculously hot (I mean like TV hot, men on dates with other women stare hot, from the age of 13 her friend’s dads wanted to fuck her hot,dated an A list celebrity at 17 years old hot, even if she put on 20 pounds her face is so perfect she would still be a 9.5 hot..you get the idea.) 4)she is a stripper(or does porn) even though her parents are still married(Belle Knox) 5)she is a cutter 6)She has been arrested >2 times (DUI does not count unless >3) 7)she is/was a psychology major in college 8) Admits being involved in a lesbian relationship while older than 22, or >1 semester at any point during a college education 9) dated >3 musicians, >4 poets/artists or >3 professional athletes 10) Has had sex with more that 1 man at the same time(literally, one dick in her mouth the other in her vagina).


      1. When a girl is a psychology major she usually has chosen psychology because she knows that she is fucked up in her own head and is trying to figure herself out.


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