An Evening With The Wolf of Wall Street aka Jordan Belfort

“The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.”
― Jordan Belfort

Tonight I had the pleasure of attending a seminar by Jordan Belfort aka The Wolf of Wall Street here in Los Angeles. If you haven’t heard of him, then you may be living in a cave because his New York Times best-selling book was turned into a blockbuster Oscar nominated film by the same name starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

The book is a great fucking read and entertaining as hell.

The film was hysterical, plenty of eye candy and overall a 4 star film for sure.

Seeing him speak face to face is on a whole other level…


Jordan and I at the after ‘party’.

I’m not here to debate his past unethical behavior, because to be frank I don’t give a shit. He fucked up by scamming millions of dollars through pump n dump penny stocks, BUT he paid the price by serving time in prison. If Leonardo DiCaprio is willing to make a video in support of his seminar tour then who am I to give two fucks?

People make mistakes. People fuck up. I’ve fucked up. You’ve fucked up. Any person breathing today has fucked up, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn something from them.

I’m also not here to break down everything that was taught in the seminar because 99% of it can be found on YouTube in his video seminars, but I’m writing this post to discuss a couple different aspects of his personality that I experienced in person.

I sprung for the $400 platinum tickets, but I had center stage 3rd row seats and access to a private after ‘party’ event with food, book signings and mingling with Jordan. Having attended the seminar I can honestly say it was money well spent because I absolutely HATE with a passion sitting in the back far from the speaker. Sure they have the big screens and cameras as well during the seminar, but my eyes get tired from wearing contacts and I didn’t want to strain for three hours.

If any of you are familiar with Jordan Belfort than you’re familiar with his Straight Line Persuasion Sales Course. His course is excellent from what I’ve seen of it in videos etc, but here’s my point: it’s essentially Frame for sales and business.

Yes, his sales methods are exactly what proper Frame with women is and he even spoke tonight about Inner Game.

Listen gents, the reality is Game isn’t just about getting some pussy. It’s about LIFE. Getting girls is just the beginning of the doors that open with Game, but it encompasses everything in life from business to pussy to building your social life. Game is Life. Period.

Speaking of game he definitely has a way with women (which I’m not surprised because good salesmen tend to ‘naturally’ be good with women), as I noted the pretty girls that were at the reception after the seminar lit up around him. Granted he is famous, but you can still tell he’s a charmer and knows what’s up.

The second aspect I want to discuss about the seminar is his body language, voice and charisma.

Jordan is very very charismatic. He has excellent body language, is in great shape for 52yo and has a youthful bounce in his step despite the bags of drugs he’s consumed in the past. In essence, he’s very much an Alpha Male. He controlled the room with authority despite a couple of idiotic questions from audience members during the Q&A, and is a clearly a born leader.

His use of his voice (with his strong Brooklyn accent), is excellent and he even discussed tonality and it’s importance when selling. Remember when I discussed on this podcast about using your voice to get laid? Same effect. Controlling your voice to ‘sell’ yourself and create urgency etc with a girl is the same as selling penny stocks over the phone. Sales is sales is sales.

Lastly, while some may consider this a flaw of the seminar, but I don’t because what seminar on sales that you go to isn’t going to try to sell YOU something, is that he had a real estate guy do a pitch for a few minutes on a bootcamp. I got the jist of system because I used to own a wholesaling company and that’s essentially what he was talking about except on a bigger level involving hard money lenders etc etc. It didn’t bother me, but a few people bounced during it. Jordan continued his seminar after telling the famous story about when his yacht sank at sea. It’s a great story and if you haven’t heard it read the book and watch the film.

I have no affiliation with Jordan, or his companies, but if you’re interested in sales and bettering your business, check out his seminar. If money is tight for you, they also sold tickets for $45-50 for general audience seats. He tours all over the world and even offers private coaching which I’m considering taking. Yes, even I get coaching lol.

Great evening, great memories and I wish him the best as he continues a new chapter in his life.

P.S. One of his assistants (a bangable blonde) approached me at the reception to do a review on the seminar for a promo video. I obliged to which she replied, “That’s honestly one of the best reviews we’ve ever gotten. Have you done on-camera work before?” I smirked and replied, “Only in the bedroom”. She laughed. Gaming always. Once I get the video link I’ll tweet it.

Learn what it takes to be an alpha male here.

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7 Replies to “An Evening With The Wolf of Wall Street aka Jordan Belfort”

  1. I have to say that’s the best dressed game coach I seen. A handful suit up, but their suits looks cheap and lack all the accessories

    Looking the part helps the industry gain credibility


  2. “Game is Life.” … and … Life is a Game.

    That’s relevant to title of the book I started reading last night, “The Game of Life and How To Play It” by Florence Scovel Shinn. So far it’s a great read and talks about the power of words frequently.

    I’ll see if Jordan has any upcoming local events based on your review.

    “Only in the bedroom.” Even I laughed!

    Awesome post Christian 🙂


    1. I rarely say this/mean this, but jealous haha. Good stuff, thanks for sharing!

      Night one in Singapore officially complete as of right now 0652..stories to come offline, but a great time.

      FYI borrowing “only in the bedroom”..I’ll credit you after it works lol.



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