33 Replies to “Weekend Game Tip: The Girl Approach”

  1. Yesterday I bumped into this site while looking up on Google ways how to pick up girls. I read the main articles (5 or 6) and was deeply impressed with the tips. It made me quickly realize that my life was that of an average loser. So I woke up this morning committed to dress like a boss and put on the confident attitude that Christian talks about. The effect was imminent. The first thing that I did–might sound silly but it’s actually quite symbolic–was to run and catch a bus that yesterday I’d never thing I would manage. But the determination to HAVE something that yesterday I’d let go without a fight gave me the first hint that my attitude was there to help me for the rest of the day. It was all about belief and KNOWING that I will succeed.

    I was astonished at how my new mindset and looks affected both girls and guys around me in the university. It’s like this aura was following me all the time. I kept getting compliments and the girls kept talking to me easily. The words and jokes were coming out of my mouth as easy as breathing. I finished the day feeling good and tomorrow I will continue the game. Above all, and I think this is something a lot of you can relate to, is that I found out that I had had these innate skills and attitudes with me all the time. I just needed someone as inspirational as Christian to unlock them for me. I didn’t just suddenly learn how to be cool; it was all there, it was coming back to me as if I had woken up from a coma and resumed my moving and talking abilities. Now I know I was born a leader, it was only a matter of rediscovering myself and knowing who I am. I guess my traits were suppressed for a long time by timidness and cowardice; I had lost sight of who I was as a man. The moral of the story is that there’s a BETTER person in each of us; we just have to discover our true selves. It all starts with refusing to be average, because the enemy of great is not bad, it’s being average.

    In closing I’d just like to say thank you to Christian and that I will continue to read this site for even more inspiration. Be sure to check http://www.artofmanliness.com too because it offers the other side of the same coin. Equipped with these two jewels one can reclaim his manhood and start living a much better and more fulfilling life.


  2. Yo Christian, you need to write about dancing at the club. I think ive heard you say before you’re not a big dance guy and im not either, but girls are always moving to the rhythm and I think some minor tips and advice would go a long way. Like you mentioned in this article- girls sometimes come up to me and dance and I usually have two gears: i will let her dance for me while i casually lay back and watch her (lap dance style- they seem to enjoy putting on a show) or i will loosely move with her for a while and spin her around a couple times.

    also, ive identified two types of girls i see consistently at the club:
    1. Sometimes girls will come n dance with me and then just run off like theyre teasing and i never chase after them and its like theyre just running around the club randomly flirting with people.
    2. ive noticed the independent girl who will be dancing all by herself all night and she doesnt stop not even when i talk to her she just smiles and keeps dancing and she’s confident in her dance and in this case i think the guy has to actually be a good dancer to move with her. but its like ive seen all the guys checking her out but no one approaches because she is all alone and commanding attention and for the most part she ignores dudes.

    any tricks would be welcomed.


    1. I used to handle both types frequently.

      For the first type, if she runs off with her friend like a tease, just go back to dancing with yourself. Don’t take it personally or stand there like a lost puppy while contemplating her strange behavior. When I go right back to dancing, a new group will come and position themselves in front of me, if not grab me.

      Truth be told, if one girl is dancing with you, chances are she’s not the only one that’s attracted. Some girls are actually just waiting their turn (seen them push each other on two occasions for me).

      For the second type, it’s a pure dominance play. If I want to dance with her, I’ll position myself in front of her and dance by myself as well. The vibe I’m conveying is “I’m a better dancer than you, and you’ll have a much better experience if you join me.” After sustained contact, I just put my hand out and move closer. When we’re dancing, I make sure to lead and playfully reprimand her for leading until she’s completely given that up.

      Like you said, you have to actually be a good/decent dancer, and she’ll be the one texting you to go out and dance again.


  3. Can’t say how grateful I am for you and your blog. Changed my life.

    Would love to see a post on the ‘pull’ part of the ‘push pull’ dynamic.
    My game has improved 1000% fold, but I do feel that some girls are put off by my over gaming at time and I’ve missed chances for not building enough comfort.

    I know you have done a post on overgaming, would love a post on how to try and avoid it and methods of building comfort.

    I find this is crucial if your already good looking, dressed sharp as you may be intimidating to the girl. An uglier dude can get a way with much more ‘push’ type behaviour than a good looking dude.

    Would love to hear your thoughts on this.


  4. Funny story regarding pocket squares and girls….

    I was out in a fancy Birmingham night time venue (UK Birmingham, not that place in Alabama) when a 3 set clocked me and my buddy and in hindsight, made it pretty damn obvious they were interested.

    We walked outside to the smoking terrace, and they shortly followed. I was that pissed at the week of work and constant bombardment of bullshit that came with it that I was unaware of the opportunity I’d created here… the fact they followed us out and waltzed over to where we were sat eluded me at the time…

    Moving forward, and like I said, I was in a bit of a foul mood, nevertheless, this 8 approached me. Before even introducing herself with any elegance or grace (yes the stereotype of British girls being largely eccentric or ladylike couldn’t be further from the truth) she grabbed at my pocket square and asked ”what is this??” before pulling it from my sport jacket and then asking ”Does this make you special”

    I saw red and instantly flipped, it took me a while to prepare so I slammed her with ”WHAT GIVES YOU THE AUTHORITY TO TOUCH ME???” In my head, I was thinking damn, if I just went up to some random chick and grabbed something on her outfit and dropped a borderline insult, how would she respond??? Again, the two teir mentality of ‘woman’s privilege’ come sin to play… they think just because they’re pretty girls this childish and strange behaviour is somewhat excusable…

    When I shouted at her she stepped back and said ”Wow, you’re moody” so I called her on her strange behaviour and said ”How would you like it if I just walked up to you and pulled apart your outfit, it is incredibly rude” BEFORE RIPPING OFF ONE ONE OF HER FAKE EYELASHES AND DROPPING IT IN HER DRINK.

    Priceless, the ‘I’m the motherfuckin boss’ feeling was running through my veins and her party must’ve loved the fact I took charge and crushed her shit tests and bullshit because I ended up going back to her apartment to bang her sister.

    All in a good nights work.

    Stay Alpha folks, happy Friday.


  5. Some people on the forum were asking about frame control recently. Examine examples #2 and 3. Those are very transparent frame controls

    ime bitches like to leverage situational openers and have the corniest icebreakers

    *Altair leaning over a balcony*
    Her: Sticks her face super close to mines and says You look like you’re peeing when you stand like that

    *Someone drops their drink and breaks the glass*
    Her: OMG you did that didn’t you. Was dancing near where I stood and glancing over for at least a good 5 mins prior.

    “That scarf looks so gay.”

    Some like to pull on your scarf

    They put lots of pressure on men to act normal and be cool yet can’t even say Hi. Their extreme approach anxiety manifests in saying something stupid or being aggressive in an uncalibrated manner. I’m sure there wouldn’t be so much tension if I was more approachable.


  6. Common one: group of girl right in front of you will pose for pictures where you show up in their picture, then will sometimes zoom in and check you out through the picture.


  7. Been opened a couple times by girls, once was a cougar in the bahamas on NYE who exploded a balloon between our crotches as i walked past her. another a girl just walked up to me on the d-floor and literally just said “wow youre beautiful” and I was so fucked up i just replied “I know right?!” and walked away cause sometimes im a retard


    1. Ouch! Ha it happens though. I walked away from a 3sum when I was 18yo because I was clueless what to do. 2 girls in my dorm room and me and they were giving me a lap dance and I froze and walked out of my OWN room. SMH. Happens.


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