Elevate Your Life: 4 Game Fundamentals I Learned From Six Months of Coaching

(Christian here. Today’s post is from the winner of the From Beta To Alpha 6 Month Coaching Program contest I held back in January. Many of  you asked for an update on his progress and alas here it is.)

Back in January, I had the fortune to win a SHIT TON of coaching from Christian McQueen. We’re not talking an hour phone chat or even one night out, but six months of coaching by email, text and in-person nights out in Los Angeles.

We’ve had some epic nights that have ended at sunrise and the whole experience has taught me a lot about game. In that time I’ve had some many highs and some hard lows, but Christian helped me stay positive and keep my Frame in check. Here are some game fundamentals I picked up from hard-worn experience.

4. If A Girl Suddenly Cuts Things Off, Cut Her Off Immediately And Move On.

Earlier this year, I was dating a gorgeous black woman who I had met online and even banged on the first date. For 3 months, I had seen her once or twice a week, sometimes for a whole weekend and things were going well. I brought her out for Christian to meet on my birthday and he saw some red flags. Three weeks later I received this text, completely out of the blue:

“Hey Chef, It was great getting to know you. I think we want different things. I hope we can be friends.”

Fuck. I actually liked this chick and saw LTR (long term relationship) potential…until she shot me down by text of all mediums. My mind raced looking for an answer on where this was coming from, as we’d never had a fight or argument. I wanted to find out the truth, but first I checked in with Christian and his words rang true:

“Do NOT respond. A simple “k” is all that’s needed. Drop her and move the fuck on. She showed her true colors and doesn’t deserve any more of your time. This is the true nature of women (at times), as they can be cold as ice.”

It took a few days, but I got back into the game by approaching girls and moving forward. It stung a bit, but game ain’t easy and has these types of lows.


3. Approach Girls DAILY, As Conquering Approach Anxiety Outside Of The Club Is Important For An Aspiring Playboy.

Christian assigned me homework between each night out that included regularly studying game material as well as doing one day approach in which I would approach and try to number close an attractive girl at the supermarket, gas station or wherever.

6 months later, it’s just a part of my daily plan. I even get a tinge of guilt if I haven’t approached one girl by night fall.

The solution? Head to the nearest super market or Starbucks and talk to a girl, as there will be bound to be at least a cutie. There’s really no excuse.

A few days ago, I number closed a solid-9 blonde, tanned Finnish girl at Trader Joes with a perfectly toned stomach. Earlier, I would have eye-fucked her like every other beta and left it at that. Nowadays, I’d rather take a swing at the bat and see what happens.

2. Life Is Better With A Harem

Without getting into too many personal details regarding Christian’s harem, I experienced first hand what it takes to keep your girls in line, how to ‘juggle’ multiple girls without lying to them and actually get girls to fall in love and stay in love with you. Before I started the coaching with him I was skeptical if and how a guy could do this, but after seeing it in action and now having done it myself, I’m a firm believer.

The truth is that LA is a finicky city, where everyone is looking for something better, and it’s a playboy’s mission to keep a few girls on the regular so he doesn’t get too thirsty while gaming new ones.

At one point, I had accomplished a personal goal I had set out a year earlier that I never even told him about: bang 3 girls in a week. You can be damn sure I got a sense of pride when I finally pulled it off.


1. Your Enjoyment Of The Night Is More Important Than The Women You Get (Or Don’t Get)

I’ve noticed that Christian takes his time when going out. We would often meet up at 9pm and just kick back and have a drink before hitting the next venue around 10:30pm. This was a chance to catch up on the week, have a few laughs and check out the shit show on Hollywood Blvd as the girls walk by in their heels.

I used to “pre-game” at an apartment and then roll out late to a venue in a bit of a rush. Instead, I start earlier and make sure to focus on MY FUN (which is part of Frame) as I enjoy a drink and the venue I’m at, while chatting up any chick that catches my eye.

A playboy is not an approach machine that just goes from one girl to the next like a robot. Approaching is just a fun part of the night out experience, and I’ve learned that if you do it enough, the night will reward you with a number, a kiss or more.

Overall, if I had to sum up my 6 month experience in one paragraph this is what I’d say:

“After being coached by Christian McQueen for 6 months, my game has shot up significantly. He’s helped me understand fashion (you’ll rarely see me without a jacket and pocket square at night) and developing confidence through many, many approaches spent hitting up Hollywood clubs, lounges, bars and day time approaches as well. Also, he was a great resource for asking questions on how to deal with women by text (a huge issue in this day and age) as well as tips on first dates and harem management. Overall, the experience was a lot of fun and any guy looking to improve his game only needs to hang with Christian for a few hours in a nightlife environment to know he’s the real deal.” – “The Chef” Jackson

Interested in taking YOUR Game and Life to the Next Level? Get Coaching with Christian

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9 Replies to “Elevate Your Life: 4 Game Fundamentals I Learned From Six Months of Coaching”

  1. Hey Christian are you going to elaborate on the harem thing or is this a post/podcast I’ve missed? I’ve been nervous about juggling two chicks much less more than that. My fear is being out in public with one, and another approaching me and losing both at the same time.


    1. The key is actually being honest and upfront that they’re not your only girls. This takes some charm, strong Frame and a willingness to ‘lose’ them, but it can be done. I cover this type of game in the Alpha Playboy, but will dedicate some posts to Harem Game in the future as well.


  2. I clicked and expected a photo or two of the Chef with the club on lockdown with a few slutz in the background. It’s all Christian


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