Episode 25: Interview with Rollo Tomassi of The Rational Male

On Episode 25 of The Christian McQueen Show, my co-host and I welcome Rollo Tomassi author of The Rational Male and owner/creator of TheRationalMale.com blog. This extensive interview is a fascinating look into the male/female dynamic, relationships and can Rollo trust his wife? Find out the answer by clicking the link below to listen to one of the most intellectually stimulating podcasts we’ve ever done.


Listen Here to this fascinating interview with Author/Blogger Rollo Tomassi.



15 Replies to “Episode 25: Interview with Rollo Tomassi of The Rational Male”

  1. McQueen you are a funny fuckin dude! I was dying at the awkward silence when Rollo said he got married at 28. Priceless. You and Dagonet have the perfect radio duo personalities and complement each other very very well.

    Great interview. Rollo is so smart he definitely needs to be a more regular guest.

    Wish I had friends like you guys out here.


    1. Thanks Jim, we had fun having him on. Our style may not be for everyone, but I never started the show trying to appeal to everyone. Those who ‘get it’ and our style of comedy seem to appreciate it and that’s all that matters.

      Join the free Project Playboy Forum if you haven’t already. There’s a meetup section where you can meet like minded-men, perhaps near where you live. Here’s the link: http://projectplayboyforum.createmybb3.com/


  2. Been following The Rational Male for a while now. Rollo is one sharp writer — his framework for understanding male-female dynamics within the current society’s context is unrivaled. His ideas form the intellectual basis for my own understanding of the red pill.

    Props on the interview.


  3. Great work Christian McQueen, Dagonet and Rollo Tomassi.

    Some of the boys commenting at The Rational Male have chosen to suspend learning by stopping your show at the 20-minute mark (according to comments).

    They’ve also underestimated the true size of your audience, and they’ve no idea the ‘impossible’ stuff you’ve accomplished in your life by choice.

    They should learn from your confidence and from your BOOKS instead of living in fear of learning from someone that has insights they desperately need.

    Constant improvement is a good thing.

    Syndication is in the near future.


    1. I read the comments referenced above. I think it’s mainly a clash of preferences. Some of the commentators indicated that they don’t care for the use of some cursing or CMQ’s style in the podcast. Some people prefer different types of communication than others. I wouldn’t let the negative comments of a handful of commentators impact our enjoyment of CMQ’s work.

      I thought it was a great podcast, particularly since I’ve never actually read Rollo’s work in it’s entirety, and the quick synopsis was valuable.


      1. If a grown man gets offended by cursing then good luck in the real world. Those who seek knowledge will listen to it and by the numbers it seems to be a solid hit. Thanks for the comment.


  4. Rollo is the most educational and informational writer in the manosphere. I respected your blog before, but its nice to see you value and respect him as a writer and his views. Much props, he changed my life, and may have even saved it to be completely honest, and I mean that sincerely. Thank you Christian too for being inspirational and “real” in what you convey.


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