Become Her Addiction Series: How Sex At Her Place Brings Her Closer To You

Grab a pen and paper, or bookmark this page, because I’m about to drop some next level Harem/LTR game information as a part of the Become Her Addiction Series. If you’re serious about getting a girl to really become emotionally attached to you, then use these methods. If you’re wanting to keep it casual and just a ‘fuck-buddy’ status though, then abstain, because they really do work that well.

Part of getting a girl to fall deeply into love with you is creating a bubble of memories and investment on her part that she will not want to escape and she will become addicted to your mere presence.

How does one do this though?

Part 1

The first part of finding a girl to become addicted to you is knowing how and what to screen for. Let’s say that you have a solid handle on finding cool attractive girls without major hangups and you meet a sexy girl who’s fun to be around and the two of you start to hookup. This becomes a regular thing for 3-4 weeks, but usually you have sex at your pad. Logistics working in your favor in terms of her having her own apartment/condo/house, then switch to hooking up at her place. For the purpose of this article let’s say she has her own apartment.

Part of the process is by connecting her home with you. By this I mean that when given a choice you should always select to have sex at her apartment or house. Not only does this lend less risk to her discovering a bobby pin that another girl ‘accidentally’ left under your pillow, but it starts to create a world of You, You, You. Everywhere she ‘looks’ and whenever she feels, she ‘sees’ You. This is what you want.

The main reason for this, is that you are going to start creating powerful memories where she lives so that she is constantly reminded of you in a positive manner.

Remember, the bed isn’t the only place to have sex. Have sex in the kitchen (counters work well), bathroom (counter and mirror is your friend and the shower/bath), living room (but not just the couch. On the floor and against the main door) and lastly the bedroom as well. If she has a walk-in closet, do it in there too and yes, even hallways and stairs are fair game.

This doesn’t have to happen all in one night, but it will spark spontaneity in you which will keep her intrigued and excited with the sex as well. The overall point is to essentially ravish her in consensual sex in every conceivable place of her apartment over a period of time. You may start in the living room and end in the bedroom. The two of you might be cooking together and then it turns into sex in the kitchen. Use the space. Use the apartment. Get creative. Within a couple of weeks, she shouldn’t be able to look at any spot in the apartment without having a MEMORY of sex with YOU.

This creates attachment on her part. She will start to associate the apartment with you sexually and as an investment of her body. Secondly, as she grows emotionally attached to you, she will be interlacing that with the apartment, because you have ‘marked’ your space there by having sex with her continually multiple times over a period of time where she lives.

She is now associating the apartment with you. The apartment is now you and you are the apartment.


Still with me?

Secondly, you should create nights of such passion and sexual energy in her apartment that she will never be able to get it out of her head. I’m not talking about a drunken, stumble around, fall on the bed and have sex for 10 minutes hookup. I’m talking about creating a full on EXPERIENCE which leads me to Part 2…if you want to be remembered, you need to be memorable and create an impression that she CAN’T forget, WON’T forget and most importantly, doesn’t want to forget, because it’s that fucking good.

Part 2

At this point in our hypothetical story, you and the girl have been fucking for 3-4 weeks with an additional couple of weeks of now hooking up at her place consistently. Don’t play the same chord my friend and get interesting. In fact, depending on the trajectory of the two of you, this could even be implemented sooner than after a couple weeks of consistent sex at her apartment, but you should have a decent idea of what works for the two of you and a gauge of the sexual chemistry you two have.

The first aspect of this is Enrapturing Her and here’s what I mean by this: You’re not just having sex with her body, but her mind and her emotions as well.

Sex between a man and woman on a purely physical level can be great, but sex between a man and a woman when the man unleashes her emotionally can be earth-shattering not only for her, but for the man.

You are getting inside her mind which is an incredible turn-on for women and getting her into a state where she not only lets go with her body, but her mind and emotions as well, which leads to her having powerful orgasms that leave her shaking in bed. You sexually experienced men reading this will know exactly what I’m talking about, when you give a girl such powerful orgasms that she literally says “Give me a minute” and just lays on the bed or floor shaking (with pleasure) and her face is aglow. She may even cry, but it’s not due to pain or an emotional hangup she has, but instead due to the emotional release she had when she physically came. This is some next level info gents, so if you’re feeling overwhelmed reading it, take a second and take your time processing it.

Now you’re probably thinking, “Well, that’s all well and great Christian, but how do I do it?”, so here’s some applicable tips for you.

-Make love to her (Note: this isn’t the same as this other type of sex. This doesn’t mean you can’t use those positions, but you’re reading her body more and making it less X-rated and more R-rated.)

-Kiss her all over

-Consume her

-Get consumed

-Let her ‘worship’ at the altar of your cock and treat her pussy as though it’s the last pussy you’ll ever see in your life.

-Tell her she’s gorgeous

-Kiss every part of her body and do it with reckless abandon

-Gently ‘bite’ her ass, kiss her neck, smell her hair and look into her eyes. Don’t just be with her, make yourself one with her.

-Shut out the rest of the world. Your phone ringing, texts going off, email alerts, anything, none of that matters because you’re in the fucking moment. (Note: put your phone on silent or turn off so you’re not distracted)

The second aspect of this is The Afterglow.

You’re both feeling ‘high’ from the sexual release and your knee-jerk reaction may be to jump up, throw on your clothes, give her a kiss and leave. Don’t. If you’re only used to one-night stand sexual experiences, then this may feel unnatural, but it’s key to learn to experience intimacy without losing a grip on your emotions. A true mark of a player is a man who can experience emotions without becoming emotional. Learning how to make a girl fall for you and and knowing how to handle it in a masculine manner is next level game.

Remember, this is a different experience and one that you can introduce in order to develop an actual relationship whether that is a harem or LTR, but regardless is necessary to start creating a bond.

Instead, enjoy the moment. Talk, but more importantly just listen. You just listening to her will make a stronger impact than you running your mouth. Also, being a man of some mystery is always attractive to women. Even small talk post-sex when you’re still in the ‘afterglow’ carries weight, especially in a day and age when people fuck like rabbits on their lunch break and then run back to work.

Topic To Avoid: Don’t bring up your exes, her exes, or ask her number. This isn’t the time or place and it’ll ruin the ‘bubble’ you’re creating.

Allow some time to pass, doesn’t have to be long, but around 10 minutes is fine to take in the experience. Kiss her again. Tell her she’s gorgeous. Then get up and do whatever you need to do.

The experience you gave her is an experience and then you step out of that experience, so that she treasures it more and craves it. This is key: the actual ‘high’ she gets from a sexual experience like this is on a time limit. You are a busy man with shit to do, but when you are with her, you’re enrapturing her mind, body and emotions completely. Then you might have to go and you leave with style and class. Put your suit on, kiss her firmly on the lips, smile and leave. She might still be basking in the experience, but your absence will only make her reminisce stronger about it. She will become addicted and everything about her apartment will serve as a reminder.


Learn more of my SECRETS about Deep Conversion and Harem Game here.

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29 Replies to “Become Her Addiction Series: How Sex At Her Place Brings Her Closer To You”

  1. This is gold. Have done it multiple times without realizing how well it actually works.
    Might be the best series yet (to come).


  2. Christian,

    Obviously ravishing your woman multiple times a night every night would be a physical impossibility and you would want to change things up to keep things interesting.

    My question is how often should you participate in this kind of intercourse to please her, and how often should you ravish her for your OWN pleasure? Thanks in advance and keep up the good work.


  3. CMQ
    What’s your advice for a guy that wants to find a loyal, clean, honest, feminine wife?

    A site like Christian Mingle or Chuches?

    Maybe becoming location independent and moving to EE?

    What materials do you have with ideas on how to make one quality chick fall madly in love with you?

    All that player stuff is too much stress for me. It’s like a stand up comedian I saw one time said- Why do I need 2 women when I can’t even handle one?
    And that other guy who said hed rather please one woman 1000xs than 1000 women 1x.
    And when a g gets old who’s gonna be there- nappy club birds? I doubt it. Of course in this society if you don’t screen heavy and find a good chick divorce rape is a high probability.
    I had contempt for some of the religious peoemwho Married in college and stayed in love but maybe they had it right. Sometimes being in these major cities tryin to holla at a girl does feel like going into combat as you said on the podcast before. I think all
    This social Marxism/feminism/porn/corporatism/inflation/usury printed fiat money/gmo food/public schools/military industrial complex/main stream media- all that garbage has made simple things prior generations attained with minimal hassle (spouse, small biz w/o bureaucratic red tape, one mans income to support wife and kids, etc) a monumental task. Commies suck and only a clown will tell you the USA doesn’t live day to day under all 10 tenets of Marxism per the Communist Manifesto. That’s real talk man:


  4. Did it since first real LTR. In a natural way. Works like charm. I would suggest not going to her place just for those “adult fun times”.

    Just going for a movie (with happy ending) and giving positive feedback in any thing you do there leaves a “positive mark” on her place, not just sex related, any positive vibes left anywhere in her home makes remind her that you were there and gives an unconscisious thought about you all the times she looks to that coach, TV, bed or whatever.


  5. Mr. McQueen, I recently purchased your text game book and I’m already seeing a big difference now. It’s helped quite a bit since I got it and it will continue to. As far as this article (and series) goes, can’t wait to hear more like it.


  6. This is rock solid advice. It was how I ended up marrying my wife.

    It’s also excellent advice for keeping a marriage alive. If after 5 or 10 years of marriage, your wife is still looking forward to you coming home from work then you know the marriage will last. While you have to treat her with kindness and respect, never forget that you are the man of the house. You can’t forget the other lessons of “game” if you want a marriage which will last a lifetime.


  7. Great Article Christian. Thanks for sharing. I have been in similar situations in the past and did almost everything you suggest. The problem with most guys however is that they are not clear with their intentions when they apply all these. I wasn’t either.

    Why would you want a girl to be obsessed over you?
    Do you do it because you actually want a serious LTR?
    Or do you do it because you like having power over them and the idea of having them obsessed over you makes you feel good?

    If it is the first, yes I strongly recommend to follow the steps you are suggesting. It will create great foundations for your relationship and if you also have red-pill awareness you will be able to experience an awesome LTR.

    If it is the second though, I think you should reevaluate your approach. It is way better to have random sexual encounters and maybe short term relationships (no more than 1 month) rather than seeking to satisfy your Machiavellian desires.


    1. Christian, great article. Great timing too. I’ve been unknowingly doing everything you have outlined in this article. To the motherfucking T. It makes perfect sense why this chick is so attached to me. The bond we created is very strong. Or as she says..she is “Infatuated with me”.

      What ANDRIAN is saying is EXTREMELY important too. I am currently in the situation where my intentions were not as clear. No matter how great and bonding the sexual intimacy is, your intentions have to be clear. KNOW WHAT YOU WANT (LTR/steady harem or fuck buddies). This is some powerful shit and you don’t want to hurt someone. Needless to say i will be cutting it off soon



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