Weekend Game Tip: Best Responses To “I Have A Boyfriend”

You’ve heard girls say this. I’ve heard girls say this. Sometimes it doesn’t matter and sometimes it does depending on the loyalty of the girl, but one thing is for sure: how you respond will make a huge difference in whether you still have sex with her or not.

Remembering that girls will often say one thing and do another, it’s key to learn how to deal with this. Sometimes it’s merely a shit test. She’s throwing out the stiffest ‘wall’ she can think of to see how you respond.

Will you get flustered and walk away?

Will you get mad because she spent 10 minutes talking to you and then dropped that verbal bomb on you?

Will you laugh nervously and try to use logic to change her mind?

Sometimes she’s dead serious and is legitimately in a relationship with a guy. This doesn’t mean however, that she’s not the following though:

-Just had a big fight with him and is pissed off

-Is unhappy and sexually unsatisfied with him

-Is with him out of convenience only

-Has one foot out the door already and is looking for an opportunity to cheat and move on

The reality is in the day and age we live in, infidelity is at an all time high and the gap between men leading the charge is narrowing with women close behind.

“According to a report by Bloomberg Businessweek published this week, the most recent data from the National Opinion Research Center’s General Social Survey show that women have had more affairs in the past two decades then in previous years.” (Source: http://goo.gl/8Fb8Ig)

Now that we’ve established that chicks cheat, then we know that her having a boyfriend isn’t necessarily grounds for her to not open her legs. I personally don’t like to hook up with married women, or even girls with boyfriends, but it does inadvertently happen and sometimes I don’t even know it until after the fact. Chicks can be sneaky that way. When I am faced with the “I have a boyfriend” line though, I treat it no differently than any other shit test and here’s a few options you can use.

“He can join in too.”

Note: This always throws them for a loop because without actually saying it, you’re showing that you’re not jealous.

Acting jealous is a HUGE cock-block for many guys.

Never show jealousy when you’re just trying to bed a girl for the first time. It weakens the fuck out of your Frame and almost always backfires. By you using this line it’s alluding to sex happening in the near future.

Now obviously you probably have zero desire to tag-team this girl with her boyfriend, but it shows a IDGAF attitude which is paramount when responding to her ‘defense’. Said with the right amount of amusement and a shrug and it’s gold.

“That’s great, no one cares.”

Note: this is said with a playful smirk and is not said in an extremely serious tone. Otherwise you come across like an idiot. Say it with a playful smirk, and continue talking to her. It shows that it’s simply not an issue unless SHE makes it into one.

“Perfect. I’m married and have 6 kids.”

Note: I use this one when there’s a good dynamic already with the girl and she’s attracted to my witty style of game. It’s clearly such a ridiculous statement that girls inadvertently laugh and proceed on because I’m essentially making light of her situation and once again, acting as though it doesn’t matter at all.

It’s key to always have that attitude as though she said she likes her eggs over-easy, instead of sunny-side up. It’s irrelevant.

“Are you happy?”

Note: Depending on the read you have on the girl, this can actually work and it has for me a few times. Usually, the girl will look down and then meekly say “yeah”, at which point you know it’s on because her response alludes to her not being happy with him.

The thing about girls is they will always find at least something about a guy that they DON’T like, so when faced with this question their mind will jump to the one or more thing about her boyfriend which she doesn’t like.

“Relax, who said I was hitting on you?”

Note: this one works particularly well with hot chicks who assume that every single man is dying to fuck them. I use this one as a part of a Push-Pull dynamic.

“I have a girlfriend. Double-date?”

This is best used when her attraction level is very high for you, it’s basically in the bag and she’s throwing out the “I have a boyfriend” line as a feeble attempt to end the fun she’s having. I usually use this after we’ve kissed or made out, she knows where it’s headed and she weakly throws that line out.


Yep, just one word as though she just said she loves puppies. You’re leading the interaction and it simply doesn’t matter. If you hold Frame and continue flirting with her, she’ll know you’re an alpha male who gets what he wants when he wants it. If she’s game she’ll roll right along with it.

“Excellent, when’s the wedding?”

This is an interesting one that works best when you’re firing on all cylinders. You know what I’m talking about when you can say and do no wrong. What this does is a couple of things:

1. If she’s quite serious with him, then she thinks that her last days of freedom are coming to a close so she better have some fun. I’ve literally had girls verbalize this after I say this line and then proceed to get carnal with me.


2. Realize that she isn’t going to marry him, has no plans nor desire too, so why would she let it stop her from having sex with you? Saying this line was responsible for no less than 2 breakups that I know of. The girls hooked up with me, then realized yes, their current relationship was a waste of time, so they ended it.

“You’re an independent girl, right?”

This is one is currently very relevant because of the saturation of the independent women agenda going on in the world right now.

You’re essentially using their soapbox to get what you want. This one is particularly great for girls who want to prove that they are independent and that “no man controls me!” types.

I have to laugh out loud even as I type this because it’s hysterical how they will then qualify themselves to you in order to prove they make their own decisions. Works particularly well with artsy types, feminists and ‘free thinkers’.


Yes, you’re actually saying the word ‘yawn’. This one works particularly well when a chick is strongly attracted to you, but is throwing out every shit test in her book to rationalize why she shouldn’t sleep with you. Brushing it off with saying “yawn” is about as much as a brush off as it gets.

Generally, you’ll get the classic “You’re such an asshole!” and faux-slap on the arm followed by her eyes glowing and her getting wet over the fact that you have the balls to say what you want.

Girl: “I have a boyfriend”

Man: “Do I look like Dr. Phil? I don’t want to hear about your problems”

Girl: (laughing)

Perfectly lumps her boyfriend in as a problem in her life in a light and fun way. Humor is extremely powerful in the art of persuasion and that’s essentially what you’re doing in a beneath the surface manner.

There’s a few more I’ll write about in the future, but these are tried and true and will serve you well this weekend when a chick drops the “I have a boyfriend” line.

P.S. If she’s blonde she might even be more apt to cheat. Apparently, blondes really do have more fun. According to a recent online survey conducted by Cheaterville.com, a support website for those who’ve been cheated on, a whopping 42 percent of users said female cheaters had blonde hair, while 23 percent cited red hair, 20 percent cited brown and 11 percent cited black.” (source: http://goo.gl/8Fb8Ig)

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15 Replies to “Weekend Game Tip: Best Responses To “I Have A Boyfriend””

  1. I’m a bit late to the party here but wanted to throw in my personal favorite response to “I have a BF”or “I’m married”…”I’m sorry”.


  2. steal (stl)
    v. stole (stl), sto·len (stln), steal·ing, steals
    1. To take (the property of another) without right or permission.

    Stealing a girl can be justified since girls are not possesions. So technicaly speaking you are not stealing a girl from her boyfriend. A point to make about all this is in almost every rom-com chick flick some guy gets the girl from another dude, so a great majority of girls are brainwashed with “true love” and “I have issues” BS. This is a great advantage, not giving a flying fuck about this shit test line gives you a great chance for success. Therefore if there is mood going on but “she has a boyfriend”, no worries, steal, steal, steal.

    Christian, these are the best lines i’ve seen about this topic, keep the good work.
    Cheers from Argentina


  3. McQueen,
    What are some of the most walkable spots in metro LA and Vegas for day game approaches?

    If a guy did 1500 cold approaches/yr (aka 5 approaches/day with 1 off day/week) and only got 10% out to meet up that’s a ton of new chicks @ 150 meets ups.

    More specific-
    What streets have you seen it packed with 8s and up who could be in Penthouse?

    For me Manhattan Beach in the Summer- amazing and of course South Beach.


  4. “I have a girlfriend”.

    “Great, that means when your done hanging with me you have someone else to talk to about your problems. “


  5. “I really don’t care” worked fine with me, she even took my number.
    “You all do” her eyes were priceless, beautiful


  6. How do you handle it when she drops I have bf after your DIRECT opener?

    I love direct. It has been game over, press restart button for every time I got the bf objection off my direct opener. I refuse to accept to accept this as the price of going direct.


  7. WTF THIS IS SUCH A CRAZY COINCIDENCE, a GIRL JUT SAID THAT TO ME LIKE 30 MINUTES AGO! She was actually legit for once, she had been looking at me working at this restaurant, so I walked up to her introduced myself and she said she had a boyfriend. Then she gave me the receipt later and said “You’re pretty cute though” and when I was walking out she came and apologized about it again LOL.


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