4 Myths Men Believe About Women


In the course of learning about game, experiencing and using game and now teaching game, there are four main myths that continually reappear that I have noticed.

These myths hold men back.

These myths prevent boys from ever fully developing into men.

These myths cause misery due to a skewed perspective of the world that has been force-fed down youngsters throats ever since they watched Beauty and The Beast.

These myths are destructive in nature and if you hold onto these falsehoods you will never achieve greatness with women, or even merely understand the male/female dynamic.

These myths are the equivalent of putting a blindfold on then driving your car down the highway and expecting not to crash.

These myths are blinding today’s men.

#4. Being Nice Will Get You Laid

Stooped in centuries of indoctrination and upheld by religious institutions and preached by women everywhere, the myth of being nice is a huge detriment to the development of a man.

Here’s the deal: game is NOT about turning into a huge asshole.

If this is your interpretation of game, then you are incorrect. Game is about Frame and part of Frame is what people would now call being an asshole.

I call it standing up for yourself.

I call it being ‘selfish’ and that’s not a bad thing.

I call it knowing what you want, setting out to get it and overcoming obstacles.

I call it knowing about the Law of Abundance and that the more women you meet and bed, the more women throw themselves at you until one day you realize that there are literally millions of options available to you, you just have to go out and get them.

What experienced players will know is that the myth of being nice is what causes men to go home from 3-course dinner dates at expensive restaurants with blue balls, while the girl with the full belly heads over to the asshole’s house to fuck. Think it’s not a reality? I’ve had experiences where the girl is on a date with another guy and texts me if she wants me to order something to go so that she can bring it to me when she’s done with the date. Of course I texted back “a fat steak” and she orders it for “her roommate”. Beta bux and Alpha fucks.

#3. Marriage = Happiness and Only Steady Pussy You’ll Get

You know why the marriage industry hates game? Because the more that men learn game, the less likely they are to get married. Once you taste of the forbidden fruit any day or night that you want with minimal investment, you are much much much more unlikely to sign away your rights legally to be bound to one girl the rest of your life.

Game is the great equalizer. Even if marriage is your ultimate end goal you will need game just as much and actually more because it’s a more in-depth type of game than if you’re a weekend ONS warrior.

Marriage does not equal happiness. If you’re not happy BEFORE marriage then don’t look to marriage to solve your problems. If you’re happy of your own accord, follow my commandments, have a lengthy courtship, screen for potential issues she may have, learn Relationship Game and are prepared for marriage, then you will be able to step into that commitment as prepared as you can be and your odds are solid for having a healthy happy marriage, but don’t look for marriage as your last resort for happiness.

Take your time and find happiness on your OWN first before you get married. If you think you only need game to “get the girl!” and then you can stop gaming, then you’re living in a delusional state and I feel for you. Learn before it’s too late.


#2. The ‘One’ (oneitis)

This can literally kill you as I know well. This should be certified as a curable disease because it’s that powerful and can destroy your life. The irony of thinking that your current girl is “the one”, or that you’re searching for “the one”, is that you’ll be looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow your entire life.

‘The One’ does not exist. 

Sorry to burst your bubble but this is a harsh reality that you have to get used to. There are ‘multiple ones’. Multiple girls who are right for you at a certain period in your life who will have the qualities that you desire. Of course they may not knock on your door right now, but you have to go out and find them.

The irony of ‘the one’ as many experienced players will be able to testify about is this:

At a certain point I met a cute girl and realized she was ‘the one’. We dated 2 years, then broke up.

After, I met another cute girl and I realized she was ‘the one’. We dated 2.5 years and then broke up.

Then, I met yet another cute girl and realized that she was ‘the one’. We dated for over 3 years and then broke up.

And so on and so on. Was any of those girls actual marriage material? Some were and some were on the edge. I could have made any one of those my ‘one’ by simply marrying them. Do you see the fallacy in ‘the one’? ‘The one’ is a girl (and there are more quality girls out there then you realize) who you follow the proper steps and take your time with and then if you decide to enter a serious relationship with she is ‘one of the ones’ at that specific time in your life. Take it day by day and you’ll be happier, more in the moment and most importantly, a stable independent man.

#1. Game Doesn’t Work

Show me a guy who thinks that game is a scam and that it doesn’t work and I’ll show you a guy who doesn’t get laid or can’t find a girl for a relationship when HE WANTS TO. The error of thinking that ‘shit just happens and we have no control’ is the fallacy of a child-like mind and the naivety of the village idiot.

Game gives you options.

Game is the difference between being a boy and a man.

Game works. But you already know that.


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6 Replies to “4 Myths Men Believe About Women”

  1. “I’ve had experiences where the girl is on a date with another guy and texts me if she wants me to order something to go so that she can bring it to me when she’s done with the date. Of course I texted back “a fat steak” and she orders it for “her roommate”. Beta bux and Alpha fucks.”

    The majority of women are about beta bux and alpha fucks to varying degrees. Has a master of beta bux and alpha fucks (a very manipulative woman) ever been a good girlfriend?


    1. Depends on what you’re looking for.

      Fuck buddy? Don’t care, be sexy and fun.

      Girlfriend? Then a girl of strong moral character and the aforementioned qualities.

      It’s not one size fits all.


  2. Hey Christian, recently I have noticed that you aren’t really directing your writing at actual players anymore. I used to get a lot of value out of reading your blog but I’m sure that there are many people past the stage of needing to be lectured about how being nice won’t get you laid. Just some food for thought, maybe you can label different articles into “newbie” and “advanced” or something. IDK, just trying to give some constructive criticism.


    1. I had the same thought as you when I first read this post, why is he giving intro to red pill in intervals.

      My personal take. His blog is still in its infancy stage, so there’s a heavy focus on growing it. Drop out content that’s relevant to newbies in intervals. This allows him to help more people, and ime it’s usually inexperienced guys who pay for coaching. Paying a couple of grand for help with girls is a stretch for guys who already have harems.


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