Weekend Game Tip: How Much Does It Cost Me To Get Laid?


Ah money and pussy, two of my favorite topics to discuss (in either order). This weekend game tip is about how much it cost me to get laid and to show you a blueprint for a night out that can cost you next to nothing or a stack or two: up to you and your budget.

I’ll break this down by showing you 3 examples of nights from my life, the first being in the past when I was broke, but still getting laid left and right, the 2nd spending mid-level and now what a current night out for me looks like. Regardless of your budget, this will show you what your ROI (return on investment) might be on a night out.

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Example #1: Broke and Boning Babes

This first story is from years ago when I was actively gaming, but broke as hell. I set up a date with a very sexy cute Latina for drinks at a bar. I had literally NO money for the date, but I wanted to kick it with her so I welcomed the challenge and met with her anyway. I didn’t have money for parking so had to walk a few blocks after finding street parking. I met her outside the bar and she was one sexy chick. I was determined to get her naked by the end of night, broke or not. We went inside and stood at the bar. My heart started pounding. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. I had to think quick because we were about to be up, so I pulled her aside and said, “Want to have an adventure?” She shook her head ‘yes’, so I took her to the smoking patio (where I bummed a cig) and broke it down for her: she was going to help me steal other people’s drinks.

Now I’m not saying to do this, but I’m merely telling you what happened. She got excited and said she was game. And fuck all if she didn’t turn into a Bond girl in that moment. I instructed her to distract dudes after they ordered a drink and I would swoop behind them and snag the glass behind his back. This was some stealth operation shit and it worked. We pinched a couple drinks and hid in the corner laughing about what we had just pulled off. We made out a bit and then wound up at her place, where I didn’t fuck her, but did everything else. The next time we hung out I did.

Now this date cost me $0. I did this multiple times back in the day and the girl’s got a kick out of it. I never explicitly said “I’m broke, so let’s steal drinks”, but instead made it into a game. I have plenty of great memories of taking sexy chicas even downtown LA and getting a bacon-wrapped hot dog then back to the crib for a sloppy blowjob and daytime sex. Total cost? $6. It’s not about how much you spend per se, it’s about your game and the level of fun you can have with nothing. If you develop your game when you’re broke and have nothing, you will be a powerhouse when you have money. I can promise you that.

Note: the drink stealing trick works well with younger chicks. If you pull this on a 28yo she’s probably going to walk away, but when they’re of legal drinking age to around 23yo, they’re game from my experience.

Total Date Cost: $0

If you’re low on cash until payday, but still want to go out and game you DO have options, but you have to be creative. Get a bulk box of wristbands from Office Depot (have all of your friends chip in), then see what color a club is using on what night, then go back to the car and put that color wristband on and boom you’re walking in. This is an old trick that I’m sure some of you have pulled off successfully. You can even get the stamps too, but that’s a bit more tricky depending on the stamp they use.

Another option is for you and your friends to buy 1 cheap bottle of vodka (hell you can get a bottle for $10) and some Gatorade. Do a few shots before you go in the bar or club and sneak a flask in with straight vodka. Take turns doing shots in the bathroom, but do them in the stall and pass off the flask under the stalls.

Another option is that Netflix is your best friend when you’re broke. You can either stream it, or take your date to 7-11 use the Netflix box and load up on candy. Girls love this shit. Then go home, watch the movie, hang out etc. Total cost? Maybe $10.

There’s a million more tricks to this that I’ll share in the future, but these are some of the main ones.

Lastly, if you’re wanting to just take a girl out, but you’re broke take her to the mall, walk around and eat some ice cream. Total costs? $9-12. Then take her home or go to her house.

The end lesson of this is, it’s not about what you’re spending, it’s about the Game you’re using.

Also, the younger you are the easier it is to get away with this shit, because as you get older society expects you to be able to throw some cash around. Doesn’t mean you have to spend, but being broke at 40 sucks compared to 22. Don’t let being broke keep you from getting laid. It didn’t hold me back and it doesn’t have to for you.


Example #2: Ballin’ On A Budget

This will probably speak to most of you because it’s that level of finance where you make enough to pay your bills, put some in savings and have a couple bills to spend for the month going out. We’ll call it middle-class for example purposes.

Met a cute chick at a party, got cock-blocked but we made plans to grab drinks the following weekend. Met her at a local bar and brought $75 for the night. Ordered 2 drinks ($28 with tip) we drank em, talked, flirted then when we finished, I told her next round was on her. This is why it’s good to find fun chicks who aren’t little devils or gold-diggers, because they won’t throw a fit about pitching in. She didn’t have a problem with it and bought that round.

Then I bought 2 shots for roughly $30 (with tip), but obviously was getting low at that point ($17 left), so I nursed my drink as she guzzled hers down. I obviously like to drink, but did the smart thing by getting her a shot to go which wiped me out but got her on a fun buzz, then kissed her, took her by the hand and we went to my pad and hooked up.

Total Date Cost: $75

Now here’s the deal: with her attraction level high for me, I didn’t necessarily need to spend $75 on the date. I could have pulled the stealing drinks move, but why do that when I wasn’t broke, merely on a reasonable budget. Stealing drinks for a date is when you’re broke as fuck eating Ramen noodles and hoping your landlord doesn’t evict you level. Once again, you don’t need to spend money to get laid, but this is a rough idea of how much you might spend depending on where you live.


Example #3: Ballin’ Out And Balls Deep

I have a bad habit of spending excessive amounts of money on a night out now. I chalk it up to years of paying my dues, sacrificing and living like a pauper, getting myself straightened out and now I like to enjoy life. While it’s excessive and unnecessary to do so, it’s a different type of experience to be able to throw money at any logistical problem to fix it and lets face it: it’s a blast to spend money (at least to me).

Here’s a story about how I lived large, but spent little.

I met a very sexy fake-titted brunette in the VIP of a hot club on a Friday night. She was sexy as hell, fun and I decided to invite her to fly to Vegas with myself and my buddy the next day (Saturday). The only catch was she had to bring a couple more girls. She said it wouldn’t be a problem and the next day her and her two equally hot friends met myself and my buddy at a private airport. My buddy is a pilot and owns his own plane so we hopped in and flew 40 minutes to Vegas.

When we landed, a private limo picked us up and drove us to a penthouse suite at Cosmo Hotel. Checked in and then I took the sexy brunette out on the town while my buddy entertained her friends. Rolled into 3 different clubs no wait or paying, drink tickets in my hand and had a great night that culminated in me fucking her. This is one of many weekends like this due to me having good connections and providing value to others.

Total Cost For The Night: $100

Due to Vegas comps and my connections, that night cost me just a little more than the average night out at the bar in example #2.

This is my point: when you develop a lifestyle, plus create a social circle of influential people that you bring value to, you don’t have to blow your savings on pussy. In fact, I suggest you don’t. I have nights where I spend a stack and don’t get laid, but I enjoy living it up. Overall, being able to throw money at a logistical problem such as cab fare, an Uber, or a hotel room will most certainly help you when trying to have a one night stand, but it’s not necessary. I’ve hooked up with girls IN clubs, in alleys, etc. If she’s down, anywhere is game.

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Here’s an example of me spending a stack and how cash did get me the lay.

Started the night at a 4-star restaurant which cost an easy $150 with drinks, tip and a solid meal. Then hopped over to a hotel lounge where I spent another $100. After that hit up a club and dropped another $200 for a total now of $450 not including Ubers which was another easy $50. Night was kind of off and was about to roll to a strip club when I pulled a sexy thing. Problem was she lived over an hour away and I don’t like taking girls I just met to my pad until I get to know them better. Decided to get a hotel room which set me back another $500 for a total of $1,000 spent.

Now here’s the deal: did I have more fun? Sure, it was a solid night, but not necessarily spectacular compared to the broke nights out, but the point is is that I spent the money because I chose to and could. I wasn’t spending money on the girl per se, I was simply enjoying life on a heightened level and I wasn’t spending must-live money which would be foolish and stupid.

Now is my average ROI on a lay a $1,000? Hell no.

I would say on average it’s around $200. Now you P4P guys are probably snickering thinking “Why don’t you just pay for pussy?”, but that defeats the point and takes the fun out of the Game. The thrill of the chase is what is exciting and going out not knowing if you’ll meet a sexy fun girl or not makes it fun. Regardless, when I go out, I go out with the intention of having fun and looking to get laid, but even if I don’t pull, I still will have a good time. When your focus is on overall having a good experience it’s almost impossible to have a ‘bad’ night. Some nights will be better than others of course, but you gents can control your nights more than you realize.

Regardless of where you’re at financially you can still get laid. If you’re broke you can get innovative, have some great experiences and have a blast. If you’re mid-level, you can use your resources in a smart fashion and maximize your money to help you out. If you’re ballin’ out I recommend spending on the experience, but not the girl per se. They are along for the ride, but you’re not spending money on them in order to get their attention. This is a key difference.

Have a great weekend gents and don’t let a lack of money hold you back, but don’t blow your rent. Your return on investment is maximized by how good your game is. Get good at game here.

I’m out until Monday.


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7 Replies to “Weekend Game Tip: How Much Does It Cost Me To Get Laid?”

  1. The price of getting laid exceeds any $ value…all of the authors examples required spending time and socializing with them. Another cost is having to act as though your interest isn’t fundamentally the result of the their physical appearance- it ties back to having to socialize with them.

    The clinch- she demands you provide some value outside of pure sex…that is “cost”

    I prefer women invest equally…if I have to be fun for her, she has to be fun for me…and if she wants a “better” man, she better start reading Science magazine instead of Cosmopolitan.


    1. The woman in his last example may not have been pay to play, but she definitely required $ to get past the gate. Its inherent to the location.

      Try getting laid by spending less than 30min BSing her or being anything but good looking. No dice in the vast majority of cases.

      Most guys will be happy to bang a chick just watching her bend over followed by a wave to come hither. All she needs to be is “good looking”


  2. Curious to how much a holiday night out in vegas costs you when you have A LOT of fun like memorial day weekend or something thats always busy.

    Mainly curious as i just had my first vegas weekend and me and my buddy just got 1 bottle at surrender and when we were at drais asking bouncers how much some tables were we realized how much damn fun you could have with a big chunk of change


    1. You still had to go to a bar and spend time talking to her..

      Low cost lay is eye contact on the street with little else between that and intercourse.


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