Episode #26: How To Deal With A Breakup

On Episode #26 of The Christian McQueen Show, my co-host and I discuss how to deal with a breakup based on our real-life experiences of dumping and getting dumped. On this episode we share our experiences and solutions to this common problem. If you’ve recently been dumped, or just broke up with your girlfriend, then this is a must-listen episode. 

P.S. Tune in next Thursday (10/30) for our special How To Get Laid On Halloween episode.

Listen Here to this practical and applicable break-up advice.

5 Replies to “Episode #26: How To Deal With A Breakup”

  1. Great podcast Christian & Dagonet!!! Things that I have been struggling with due to bottling feelings in have now started being released. The biggest problem that I had was continually comparing all girls to my ex because of placing her so high up on the pedestal, an exaggerated view of her (only seeing the good then exaggerating the good that came from that relationship).

    On another note, keep doing what you’re doing this blog and podcast have had such a huge impact on my life and the quality of material keeps me coming back.

    Thanks for everything!


  2. Hey I was listening to the podcast and you were wondering about why the guy usually leaves the house even though it’s in his name…well the answer is pretty complicatedand it gets even more complicated when children are involved.

    So legally you have rights to your own residence. You can have guests inside, and the police will happily kick them out if they overstay their welcome. The major problem is if they stay past the residence period (it varies from state to state)

    Hate to say this but most states have a term of residence, and if anyone stays beyond that you have to formally evict them, which can take forever (up to 6 months) and cost a fortune if the person knows how to contest every step. Look up state laws on this. And to add further insult, they don’t have to pay you while this is going on. Once I was being nice to a girl and she pulled this shit on me. NOT FUN.

    You could sidestep this with a restraining order, but that is even MORE BIASED towards women than divorce court. Basically unless you as the man are in physical danger ( this has to have undeniable proof) it’s pretty difficult to get a restraining order on a woman. Even if shes a complete pschyo. Also this can backfire on you, and you end up losing your residence. It’s really up to the Judge in this case.

    Look up landlord/tenant laws. And don’t date lawyers for this exact reason lol.

    And if you can you should interview Mark Mason. I really like his perspective on game and it would add to the show.


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