How To Get Laid On Halloween

Ah Halloween, where girls crave spooky semen snacks and the debauchery of nightlife hits a new high. If you’re planning on going out this week to Halloween parties (and I’ll bet you are) here’s 5 tips for how to pull that sexy mermaid in a costume, aka pasties and a thong.

#5. Wear A ‘Sexy’ Costume

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at the amount of guys who roll out in an obnoxious costume that gets tons of laughs, but leaves them heading home at the end of the night with their cock in their own hand. When picking out a costume go with the following:



-‘Magic Mike’ (if you’re ripped or jacked)

-Chippendale’s dancer (same)

-Hugh Hefner

-Any costume that screams fantasy to girls.

We’ve all heard how girls have fantasies about cops and firemen. Well, that’s for a reason. Make it ‘easy’ on them and bring their fantasy to life by selecting a ‘sexy’ costume.

Pro-Tip: be sure to not cockblock yourself by wearing a costume that’s hard to get out of. That Twister costume might get laughs, but if it’s a bitch to get your cock out of for a quickie with a hottie, then you’re going to be pissed at your outfit choice.

#4. Stick To Private Events If Possible

I can guarantee there will be more ass at the Playboy Mansion Halloween Party then Joe’s Dive Bar. Now you might not live in Los Angeles, but in just about every city there will be more exclusive private parties where a ticket is required to get in. The downside is that you may have to shell out $100 (if you don’t have connects), but the huge upside is that 90% of the time the private events are open bar so it’s a wash money wise.

These type of events usually bring out tons of girls and here’s the kicker: people who pay to get into an event like this, are usually going to stick around for a while. If you’re at a shitty dive bar then people can roll in and out after scoping the venue. The turnover rate is much higher at joints like that and it’s obvious why. If you have girls who paid a few bucks to get into a high profile event, you can be sure they’ll make the best of it and stay for the night, even if the party isn’t up to par.

Thirdly, being at a more exclusive event automatically gives you more social value. If by default the only way to get into the party is through knowing the right people, then the girls there will know you’re not a schmuck. Raise your value, get an open bar and meet some hotties by looking for the most exclusive events in your city.

The one exception to dive bars and general clubs is in a college town. The talent will be good regardless of where you go in a college town, but look into the top Frat parties for the exclusive talent.

#3. Ditch The Dead Weight

Of all the times to roll out solo, Halloween can be perfect for this. I’ve rolled out solo on Halloween before and it was always a successful time (i.e. ending the night balls deep in a cutie). The reason for this is that on Halloween everyone is in state of partying to the extreme and in costume. No one stands out and everyone stands out. Make sense?

Even if you’re rolling solo it won’t matter as much as a regular night out because the energy and vibe is conducive to mingling. If you don’t have a solid wing, don’t let it hold you back. Be brave and roll solo. It might just be one of your best nights ever.

#2. Use Your Costume To Open Girls

Let’s say you go as a ‘police dude’. Odds are there will be girls there dressed as a ‘sexy cop’. You now have the perfect excuse to approach and make a joke about anything to do with the mutual costumes. This also works for the opposite as well. If you go as a ‘prisoner’ find the ‘sexy cop’ or vice versa. I’ve gone as Hugh Hefner before and the logical move was the girls dressed as Playboy Bunnies. It’s a natural progression and a photo with some girls turns into more when you play it right.

#1. Get Into A Party Vibe

Nightlife events are all about having the right attitude. If you’re the morose guy in the corner looking foul, then expect to repel girls like a gent with leprosy. Pre-game, do my night out prep and get into a fun, playful party vibe. On ‘holidays’, especially in nightlife, it’s all about being the party and having fun. The more fun you have you will draw girls to you and that cuts out your ‘work’.

Listen to my special podcast episode: How To Get Laid On Halloween which covers a ton more practical info on this topic!

What’s your tip for Halloween Game?

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9 Replies to “How To Get Laid On Halloween”

  1. Thanks for the advice, Christian. I have a question I was hoping you could answer.

    Do you consider it a must to wear a costume on Halloween? I love going out and being high energy is no problem for me, but wearing a costume isn’t my style. I don’t enjoy the preparation and feel more confident wearing my own clothes. Am I cockblocking myself by not dressing up?


  2. It’s rare I comment on a game article (the greatest trick the devil ever pulled..), but since I can’t be around for Halloween this yr I’ll join in spirit.

    Great tips: #4 Spot on, or if you live in a big enough city block parties should be in full effect (serious damage to be done here)–I’m talking DJs, sound/light systems, packed strip, etc. not the cul-de-sac with the PJ [everclear] stand.
    #3 Gold, this was a lesson learned in blood for me.

    Jewel: This isn’t my style (never tried it), but one thing I see consistently work as an opener and as a high percentage hailmary is a guy or two posted up near a high traffic area high-fiving everyone that walks by and counting out loud. For the women who stop, giggle, and ask what you are doing..well you can find your way home from here right? For Halloween it’s a good worst case scenario tactic–your energy level is high enough for anyone nearby to believe you know where the after party is and Halloween is on a Friday this yr, can’t lose.

    Be Safe Gents



  3. Good tips Christian! What/who are you going as this year? Also, can you (or anyone else) please give me some suggestions for a last minute, preferably DIY Halloween costume? I’m 18 so going to a uni party and I’m in good shape if that counts. Thanks!


    1. @Milun Go as rambo/comando, you need a camo trouser, a green sleevless jacket for showing of your biceps and a bandana or berret. That is what i’m probably going to wear. Lots of girls dress army-like, so be their sargent.


      1. That would work actually. I even dressed up as Rambo for a party earlier in March so I should be able to pull it off again. Thanks Diego!


  4. Yeah, good few tips here. I think the costume is pretty key. If you aren’t totally out of shape, then show ya body off. I was in a good body shape last year and went out as a spartan soldier as in the movie “300” and got a lot of attention from the ladies (wanting to touch my abs etc). While you might look kinda funny in a huge pink panther costume, it won’t help you getting laid.


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