11 Things I Love About Women

I love women. That’s no secret, but for once I’m going to put my thoughts down on exactly why I do in this post.

Let’s keep it real gentlemen, pretty much everything we do in some shape or form has to do with women.

Get a 6-pack? Attract the eye of a woman and look better naked.

Become rich? Ball out on a yacht with half-naked models.

Buy that Ferrari? So every chick gets whiplash when you valet at the hottest new restaurant in town.

Now that doesn’t mean that everything you do is solely for women and it doesn’t mean you put the pussy on a pedestal. I hope that you seek success in every part of your life for your own fulfillment as well, but let’s not kid ourselves: women are a huge motivator.

I could write an entire book about this, but here’s 11 of the main things that I love about women.


#11. A Girl Wearing Expensive Perfume

When I pull a girl’s hair back from her ear and kiss her neck gently and she is wearing expensive perfume, I could die in peace right then.

#10. A Girl’s Hair In The Breeze

I’ve almost wrecked spotting a fly chick walking down the street with her hair blowing in the wind. Note to girls reading this: grow your hair out! Guys love long hair, not chopped off G.I. Jane bullshit. Plus, it gives us something to pull when we’re fucking the hell out of you.

#9. A Girl’s Laugh When She’s Turned On

A special sound from heaven delivered when you charm and turn-on a girl just right is something I never get tired of. Her eyes will light up, her mouth opens and a shy laugh erupts. At THAT very moment there is a purity in the dynamic between you and her.

#8. When A Girl Pulls Her Panties Back Up

You experienced cads know that moment. You’ve just had passionate sex and she’s getting dressed. She bends over to pull her little panties back up and she is exposed. Not just in the sense of physically, but there is a rawness to that very act of her putting her panties back on. Fuck, I love it.

#7. The Click-Click Of A Girl Walking In Heels

Another sound slice of of heaven is when a girl is decked out, rocking heels and is walking towards you to greet you. At that moment nothing else matters. Girls, never stop suffering to wear heels. They are God’s gift to you.

#6. A Girl Rubbing The Back Of My Head

Nah, you fucks not that head, but my actual head. A girl who reaches over and rubs the back of my hair when I’m driving gets instant bonus points. The feel of her manicured nails on my hair is enough to make me floor the bitch and shoot for the 200 on the dash.

#5. Watching A Girl Shower

This one can be something of beauty depending on how sexy and beautiful the girl is. If a girl looks sexy wet, then she’s a helluva hot girl. If she doesn’t, well…

#4. The Gullibility Of Most Girls

When a girl falls for something silly I say, that’s a classic moment. I don’t lie to them, but will tease and joke sometimes and when they believe it instantly it’s endearing to me and shows a glimpse of childlike innocence.

#3. A Girl Who Asks For A Puff Of My Cigar

A sexy model dressed to kill, who over dinner asks to have a puff of my cigar, then gently sets it between her lips and takes a puff will make my cock lift the table.

#2. When A Girl Says She Loves You

When you know what she really means when she says she loves you, it’s a moment of beauty. In that very moment she does mean it. This doesn’t mean that you take her profession of love to mean she’ll love you forever, but if you just enjoy that actual moment and take it with a grain of salt, it can be music to your ears.

#1. Watching A Girl Get Ready

Can’t tell you why, but I truly enjoy watching a girl get ready for an evening out. Perhaps it’s the feminine process they go through, maybe I’m just odd, but I enjoy sitting back suited up, enjoying a cigar and drink and watching a girl do her hair and get dolled up. Bliss.

What is something you love about women?

There are game books. Then there are these.

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10 Replies to “11 Things I Love About Women”

  1. Some things I like about women is when they wear certain outfits specifically: mesh dresses, the retro pin-up look, lingerie and opera gloves, and youthful nudity + jewelry.


  2. Ps-
    In Bloomington where you went to college would not young chicks gomfor guys up to 35 or are they like “You’re too old” blah blah pc feminazi bs.

    In Ukraine young hot girls are supposed to be more into mature guys.


  3. McQueen,
    I’m 32 and missed out on my college years due to living in a small town and having a dysfunctional life.

    My question-
    If you wanted to catch up on your social skills would you move to a college town at this age and try to be like Giovanny from Rooshland, move to a town like Vegas where there’s tons of older hot girls with money to dress fly and look their best, or just go the love tourist route and try to live in work in Colombia or Ukraine?


  4. I love watching a chick put on lotion. I melt into the floor watching that shit.

    I also have a thing for extremely hot women that smoke. You know dressed to the teeth sitting on a bench smoking. Have mercy.


  5. I might pen an article titled ’11 things I hate about women: men be aware’.

    Good post Mr McQueen, I wish I could update you with memoirs from that planned meeting with Richard Branson, however, the motherfucker cancelled on us because of some failed test flight where some pilot died or some shit….????

    Stay Alpha


  6. Props on the picture of Olga. Highly underrated hottie. Seems like she’s in the 1% of females still considered wifey material.

    Good article. Also, that moment before she orgasms where she’s begging you to stop yet pulling you deeper inside.


  7. I miss seeing sexy latina sluts daily.

    You know, they are like the Cherry Blossoms of the sexy female race. They can be the most beautiful but faster than speedy gonzalez can say andalay they can lose it all and bulk up. Short shelf life 😦


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