Weekend Game Tip: Broke Game


Can guy be broke as hell and still get laid? Yes, and in this special post I will break down exactly how to do that. This post carries some significance to me because I’ve experienced this exact situation. Yes, it sucks donkey cock to be broke, but that doesn’t mean that your sex life has to shutoff.

Here’s some tried and true tips for still meeting women and getting laid despite that negative sign in your bank account.


The reality is when you’re broke, poppin bottles is not realistic (unless you’re promoting and get comps), so learning how to drink on the cheap is key. You can also just not drink, but let’s be realistic here, that’s not going to happen and it’s boring as fuck.

1. Pre-Drink

You can get a bottle of vodka for less than $15 that should last you at least a couple of weeks. Granted it won’t taste like a top-shelf brand, but beggars can’t be too choosy. Pre-drink before going out which will give you a nice buzz giving you a headstart on the night without spending a dime.

2. Carry A Flask

The best investment you can make that will be a great ‘wingman’ is a flask. You can get them for next to nothing online, or at a gas station. Pour your liquor of choice into it and carry it to the club or bar. Learn how to conceal it so you don’t walk up with an obvious flask bulge for the bouncer to confiscate.

Order ONE drink. After you drink it, get the bartender to give you a splash of whatever your mixer preference is, then go to the bathroom and get a stall. Pour alcohol from your flask into the same drink you’ve bought earlier and presto you now have a ‘new’ drink. Always get a stall so you can pour in private unless your stealth skills are quite good. You can always pull the pour under the table trick as well depending on the layout of the venue.

The beauty of the flask move is that you really only spend money on ONE drink the entire night, but yet you’re drinking along with everyone else. Word of caution though: it’s also easy to get shitfaced doing this because you’re drinking for ‘free’. I once got alcohol poisoning from using a flask so know your limits and stay within them.


They even make these nifty ‘iPhone’ flasks now. $8.99 on Amazon.

The alternative is that you don’t buy a drink and just sip from the flask, but I would err on the side of buying just one so it doesn’t seem odd that you’re progressively getting drunk, but they never see you drinking or at the bar.

Lastly, if you’re so broke you can’t even afford to buy a flask and a bottle to fill it with, then go ghetto (as I did in the past) and jack drinks. Yea, that’s terrible right, well you have to do what you have to do. Don’t get caught though or you might get your ass kicked and you will definitely get kicked out.

3. Table Hop

If you’re connected enough you can drink for free all night on other people’s tables, but be careful about being a Bottle Rat. No one likes a leech, so bring some value to the table if possible. It can be as easy as you grabbing a few girls and bringing them to the promoter’s table, or even bringing him a client who does an add-on bottle buy. Regardless, when at someone else’s table be respectful and remember you’re a guest in their space. Don’t grab the bottle and act like it’s your table. That’s retarded, rude and will get you blacklisted from venues.


If you’re committed to still hitting the hottest clubs even being broke, then you better get connected. Meet every promoter you can. Get on every ‘VIP’ club email list. Sign up for club’s early arrival list on social media and overall be prepared to ‘hustle’ your way in.

It’s completely possible to go out to clubs being broke, but it will require more creativity then palming the bouncer a fresh Jackson.

I’ve written extensively about club game in the following articles, so I’m not going to repeat myself, but if you want to learn more about how to get into clubs for free, get free bottles, and overall have a kick-ass club experience then check out these articles (Use the search function to find more) and buy the Nightclub Bible.

5 Tips For Getting A Club On-Lock

How To Become A Club Promoter

The Easiest Way To Have A ONS

If you prefer bars and more casual settings instead, then you should be good. Most dive bars and house parties are free. You also tend to have low quality looking women in dive bars, so that’s the trade-off.


Being broke and going on dates is probably one of the more intimidating arenas for most men, but you can take the financial pressure off yourself by planning dates that don’t cost anything. Once again, this will require you to be more creative and it will assuredly cause your game and personality to grow, because you won’t have a fancy date to distract from the experience you’re having with her.

Check your local Arts paper for free events. Here in LA, there’s the LA Weekly, which lists free events ranging from art shows to concerts.

One of the best ‘dates’ you can do is quite simple: Mix Gatorade and Vodka in a Gatorade bottle and walk around the mall or a park with her. You both can take turns sipping on it and you’ll both have a nice buzz and make what would be a generic time into more fun. This would cost you maybe $3.

In conclusion, regardless of your financial state it’s possible to get laid. The key though is that while you don’t let being broke hinder you from having a healthy sex life, you should also take into consideration why you’re broke and do everything in your power legally to get out of the situation and elevate your financial status. When I was broke I still got laid left and right and had a blast, but the stress wore me down eventually until I had to focus on myself and money more than getting laid. You’ll find your balance and what works for you. Everyone has different tolerance thresholds.

Have a great weekend gents and I’ll ‘see’ you on Monday!


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8 Replies to “Weekend Game Tip: Broke Game”

  1. 1. Gotta say I love the “weekend game tip”. Always stuff that can be applied just hours after reading it here.
    Best game blog there is.

    2. I got lots of experience of this, being too broke to party, myself.
    What I can recommend for any player who’s broke is to not bring something out that will force you to use the cloat check inside the night clubs. I’ve often walked in for free into clubs just by showing confident body language. If they’ve asked me if I got a stamp I’ve just raise my arm real quick and mumbled something about having to grab my jacket from the coat check.
    And I obviously don’t have to pay an extra fee to leave my coat (or whatever) there.

    3. Include a link to that iPhone flask and get some referral money from Amazon. It’s gonna be on my Christmas wish list.

    4. I’ve befriended a lot of groups consisting of older cats that’ve basically just been out to have a good time and don’t know a lot about the night life around. They’ve been more than willing to buy me drinks just to show them around in the city and open girls. That’s a win-win.

    5. If you like me, like caffeine. Buy these military chewing gums instead of these Red Bulls etc. You’ll look more confident (women love it) chewing these, you’ll get a nice breath and you’ll get more caffeine for your money than these expensive energy drinks and you’ll be focused.

    6. Think long term. I’d say it’s better to have a night once in a while (a month?) when you actually spend a bit and tip the bartender and the bouncers, while being a bit low key on other nights. I’m not really sure, but I just think it appears like you spend more money then you actually do, which they like and will treat you better.

    7. This is article i so me btw lol. I always pre-drink a lot so I don’t have to spend a lot in the clubs, I often go to these darker venues too where it’s easy to steal drinks, I’ve been nice and friendly to most bouncers so I get in for free most times now and when I have to smoke I just ask some stranger for a cigarette and have a chat.
    And people keep telling me I look rich wearing my H&M suit haha.


  2. CMQ
    Man I had a disability in my 20s that subsided and I missed out on college parties and the clubs.

    In CMQs opinion would I be better off moving to a college town like Bloomington and trying to get what I can, moving abroad to a place like Poland, or living in a major US city like Vegas or LA to have it all-tourists, college girls, and fly Nordstrom wearing locals?


    1. I’m not McQueen, but Vegas is definitely the superior option to a college town if you want to focus on game.

      1) Better club scene

      2) Clubs generally have a higher ratio of attractive women than any other venue

      3) Nightgame allows you to get in a higher volume of approaches. There’s a minimum amount of approaches required to get good at game

      4) Guys who do lot of college game often spend lot of time daygaming. This can feel like a waste of time as things move slowly during the day, and you go SEARCHING for girls. I treat daygame as a matter of convenience.

      last but not least

      5) You can find houses full of guys dedicated to learning cold approach in Vegas.


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