Weekend Game Tip: The Mentality Of A Ladies Man


I’ve been writing practical how-to tips for your weekend for almost a year now, but today’s post is going to go even deeper than that. Today I’m going to give you the secrets to what turns an average man into a ladies man. Today you will learn the mentality of super players. Chug down some green tea shots, shake the cobwebs off your brain and read closely…this might just be your best weekend yet.

There are five main components to a player’s mentality.

#5. I Come First

It is key that you develop a ‘selfish’ side to your personality. For some of you this will come naturally. Perhaps you were born with an ego and a knack for putting yourself first. If you’re not in that camp however, it may feel unnatural to you to put your hopes, goals, dreams and desires first. This is flawed.

This does not mean that you turn into a monster and hurt other people to put yourself first. Instead, this means that you decide that your wants and desires will come paramount to those of a STRANGER. That stranger being a girl you just met at the mall, or a girl you’re on a date with who you met off Tinder. While it seems contrary to what you’ve been taught your entire life, this behavior and mindset actually attracts women because they will see that you’re a High Value Male.

HVMs have a goal and don’t stop until they reach it.

HVMs know that they’re the prize and the girl is lucky to have them.

HVMs are desired by many women due to their status.

Much of your status is actually PERCEIVED by people first, before they actually have any hard evidence to support it. (This is why I stress getting in shape, dressing well and learning to dominate a social scene)

Start putting yourself first.

#4. It’s Not What A Woman Says, It’s What She Does

Hear me loud and clear: girls do what they want, when they want, with who they want.

If a girl says “I’d love to hang out, buuuut I have to take my dog for a walk”, then that’s a girl who simply is not interested enough. Sure, you can play some games and possible get her interested, but from a one-dimensional perspective she will not be worth the time to ‘convert’.

Instead, move on. Change your attitude to one that knows that women will say one thing and do another and you won’t be surprised by their ‘erratic’ behavior. Experienced players will smile to themselves when a girl says one thing and does another because we expect nothing less due to a woman’s emotional nature. She may say one thing that she really means in the moment, but that doesn’t mean that’s how she feels deep down inside. Learn the difference.

Learn to look at a girl’s behavior, not what she says and you will ‘grow superpowers’ with your perception of them. This will also help you when a girl says “I’m not having sex tonight”.


Sterling and the twins…

#3. Women Are Replaceable

Have you ever heard the old saying that goes like this: Women are like bus’s. Wait 10 minutes and another one will come by.

Fact remains that this world is a huge place and women will come and go in your life. Switch your mindset to one of abundance and you won’t freak out if her “I love you” turns into “I hate you and you have a small dick”.

It might sound harsh to make this statement, but it really is true. While some girls may have Keeper Qualities, there are other ‘keepers’ out there. Learn game, adopt the law of abundance and your bed will never be cold.

The beauty of the law of abundance is that women can sense that you’re not freaking out about spending some time with them. They will inherently know that you’re a man with options and because you are chill and smooth around them that you’re a man who has experience. Women are drawn to men who are experienced because that is a man who can show her a good time and knows how to touch a woman.

Don’t believe me? How come girls are so drawn to certain celebrity men? Because it’s in their face that he is a High Value Male who has been pre-selected by hordes of other females. Women want the man who has other females after him. This will never change because it’s hard-wired into their nature.

#2. Adopt A Prize Mentality

Add this phrase to your affirmations before you go out this weekend:

“I am the prize”

This is where you need to rewire your brain until it subconsciously will ‘prod’ you to behave in the same manner. I personally walk around as though I am the best man in the world. While that might rub some girls the wrong way, it’s also allowed me to rub hundreds of girls the right way. (Couldn’t resist). Walk around like King Kong, start believing in YOURSELF, get focused on improving your lifestyle and you will soon be in a natural ‘state’ of being the prize.

Women want the prize, not the guy with his arms full of flowers begging to take her to a fancy dinner.

#1. “She Needs To Get Fucked”

I wrote an article that covers this very important game technique that you can read right here.

Adopt this mindset, let it permeate your body language, speech and attitude and you’ll be shocked at how women will start being drawn to you more and more.

The weekend is upon us gents! I am headed to NYC for the Rat Pack Meetup. If you’re on the East Coast come through and let’s do a shot and swap stories. I love meeting you guys!

Cheers and remember, I’m your Wingman in Spirit!


Decide today is the day you stop dicking around and learn game the right way.

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15 Replies to “Weekend Game Tip: The Mentality Of A Ladies Man”

  1. “Women are like bus’s. Wait 10 minutes and another one will come by.”

    Literally thought the same exact thing today when I missed my bus today. Great fuckin tips here man!


  2. “I personally walk around as though I am the best man in the world. While that might rub some girls the wrong way, it’s also allowed me to rub hundreds of girls the right way.”

    I just found my signature for the forum


  3. Its crazy how simple it is when you break it down like that christian. The moment a woman thinks she has is the moment shes on the hunt for new dick..you always gotta put yourself first.


      1. You should do an article on the actual fucking itself, some tips perhaps on improving bed-game?


  4. This is truly the best article written in the Month of November.

    The first point regarding a “selfish” attitude is so true. I spent the majority of my life catering to others and their goals, of which brought me no tangible benefit. Putting yourself first is the the most important first step. Like you said, without becoming a monster.


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