Lights, Camera, Action! An Exclusive Video Interview From NYC


This past weekend in NYC I was interviewed by Goldmund, the owner and writer of the NYC based blog and recent author of the excellent book Go Forth: A Journey South.

Before the Rat Pack meetup that was held in the Meatpacking District of NYC at the Gansevoort Hotel, Goldmund joined me in my hotel room to do an exclusive interview on a variety of topics.

We sipped on Vodka, we discussed women, what it means to be a playboy and the ingredient that every man should incorporate into his life, in this over 20 minute long interview.

For the first time ever, I said ‘yes’ to the video interview and I’m happy to share it with you all right now.

Enjoy gents and leave your feedback in the comments below.

Note: the videos may only show on a desktop or mobile device, but might not show in your email.

Part 1:

Part 2:

P.S. A big shout out to everyone who attended the NYC meetup. It was a great time meeting the readers of this blog. Stay tuned, the best is yet to come…



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42 Replies to “Lights, Camera, Action! An Exclusive Video Interview From NYC”

  1. Hey Christian, first time I leave a comment here but being a follower of the blog for long time. The interview is amazing in some many aspects and lots of learn from you. I have a quick question, what’s the brand/model of your watch? Thanks!


  2. Christian, this is so much more informative and frankly more fun than everything else you’ve done. Please keep doing more vids brother! Unfortunately, my ex psycho bitch girlfriend burned and/or took my suits when we broke. Starting from scratch in life and with suits!


  3. First time commenting here, but a long time reader.

    I agree with everyone else, you should definitely start posting more video content, provided you have the time/resources. Your presence on camera was fucking money. I actually watched that video last night before going out, took what you said on board, and went home with a girl. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not.

    Also, I’ve always wanted to pull off a white blazer. Purely out of curiosity, where was the blazer from? What type of shoes were you wearing?

    I’m from the UK and it’s so much easier to dress stylish over here. Most people don’t give you shit for it, and conversely it’s not always commented upon as much. I can’t wait to go over to America this summer and ‘stand out.’


    1. Blazer is custom.

      Shoes are Call It Spring. Most malls have this store. Solid shoes and are quite cheap. I am very hard on my shoes. One pair lasts me around 4 months at best, so I usually buy ‘cheaper’ shoes. Nightlife is a bitch on shoes.

      Thanks for the comment!


      1. Agreed. Nightlife is definitely a bitch on shoes. From day to day my go to is brogues/chelsea boots, but I always struggle with what shoes to wear on a night out. What colour/style/leather do you go for?


  4. Hey Christian love your work man
    Have a style question tho. I’m in college and 99% of the guys dress like shit therefore I feel somewhat uncomfortable when I’m dressing nice. Should I wait until I’m a little older to spend money on nicer clothes?


    1. Why are you dressed nice?
      “Someone here has to look good.”

      Im 31 and live in a small suburb. All the bars in my area are filled with 19-25 year olds. And all the bars are country western clubs. A bunch of young adults standing around wearing cowboy hats and tshirts…probably trying to fuck their own sisters to a florida georgia line song. Everyone is cheap and dressed like shit.

      I thought the same thing as you but the FIRST TIME I dressed up I noticed a difference immediately. Guys introduce you to their sisters. Sucessful businessmen will talk to you like your somebody. Im guessing you wont even pay cover at college bars when you dress like a man. It really is a game changer.

      $300 for a buy one get one free deal on tailored blazers at mens wearhouse is how I got my start. I already had nice dress shirts and jeans. Just had to get on instagram and follow pocket square groups to learn about matching. Now im into suits. So start small. And seriously, pocket squares are fucking gold. Im pissed I did not know about them years ago.

      I literally go out now…point at a chick, wave her over to me, give her a high five, and thats it. Nobody turns down a fucking high five. My last bang was a chick from the other side of the country. She walked up to me and opened by sayin…your the only guy dressed like a millionaire.


  5. This is fucking awesome! I am a huge fan of Al Pacino and could see him in you. Body language, voice tone, dressing, impressions and so on. Dude, you should definitely post more videos!!! Thanks a lot for inspiring us to be a real, masculine and playboy man. That’s whom I always have been struggling to be.


  6. Ha… I’ve been waiting for some videos of you. More or less, I knew what to expect based on CMQ show and that short vine video you posted a while ago. However, this interview kept me smiling most of the time when I first watched it for some reason – I guess it’s your (almost)-constant smirk that maybe seemed a bit entertaining.

    As expected, it was good to watch and learn (body language). Also, the mindset and introducing techniques seem to be worth considering and applying (not sure why I missed the former one in the NightClub Bible – I dunno, maybe it got mixed to much with some redundant shit… just kidding :D). Anyway… I really enjoy such short, simple techniques as they are easy to remember when you’re out having fun.

    I have to admit I got a bit more curious about your (dressing) style after watching the video. White, burgundy, black… a bit unusual imo (not an expert) but cool looking. Maybe you could post your outfit setups from time to time (pics, desciptions). Not sure if you are interested in that and/or have time for such crap but it could be useful and should be good for the blog.

    I am definitely among guys looking forward to seeing more videos of you. Some infield videos would be awesome, although I bet it might be a request not very realistic to have fulfilled.



  7. Seeing these type of interviews makes your articles come across even more authentic. It is very clear with your mannerisms that you actually are the man you claim…unlike lots of manosphere guys out there. You should do more videos.

    When I think of frame… I think one, liam neeson in schindlers list. Its a damn textbook. Especially the first 30 minutes of that movie. Then theres a few steve mcqueen videos I like. Your videos here will be another excellent example of frame I will show my struggling friends.


  8. nice outfit christian, and i’m going to try out the mindset you describe but when i go out

    i always party hard so i need to party less and approach more… what you think?


    1. Start pacing your drinking. Drink 1 glass of water after every drink.

      Over drinking will cockblock the fuck out of you, plus it’ll be harder to remember what worked for you and what didn’t if you’re blacking out.


  9. Excellent interview. Great body language. You could take things to another level if you did more video stuff. Camera really likes you.


  10. Fucking unreal. very inspiring. Seeing the way you confidently act/move/talk etc on video really puts everything you preach into perspective. very insightful and entertaining as well.


  11. Suit game on another level. Rarely see motherfuckers that can rock a white jacket.

    also dope interview. cool to see your mannerisms and your laid back attitude on vid


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