Does Using Humor Get You Laid?


A common question I get regarding game is: Does humor get a man laid?

It’s a good question and the easiest way to show you gents if it does or not, is to watch both of these clips, then finish my breakdown below.

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Here’s Jim Carrey being funny, but in a goofy way.

And here’s David Duchovny being funny, but in a witty and subtle manner.

The difference is that Jim is acting like a clown and David is being witty in a funny, but sexual manner.

Which type of humor do you think turns women on?

If you guessed David’s, then you are correct.

Here’s an idea of how being witty works with women:

Girl: “I want to get my nails done. Will you pay for it?”

You: “People in Hell want a glass of ice water, but doesn’t mean they’re going to get it”

This is a funny and witty way of holding frame with a girl without barking at her. If she doesn’t even try to hide a laugh over that old southern line, then she’s probably a boring broad.

The best way to develop witty humor is to watch comedians and TV shows with witty characters. Focus on the shows where the guy being witty actually gets laid. Slapstick humor is NOT a good source to learn from, neither is obnoxious humor.

Hell, if you’re really brave, sign up for Stand Up Open Mic night at your local comedy club and see how long you last. I downed 10 vodka-tonics beforehand and barely made it 5 minutes. Some people laughed, but more chucked cups at me. Shit is hard as hell. It’s much easier to learn to have a witty style of sarcastic humor then to stand up and be laugh out loud funny entertaining a crowd. The good news is you don’t need to be a stand-up comedian and in fact that type of comedy might actually cock-block you.

Being witty is a great tool in a player’s arsenal when it’s used sparingly.

Chicks don’t want to fuck the clown. They want to fuck the guy who can put them at ease with a sly witty remark.

If you tailor your game to include wit and sarcastic humor, you will be on your way to developing the ‘right’ type of humor. Everyone might laugh at the class clown, but you can be sure he’s not fucking a cheerleader.

Be Hank Moody, not Jonah Hill.


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4 Replies to “Does Using Humor Get You Laid?”

  1. McQueen do you have any suggestions on how to be “more funny”? I get high as a crutch to be in my own zone but it makes me even more quiet and timid. I get paranoid that nobody will laugh at my jokes so I never say them .


  2. Which season of Californiaction do you suggest? I heard that the show started to go downhill near the end I’ve never watched it so I don’t know.


    1. Seasons 1-3 are exceptional, then it starts to decline, but all the seasons have gold in them, just some less than others.

      Also a great show to watch right before you go out or on a date. The episodes are short, I believe around 25 minutes.


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