Weekend Game Tip: 4 Tips For Being A Good Wingman


The weekend is upon us gentlemen and today’s topic is about how to be a good wingman. It will also help you in finding a good wing.

A good wingman is invaluable and it’s also hard as hell to find one. When you do, treat him right and don’t take him for granted.

Over the years I’ve had maybe 2 great wingmen. Only 2. That’s not many for over a decade of going out.

One in particular was a cool cat, on the shorter side, but with the confidence of a NBA center. Dude just dripped confidence. When we rolled out, it wasn’t a matter IF we were going to pull, it was a matter of WHO we were going to pull. Our wingman ‘chemistry’ if you will was ridiculous. If I could make a comparison it was similar to the dynamic due of Jordan and Pippen.


While we were individually strong in the skills of a player, we were on another level when ‘working’ together. Here’s 4 tips about qualities he and I shared that helped each other and will help you be a great wing too.

#4. Don’t Be Selfish

This one can be tough because player types sometimes tend to be more on the selfish side. The key here is that this doesn’t work when winging your buddy. If you guys have a 2-way street wingmanship, then you will both benefit from it.

Sometimes taking the less cute of the two girls might be necessary so he can pull and vice versa. If he’s always taking the cream of the crop with little regard for you though, then he’s not a good wing.

#3. Set Some Ground Rules

My wing and I set up some ground rules from day one so we could better work together. Here’s an idea:

-Whoever opens first has his choice of girls. If the girl he opened was more into me, then we would calibrate accordingly. Being stubborn will cockblock BOTH of you.

-We took turns approaching. If one guy is just a leach that isn’t fair to the other guy and it actually hurts him in the long run when he will one day need to approach by himself.

-If a girl disrespected one of us, the other would eject no matter what. Respect came first and our friendship and wingmanship always came first. Girls come and go.

If you adopt these 3 rules you have a good chance of finding a synergy that will work.

#2. Talk Each Other Up!

You know the guy who has to talk down about you as soon as you get in front of other girls? Yea, that’s lame as hell. Sure we’ve all gotten caught up in the moment and sometimes try to ‘out-alpha’ our buddy, but it’s weak and isn’t the right way to handle it.

My wing and I always made it a point to talk each other up, but not in a fake way. We were genuine because we both had good shit going on (he was a UFC fighter, but not famous), and I would always find a way to subtly drop that in the conversation.

“He’s taking it easy tonight, cuz he has a fight in a couple of weeks”. etc.

Have each other’s backs and it’ll only make the girls more excited to be around not just one, but two high value males.

#1. You Guys Should Be Of The Same Mindset

When me and this particular wing would roll out, we had the same exact mindset: to have fun, but overall to get laid. This caused us to usually be the life of the venue because we were having fun and as we know from the Nightclub Bible, having fun is key to getting girls into your ‘circle’.

If your buddy is more concerned with getting drunk, then it won’t work.

If he’s more concerned with spending $20 on a cover charge, then getting inside, it won’t work.

If he’s more concerned with being your COMPETITOR, instead of your WINGMAN, then it won’t work.

Get in the same mindset and become a powerful duo that is unstoppable. I figured it up once and myself and this cat had around a 92% close rate when we went out. Yea, that’s insane, but it shows you the power of having a good wingman.

Have a great weekend gentlemen, be safe and remember, I’m your Wingman In Spirit!


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11 Replies to “Weekend Game Tip: 4 Tips For Being A Good Wingman”

  1. I agree dude. Unfortunately I have met up with guys from online gaming sites and not “been on it”. This has caused them to not respond to my follow up texts and calls to go out and sarge again. I think I get to nervous and quiet around other guys because I grew up with mainly girls and a suffocating mom who tried to keep me “safe” and inside. Any way to get over this hill?


  2. McQueen,
    Man I’ve been following the podcast and wonder roughly what it costs to live as a US too metro player like you do where you hang in a good city like LA and do side trips and stay in fly ass hotels and drink good liquor and eat at decent restaurants…
    What’s a life like that roughly cost a player/month?


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