Elevate Your Life: Lose The Lottery Mentality

“If I just could win the lottery I’d (fill in the blank)!”

How many times have you heard a friend say this, or maybe you’ve even said it yourself?

Having a Lottery Mindset is a surefire way to never achieve your potential. Period.

The problem with this mindset is that it causes a man to give up any power he has over his life and put his destiny in the hands of ‘fate’ or ‘luck’. This also effects every aspect of his life.

“If girls weren’t such bitches I could find one worth marrying.”

“If they would have had me on Shark Tank my business would be huge right now.”

“If I would have been born into an influential family I could make a real run at political office.”

If. If. If. If.

Living your life with a “If only” attitude is one of the characteristics of the Lottery Mindset. Read closely:

It’s a recipe for consistent mediocrity.

How many successful people do you know who live like this?

How many successful people do you know who run to the gas station when the Powerball purse is huge and spend a chunk of hard earned money on the oft chance they will win?

How many successful people do you know who’s ‘Retirement Plan’ consist of weekly lottery ticket purchases?

Abandon the “If only” attitude. Decide that you’re going to take control of YOUR life and get to where you want because YOU choose to make it happen.

Waiting around on success never works. Sure, there’s people who win the lottery and there’s also conclusive studies that prove that the lottery winner’s attitudes causes a great portion of them to also be bankrupt within 5 years of winning. (Source)

Hell, I’m not saying you can’t buy a lottery ticket once a year for the fun of it to see what happens (I bought a Powerball ticket one year-more as a joke), but be careful. The Lottery Mindset has a sneaky way of slipping into our subconscious and causing us to give up our power that we do have to get ahead on our own.

Don’t wait for handouts.

Realize that nobody is going to really give you anything for free.

Understand that pulling yourself up by your bootstraps and kicking some ass is completely in YOUR control.

Lose the ‘Lottery Mindset’ and start cultivating an attitude of “I can”.

An attitude of “I can” will change your life in ways you never imagined possible. Here’s an idea:

“I can meet girls who are marriage material by learning game and learning to screen better.”

“I can become financially independent through working smart and never giving up.”

“I can ditch the losers in my life and build up a new social circle of positive people who are going places.”

“I can turn off the TV on Sunday night and spend an hour prepping for my week, almost guaranteeing an extra productive 7 days.”

“I can quit waiting on others to give me something and realize that I will ‘take’ it on my own.”

Decide that you’re going to lose the ‘Lottery Mentality’ and start adopting an “I can” attitude. Not only will you empower yourself immediately, but you will also see such changes in every aspect of your life like you never imagined.


Have a great week gentlemen!

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5 Replies to “Elevate Your Life: Lose The Lottery Mentality”

  1. Hey Christian love the post, ive been following your blog for a long time ever since I found you on ROK. I’m curious as to why you stopped posting there and I haven’t found any articles where you mention it. Would love to know, thanks.


  2. McQueen
    Brother Im proud of you dude but to live as fly as you do you gotta be rockin 200k/year. That’s pimpin. Man you got any books to go from dirty South crum town to West coast baller (that’s a book I could use).
    All the best and I can’t wait for your make some paper book comes out-paper precedes it all.


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