Winter Hiatus

As we enter the last month of the year, I am taking a small break to re-charge and specifically to work on an upcoming exciting project.

In the meantime, there’s over 260 articles on this site, 5 books to read and multiple podcasts, if you haven’t had time to catch up on everything.

2015 is almost here and it’s going to be an incredible year for all of us!!!

Talk soon Gentlemen.



13 Replies to “Winter Hiatus”

  1. Christian do you think every man needs a re charge occasionally? I feel like I am going to burst from my ex psycho bitch still harassing me (I have called the cops numerous times but they don’t do shit in this town), work bullshit and my increasing baldness!! Take it easy brother.


  2. Moving to SD by the end of the month. Studio apartment in downtown or roommates in a 2 bed apartment. Which is a better prospect for bringing girls back and just living situation in general for a mans man?


  3. Dude, your missed. Your podcasts are fucking excellent, the clan craves more. Come back strong in 2015 with more podcasts and slam ass in the mean time.

    I can personally attest to your shit being the shit and the fact that you are on top of educating the way of the red pill and anti beta living. The states are in need of a cure to our rampant nationwide pussification and my man you’ve got that pill. Your needed, get back in the fight post New Years. Show us the way McQueen!


  4. Hope all goes well for you during the holidays. Great blog by the way, I’m looking forward to some new posts new year type of shit in January my man.

    All the best,


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