Watch My Free Video On HOW And WHEN To Kiss A Girl



I received so many requests to do more videos after my NYC Video Interview, that I decided to make a free training video on How and When To Kiss A Girl (and yes, there’s a girl involved, not my hand lol).

This is part of the free gifts I told you in a earlier blog post about, that I would be dishing out like Santa on a sleigh with his Ho Ho Ho’s haha!

Click the giant red link below to get the free video.

Free HOW and WHEN To Kiss A Girl Video

Cheers Gents!


P.S. It’s just going to get better. Lesss gooo 2015!

12 Replies to “Watch My Free Video On HOW And WHEN To Kiss A Girl”

  1. Nice! smooth as fuck… Yea keep the videos coming, you lean a lot from seeing, THEN doing.. btw: I like the pod casts too, they need to come out more frequent though, they help me keep a well oiled inner game mind set. Keep up the great advice.


  2. Nice.. smooth Bastard! Videos are great for getting the message across, you lean a lot from seeing THEN doing…. btw: you need to some more pod casts, they are great too.. Keeps my game always well oiled those pod casts.


  3. CMQ
    You looked really fly in your interview with Goldmund. Dude the brutal truth is outside of the major cities people live such lousy mediocore life’s. You gotta be from the burbs of Chicago to have such fly style of dress man. I don’t kiss ass and am blunt- I tell you in think you should be cast in like a Modern Scarface, Heat, or Oceans 11 type of flick. Fly ass style.

    Does Goldmund dress that cool?
    Could you drop the names of like 5’brands that rock for every occasion- business, nightlife, gym,
    Casual. In my mileage (but I don’t dress as fly as you- Keenth Cole shoes, Hugo boss and CK jeans and suits, Zara and DKNY anything- love those brands, Alfani, and some Ralph Lauren (a lot of his stuff is too conservative like Atlanta style more than NYC or LA).


  4. 1. I have to admit, the jacket you are wearing looks really awesome (!) If you can reveal what brand it is, that would be a perfect bonus gift. haha… I know for sure I was right suggesting fashion-oriented posts at couple weeks ago.
    2. Great video after all. Would love to see more in the future. Thanks!


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