Elevate Your Life: How To Kick 2015’s Ass


A new year is literally a few days away gentlemen and now is the time to get your engines started and kick 2015’s ass.

Looking back, this year has been a whirlwind for me. What started out as a once a week post on a men’s site, turned into book releases, a podcast, and this blog that was launched in January, with almost 300 blog posts in the first year. I had no idea it would grow to this magnitude. I had no idea that I would receive emails from readers saying stuff like this:

“Hi Christian,

Before this year ends, I feel I owe you a big “thank you” for making my life immensely better. Your blog and forum have been invaluable. I can’t explain how important your writings have been for me.
Similar to your “the day I died” story, I was stuck in a one-itis situation. Ignoring all red flags, I loved her but she did not. The day she left broke me hard but luckily I stumbled upon your blog. Without you I don’t know how would I have fixed my life. I lacked a male role model and you showed me the way.
A sincere thanks to you Christian.”

I am humbled and honored to help.

But it’s not enough

2014 was about establishing something that could help men, because let’s face it, besides a handful of other blogs, the resources for men in this day and age is severely lacking. The major sites provide fluff geared around affiliate sales of “the latest watch you MUST have blah blah blah”. Their dating articles are written by women for men, which is the quickest way to wind up dateless, sexless and clueless.

2015 is about something bigger

It’s about breaking out and elevating on an entirely different level.

This will require more sacrifice on my end. It will require me to peel off more layers and bleed even more when I write about personal struggles. It will require me to continually push myself to tell my story in the hope that it helps other men.

If this blog isn’t a household name by the end of 2015, then I will have failed. It’s not about the stats or page views. I’m talking about a movement of men, albeit even a small group, who take the world by storm and set a new standard for what it means to be a man.

Men who will stand up.

Men who will be accounted for.

Men who will set the new standard for their generation and who will not follow, but will lead.

Men who are in demand

In demand by women, in demand by employers, in demand by clients, in demand by family, in demand by friends and in demand by the burning fire in your stomach to be something greater, better, smarter, stronger and leave a true legacy behind when our short time here on earth draws to a close.

2015 will not be average. 2015 will not be about contemplating and hoping. 2015 will be about kicking some ass. It will be about taking action no matter what and GETTING results, not HOPING for results. 2015 is going to be a great year and here’s a few step-by-step actions you can take to make sure it is.

#4. Make Up Your Mind

Too often it’s easy to say “Well I SHOULD”, or “Yea, I GUESS SO”, or “Perhaps that’s a GOOD IDEA, BUT”. Fuck that. Nix those phrases from your vocabulary.

2015 is the year that your mindset is made up

You will not procrastinate. You will not delay anymore. You will not put off until tomorrow what you can do today (Benjamin Franklin).

You will make up your mind.

Absolutely. Positively. Concretely.

Being a wishy-washy boy will only get to a place of mediocrity. Is that really what you want? If you’re reading this blog, then I imagine not.

Make up your mind that whatever your focus is going to be on in 2015, you will DO it. Period. Case closed. Moving on.

#3. Sacrifice For Yourself

I challenge you to put yourself first above anyone else in 2015. “Well Christian that sounds selfish!”. Yea, it is. But guess what? It’s real damn hard to help others if you cannot help yourself first. Do you think that when I was homeless I could have let a friend crash on my couch? Or, lend some money to a family member to pay their rent? Or, even provide real motivation and inspiration from a place of absolute darkness and despair?

If you’ve always been that guy who pushes off improving himself because you need to help this friend, or that family member who continually drags you down, then it’s time to put on the brakes and take care of yourself. I can promise you that if you put yourself first, you will be able to help others much more than if you continue to ignore what YOU need and what YOU want.

Start listening to yourself

Take care of yourself.

Make yourself your BEST friend and you will achieve more than you could ever imagine.

#2. Cut Out The Noise

That ‘noise’ includes anything and everything that will not help you reach your goals. I can’t tell you what goals to make, because each and every one of you has personal gains you want to achieve in 2015, but I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt, that you will never reach them if you do not cut out the toxic influences in your life.

That means toxic media.

That means toxic blogs.

That means toxic friends.

That means toxic family.

That means a toxic girlfriend, or even wife.

That means any toxic influence that drags you down and creates a burden on your back. A burden of bullshit.

It will not be easy cutting these influences out of your life, but it is necessary

When I cut out toxic influences in my life, I had to remove myself from certain relationships, including male friends, certain girls and even some family. I cut out negative and bullshit media, everything from certain blogs to mainstream media sources. It was hard. But it worked and it will work for you, if you take the plunge and do it.

Cut out the noise of toxicity and watch your life elevate.

#1. Dedicate Yourself To Your Vision

To dedicate oneself is, “To dedicate is to assign, to commit or to give over.” (Vocabularly(dot)com)

The very act of dedicating yourself is to commit and to give yourself over to your vision.

Become possessed (in a good way) by your vision.

Become wholly dedicated to your vision so that NOTHING and NO ONE can get in the way.

Make your vision your obsession.

It’s not enough to have goals. One needs to have a vision. The vision will help you achieve your goals, but the vision will be the fire that gets you up at 5am to hit the gym, or the courage to approach that cute girl at the mall, or the balls to start your own company.

Without vision there is no legacy

Make up your mind. Sacrifice for yourself. Cut out the noise. Dedicate yourself to your vision.

Follow these 4 steps and you will kick 2015’s ass. I will be right there beside you doing the same. Together we will elevate our lives to indescribable greatness in this coming year. Will you join me?


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45 Replies to “Elevate Your Life: How To Kick 2015’s Ass”

  1. My plan for 2015 is threefold: (1) continue writing on my blog and make the transition from regular poetry writing to regular short story writing, maybe even workout an idea for a novel, (2) grow my blog, and (3) work a high paying labour job in order to become financially able to travel in 2016.

    Love the Manosphere respect what you guys do, have a good year men, hopefully we can all make a permanent change for the better.

    P.s. if anyone is looking to read a little poetry check out https://beefsfifth.wordpress.com/


  2. My vision is to continue developing as an “international man of mystery”.

    1) Learning Russian with regular tutoring and moving to Eastern Europe for immersion (and sexy women). After that, I’m going to tackle Spanish to become quad-lingual.

    2) Already running an location independent business and aiming to quadruple it in 2015.

    3) Get back to weight lifting and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as this shoulder injury is finally almost done healing.

    4) Read 50 new books – psychology, philosophy, history, biographies, and business.

    5) Practice becoming more charismatic by learning more about humor, persuasion, and charm.


  3. I’ve had this vision for a while, and it isn’t really a one-year playboy vision, but I’ll share anyway in case it helps spark something in somebody.

    I picture myself, several years into the future but not so far that it would preclude me from enjoying such a life I’ve worked so hard to build, on my tropical island that I own, surrounded by friends, family, great people, and beautiful women (couple hundred to a couple thousand people). It’s a bit past sundown and we’re all celebrating life. There’s music, a light ocean breeze, and I’m playing my own instrument, maybe a guitar or ukelele, around one of perhaps several campfires as everyone is loudly partying and sharing stories, not in a Project-X or nightclub manner, but moreso the type of party Andrew WK or Richard Branson would throw (they are probably in attendance, come to think of it). I’m a few drinks deep, as are many people, and if I get hungry from burning too many calories in the merrymaking I can reach over and grab a mango or starfruit from one of the many trees, or grab a snapper to cook up. I could get one of the many chefs to make me something, but they’re all at the party too and I don’t want to interrupt their good time, but if I’m hungry enough I may do it anyway. This party goes long into the night, see, because I don’t have to wake up early, nor do any of the partygoers. In fact, we’ll be partying again the next night most likely, and if anyone needs a break, they shouldn’t feel too bad about skipping it since we raucously celebrate the gift of living just about every night anyway.

    See, at this point I’m already one of the richest people in the world, and I am very thankful for being so blessed. I am all about giving back, paying it forward, but on my terms. I own a vast science company with many reaches into a wide array of sectors (but at its heart, it is a science/math/computer company). It’s a lot like the Dharma Initiative from LOST, except it’s not based on fictional science and it’s much larger in scope. My role is the leader/CEO/President, although I do dabble in some of the specific lower level stuff that piques my interest, mostly in biological sciences and AI and physics. I was gifted with a great brain for innovation on a technical level, so if I’m not making some of the individual scientific advances, how can I expect my employees to do the same?

    We don’t have to worry about a lot of the diseases or nasty ways to die of the day, since my company has cured most diseases. We also have solved various problems associated with distribution of food and shelter for the world, so everyone on the planet has their basic needs taken care of, for free. There is still war and jealousy and problems borne of human vice, but in my vision I have given what I could. Because of my situation, I am able to throw parties every night and celebrate every day, doing things that interest me and living to the fullest, and I can share that celebration with as many people as I can. In my vision, I am great, and I use my greatness on my terms to bring out the best in everyone else as well.

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  4. Once again, Christian McQueen pens an article worth bookmarking. Great job on this one.

    My vision for this year is to finally leave the awful place I’ve grown up in. I came back here four years ago for my daughter, establishing a wonderful relationship with her while sacrificing income and attractive women. You see, my city of roughly 750,000 has a plethora of overweight 6s, leaving few attractive women. These 6s are now 7s and 8s based strictly on demand. As far as a career, my income dropped from $109k when I left to $60k, then $58k, and now ~$30k. The pressure from friends and family to stay and “be a father” has had rewards, but it is time to Elevate My Life. How can I help my daughter if I cannot help myself?

    Best of luck in the new year Christian!


    1. Wow, this is a great comment.

      Just wanted to say that what you did was inspiring and manly. Now go get em’ 10s buddy!


  5. ATTENTION PLAYBOYS!!! This is it 2015, all the bullshit excuse of the last year are behind us now is the time to go forward into the new year not with fear, not with excuses, not with hesitation , but with determination, and commitment. This is it, 2015, this is the year to ask her to finally ask her out , finally get (not ask) for that raise, start making our own money, finally become that playboy we’ve always wanted to be. We will not slink back into the corner, we will not cry get and sad when a girl says no because we know there will be a better one right around the corner. we will not slink back to our desk when our boss says no instead we will show him why he’s gonna want to give us a raise, we will not lose hope when our first attempt to make our own money blows up in our faces because we know were one step closer to getting it right. GENTLEMEN!!! I ask , no demand that when that ball drops and everyone is counting down that you think not only about your past failures but your successes as well and when the count finally reaches zero I demand that you raise your glass not only to the new year but to a new even more improved, stronger, more confident YOU!!!


  6. Vision: crush medical school and step 1, focus and implement/get actionable on a pharma muse idea I have had, and get under 10% bf with clean eating and heavy powerlifting. The rest will fall into place.

    Thanks Christian


  7. In this world full of cowards and liars who would sell out their friends for some throw away piece of pussy, I will overcome all the doubt become the superior man. I am tired of seeing the people around me settle with their comfort in the status quo, waiting for things to fall into their lap. If you want something then work your ass off and TAKE IT! I see my male friends settle for whatever girl around them throws them a bone. I see my female friends cut off all their hair and adopt a shrewd attitude because they can’t count on these cowards to lead and take care of them. No more. I refuse to settle. This list is perfect. With this and the coming of the new year I will take the final leap, and grow into the man I want to be. I could complain about my poor upbringing, or my many mistakes, but I know that the world doesn’t owe me a fucken thing, and complaints get you nowhere. ACTION is how you get what you want. There is no reward without risk, and in 2015 I will no longer let fear hold me back.

    My vision is:
    To each day get stronger, so that I know I am a capable man.
    To each day I will get smarter, so that I know I am wiser.
    To risk long hours and penniless droughts in order to obtain my dream life.
    To cut out anything that doesn’t make me money, or make me better, because there’s no time to waste.
    To acquire as many skills as I can, so that I can be a useful man.
    To remember my mantras, stay grounded, and fearlessly do whatever I so choose, and do it well.
    To take risks and put myself out there, especially with approaching girls.
    To combine all of these things and become a high value man. The kind of man that inspires others to cut the bullshit.

    I am 21 right now, and up until this point I have been a mere boy. I have had the wrong attitude, thinking “when I’m a man, I’ll do ______”. WRONG! The time to be a man is now. I will conquer 2015 and make it my bitch, and I’ll do the same for every year after that, until I die an old baller like Hugh Hefner, with a platinum casket, a satisfied nut-sack, and hot blondes serving champagne at my funeral. Every man has 2 lives, the life he lives, and the life he lives after he realizes he is going to die. Thanks for giving me the wake up call Christian. My life begins today.


  8. Actor, Entrepreneur, US President. Whatever it takes, I will do it. As long as it takes, no excuses. Chase greatness, one step at a time.


  9. Great post. What I like about your blog is that you are inspiring and positive in your writings. I also like your ‘make it happen’ work ethic to achieve success. Keep up the good work


  10. I started my own online business that is to do with Network Marketing in August 2014 and since I started it hasn’t really gone well. I read a quote that always keeps me going which is “Never give up, the beginning is always the hardest”. My aim is to become a Networker with two strong teams by the end of 2015. As I live in the UK, from London originally, one of my aims is to build a network here and another network at my University in Portsmouth. But to become a better networker I must first work on my personal development to help me become a better stronger leader, with a backbone and presence so people will take what i’m doing seriously.

    In terms of my Game, I am thankful that I found this website earlier in September and I’ve bought a couple of your books and it’s been a real eye opener to what i’ve been wrong and how to make that transition to become a better player. My success rate has been pretty poor this year but now I am determined to change that and be in full control of my destiny and secure as many babes as I can for 2015. Roll on the new year!!!


  11. I got a pretty simple question, so I’ll cut to the chase. I’ll leave examples for ya to clarify the question.
    QUESTION: What do you do to remove the noice? (aka, handle assholes that gets between you and your vision.)

    EXAMPLE: I was at this bar, hanging out with some mates I don’t know that well, and this overconfident dick (wellknown for being a dick) comes and says:
    “Beat it, this table is for bros only.” (He’s in their clique)
    I reply “Ain’t gonna happen”
    *he hops over and sits between me and them*
    *I get up and leave, and find other people to hang out with.*


  12. My vision for 2015 is to finish my master’s as one of the best in my class at a prestigious university in England. In meantime, it is to ace my 6-month internship and find a great management consulting job at one of the big consultancy companies in UK. I also want to strongly sophisticate the way I dress (already have to a great extent), eat, drink wine, dance, and game.


  13. 2014 was a year where almost all aspects of my life improved. My game developed significantly. I visited 5 new countries and lived in three different parts of the world. I started a company. For the first time I actually became consistent in going to the gym and the improvements I made are clearly visible.

    2015 will be the year to take it to the next level. While my game is good, it’s not exceptional. I do better than most but that’s not what I aspire to. My income grew in 2014 but I’m nowhere near where I want to be. I have a number of ideas I’m working on and I’m looking to finally move away from living paycheck to paycheck. This lifestyle is something I (consciously or unconsciously) adapted from my family and I’m ready to leave it behind.

    This is just part of what I’m planning but it can be boiled down to this: I’m not ok with being average or slightly better than average. I’m willing to work hard to achieve what I really want and not settle for what’s just good enough.


  14. Haha now commenters come out of the woodwork 🙂

    I was very drunk last night and had a vision. It was a vision for a piece of art that I’m going to paint/draw. The last time I did this it foretold some choppy waters ahead. Someone on the forum says that a persons art is a window into their soul. Well what I saw last night after closing my eyes was pretty amazing. Standing atop a second story balcony with a smile on my face, arms extended above, money falling from the sky, girls crawling around on the ground, a family member hitting something with a hammer.

    It was great


  15. “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle
    Overarching Goal: Systematise my approach to life to free my willpower and creativity to kick ass freestyle.

    If we have limited willpower – and it’s pretty well documented we do – then we want to use it efficiently. By making each effort of will fall into line with a habit or system, each effort is carried forward into the rest of our lives. I therefore start with my goals for the year, goals which align powerfully with longer term goals, and design a routine around that. When I am successful, not only will I have achieved my goals for the year, I will also have laid a foundation that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

    1. Achieve a Masters in Physics, 1st degree.
    2. Establish a business as a freelance Copywriter/Sales Engineer.
    3. Get my first win in a competitive MMA bout.
    4. Maintain a harem of 3/4 girls and double my notch count.
    5. Climb a grade 6c route, on-sight.
    6. Strengthen spirituality, frame, intelligence, attitude, and mindset.
    7. Have a fucking blast doing it.

    Keep it simple, stupid: Develop a routine.

    Sleep is the first thing to cut down on. 3, 1.5 hour sleeps spaced through the day is documented to be efficient, effective and extremely useful for focus, allowing me to break the day into 3 distinct phases:
    Morning, Set intentions for the day, Gym and Business (2,3,6,7);
    Afternoon, General relaxation: Meditation, reading, writing and miscellaneous development (meditation, NLP, dual N back, eidetic memory training, mindset development, email for details on any of the proceeding, 4,6,7) and climbing once or twice a week (5,6,7), MMA training 6 days a week;
    Evening, Study Physics, break it up with a lay – 6 hours is a while and I get most of my eureka moments after sex, review the day and figure out if I achieved my intentions for the day and if not, how do I do better next time?(1,6,7).

    2/3 days a week I will sacrifice the relaxation phase to shift Physics studies to the afternoon so the evening is free to hit the bars with my wing, though this will be closer to 2 days a week – at this stage in my life I’m better off focusing on personal development and chilling with my current harem girls than spending all week gaming. My frame will be stronger if I’m spending more time kicking ass that running game, though I’m aware that both have to be maintained to avoid any backsliding. Sunday afternoon is preparation for the week ahead, setting goals for the week and each day and preparing food so that I don’t each shit when I come back from gym/training.

    I’d say 70% of these aspects are already in place, currently adapting to the sleep schedule and ensuring that I stick to my routine and maintain clearly defined goals for each individual phase. I then chunk these down into 20 minute tasks and blitz through them. I hope to have the kinks in this system ironed out by the end of my exams (21st January) by which time the 28 day rule will have passed long ago. The beauty of this system is that the urgency of exam revision will provide the fuel needed to lock the system in. At the end of the month I will review and adjust as necessary, maybe add a few more goals in if I think it’s possible. I’d like to learn the guitar and spend more time writing for pleasure/enjoyment.


  16. iv’e learned goals are usually worthless because they leave disappointment if I fail. Systems have made me better. I lost 30 pounds and got in shape during a time when I had a meniscus surgery. I dieted and did whatever it took to get healthy. I recently started creating emotional gratification from failures and taking action. Ive seen a spike in much of my life. I also completely severed my 6 year unhealthy relationship.
    – Im 20, and my vision is to do music performances in the biggest venues in my city and stay with my cousin in hollywood to do some shows in LA this summer, even if its the smallest venue out there. My vision to to put out an album the first half of the year. Thank you christian for your blog, and you have been such a help.


  17. My vision is to be true to myself and analyze my weaknesses and strengths. Then execute my goals that I have created for the coming year and next few years.

    Thanks for the blog Christian it’s been a tremendous help this year.


  18. Hey Christian, first off, I want to thank you for all the wonderful, and helpful advice you’ve given me, and countless others over the course of this year, and here is to another great year for us as the manosphere grows ever stronger! Secondly, my goal for 2015 is to as you said before, kick ass, No excuses. Only action. I am going to hit the gym more consistantly, I am going to take more control over myself, and exercise more discipline. I am going to save 20% of every paycheck, and I am going to look the way I want by beach season, I am going to have around 5k saved by the end of the year, and I am going to get my college education started, in addition, I am going to continue reading your blog for advice, I will also proceed in building my personal value as a man the entire year, as my new found life progresses. Goodluck with the new year gents! Lets kill it this year!


  19. Hi Christian, this year has been full of blessings, but also full of sacrifices. I must say that this year was a very self focused and hopefully excelent results will be delivered due to all the hard work. What started as a lets get back in shape has become a discipline for me. I am entering a fitness competition in the sport model category. I am in the best shape of my life. I have always been athletic, but not to this degree. I am very excited and I hope I can get into the podium. Also my style has changed and people notice. I get a lot of compliments. I always read your log. You always have some very interesting tips. Love the new video modality. I hope you have a great year and I hope we can meet one day.


  20. If I can describe 2014 in one word, it’s transcendental. Discovering this blog earlier in the year was just the start.
    Never did I ever think of starting a business in my life. But I did. I’m more motivated and have done way less procrastination. In fact, I cleared a major hurdle and hope to release a book I’ve been working on early this year (hopefully next month). Finally, I am less afraid to fail. If I do fail, I move on.

    As for the Game department..I’ve got that covered. I’ve got a feeling that 2015 is going to be one of the best years yet.

    It starts with this mantra: “No excuses. No apologies. No fucking around.”

    I owe you my thanks, Christian. Here’s to an awesome 2015.


  21. Here’s my goal for the year; try.

    I’ve always had a problem with excuses, “I’d be great if only” “too bad this or I’d be that”. My favorite lesson from CMQ’s writing is that those sentences are imaginary and the only thing stopping anyone from anything is themselves. Within this year I’ll be able to say that, whether or not I succeed, I will have given my all to be better. Be it starting my own income streams or continuing to grow my game, I’m recently 21 and the world is full of opportunities waiting for me to take advantage of them!


  22. Expand my social circle with people on the same vision as me and have a fun successful year at college.


  23. Goal for 2015: Get shredded, get success, get women.

    Basically, stop being skinnyfat, leave my dreadful job, and get a serious notch increase. How I plan to do it? Never missing the gym days, networking like crazy and approach a lot more to get my game skills in check.


  24. Lets keep this simple: my vision is to build an international empire and succeed in fulfilling a life that rewards me with life’s simplist pleasures of women and travel

    At my young age of 18, Im driven to reach this vision. Im prepared to work my ass off to reach my goals.

    Friends and family who enjoy a life of mediocracy are quick to chime in their opinions about my goals, telling me im moving too fast. All I can do is cut out their bullshit and move forward.
    Thank you Christian, your writings have helped me change my ways and get on the right track. I guarantee this knowledge will not go to waste. Cheers to a new badass year! Go make 2015 your bitch!


  25. I’m 22 now but when i was 20 I started my own company. A carpet cleaning company. The work was hard and shitty but man I never knew I was such a good hustler till the difference between eating beans or steak that night was how you speak and present yourself. Needless to say I’ve been enjoying high cashflow and it’s been my hustle ever since. But I can’t get anywhere just grinding. 2015 for me is about using that, making a frame and foundations to build my empire on, and becoming King by 30 motherfuckers


  26. I’ve been reading your blog for months now, but this is the first comment I’ve left. Firstly your blog has helped me so much this year in my transformation from a complete beta loser, to a more aggressive, confident alpha mindset.

    My vision for 2015 is to become the best version of myself that I can within the space of a year, simple as that. This includes:
    1) Hitting the gym until I get the body I’m not just confident in, but proud of.
    2) Forming my own ‘rat pack’ of cool friends, and cutting all the toxic loser friends out of my life.
    3) Getting my drivers license, I’m 20 and it’s about time I got that out the way haha!
    4) Starting my own self improvement blog where I can document my progress in the gym and social life, to inspire others who might be in a similar position.

    Thank you for a great year Mr McQueen, your blog has been fucking awesome and I can’t wait to see what you do with it in 2015!

    – David


  27. GManifesto had a tweet awhile back that I can’t find now but it basically said, “This whole swooping fly girls thing really is the way to go, I’m surprised more guys aren’t on it.”

    My vision is the lifestyle he describes in his blog: Partying 3-5 nights a week, custom suited down, getting places on lock, being in shape, making mad money, and swooping fly girls. Pretty simple.

    I need to keep moving towards building the lifestyle of an international playboy. I’m far away from it, but I’ve realized in the past year that taking even one step in that direction sets you apart from 90% of men, if not more. I’ve already taken a few steps, and feel like I’ve left most guys in the dust. That being said, the vast majority of the path I’m walking still lies ahead of me.

    I used to believe in the whole “dedicating yourself to a higher cause” thing, and I still do in a way. From now on though, my higher cause is myself. And I totally agree, this isn’t “selfish.” It’s basic economic theory that doing what’s good for yourself is, in the long run, also what’s best for the economy as a whole. This isn’t true only of money, but in all aspects of life.

    The only suitable lifestyle for a man who is true to himself is one in which he does what he wants, when he wants. What else could be more fulfilling?


  28. This is the year that i finally climb out of the pile of shit that I’m in. I’m a young guy from a poor country(average wage is 350e/month after taxes). I self-thought web development, build a few websites and applications, and now I’m ready to find work – I’m starting to apply to jobs right after the holidays end. Game-wise, 2015 will be engrained in fucking history, because i am going to do no less than 1000 approaches. I don’t know how I’ll squeeze this in with my new job but i will find a way. I’m currently mediocre at game because i chose instead of going out and gaming to work at climbing out of poverty, but that’s about to end. So in summary:
    > Get a good job as a programmer;
    > March through August I will dedicate to my sex life and my game. The time that will not be spent resting or working, will be spent gaming.


  29. My vision is as follows:

    -Increased success with women (50 or more lays)

    -Hit the gym 3-5 days EVERY WEEK. No off days

    -Clean diet. No cheating every 3 days, no binge eating. More greens and protein.

    -Get a part time job so I always have sufficient funds during school to do what I want, when I want.

    -INDEPENDENCE. I will stop relying on people for things in life. I will go for it, I will go out to get what I want. Dependence on people has dragged me back massively in 2014.

    -Different mindset. I will change my thinking to one of a apex predator. No more resting on my laurels, I will hunt my prey (figuratively).

    -No more procrastination. I can’t even count the amount of time I wasted per day on twitter, tumblr, and instagram. I deleted them all within the past two months, I am done wasting time.

    -Better social circle. Need to ditch losers that drag me down, that dusrupt my pussy flow. I need winners in my circle, people that can make me a better person, people that have the same attitude, goals and drive as me.

    All in all 2015 will be a year of improvement. Maybe I’ll reach my goals by june, maybe by dec 31st. Does not matter. I will always look to improve myself and look forward.


  30. Christian McQueen, this is the post that defines all 2015 posts. I don’t need to read any more goal setting posts anymore because this covers the important points. I came up with a few ideas for 2015 before reading this post, but my vision for 2015 is this: 1) No alcohol for a year. I want to see how my health and weight lifting responds to no liquor in the new year. I literally turned 31 last night and it’s about that time where my body starts responding negatively. I’ll respond by doing better. 2) Juicing every day. I am taking Mike’s advice and got a juicer for Christmas. I’ll be juicing every day to enhance health and workouts. 3) Writing every day. I have a plan to write for my main site every day, but I’d also like to make some more consistent content for my two niche sites and another niche site that I have planned. As well as that, I’m going to make an effort to do some freelance writing for other sites I frequent. Too much writing? I’ve done the math, and I know I have more than enough time to handle all this. The question is, do I have the will? I believe I do. You are an inspiration in this regard. I saw you posting every 5 days and it’s been incredible. It can be done.

    Anyway, hope you have a great new year!


  31. My vision is simple: The plan is to have no plans. Because every plan has become a reality, no longer a goal in list of goals I hope to achieve. Whether that be 500+ lays, writing my book, penthouse in the city, beach house in a tranquil beach… My vision remains the same. Absolute freedom at my disposal, no worries about tomorrow or having enough time to do what I want to do. That’s my vision…


  32. Goal of 2015 is to approach more, stay grounded and more emotionally detatched and have a 3 somme. Also Christian im curious as to why you left ROK, could you elaborate?


  33. It’s hard to stay disciplined in college. But with the help of your blog, I have successfully elevated every aspect of my life over the past year.

    As a freshman in college (go Hoosiers), many of my colleagues have no goals, no vision, no desire to be great.

    Fuck them.

    High finance is calling my name and I will do whatever it takes to get into investment banking. I’ve been working on my vision for a while; networking, online seminars, infosessions, pitch competitions, you name it. But 2015 is the year I take it to the next level. I’m prepared to work my ass off in order to achieve a level of wealth that will allow me to do what I want, when I want.

    At the same time, I will continue to abide by the mantra I believe every human being should adopt: be the best version of yourself you can be. For myself, that means picking up hotter girls, hitting the gym consistently, and developing new hobbies and skills. Constant self-improvement is key to being a successful individual.

    Keep up the excellent work Christian.


  34. My vision is simple, but important: to become a man in demand that, through his actions and words, inspires thousands upon thousands of men to live a life on their own terms—in other words, actualising their own version of “success”, not society’s.


  35. Christian, outstanding post as usual!
    For 2015, my vision would be starting a college self help blog in order to raise awareness among younger men about the red-pill knowledge aka being a man.

    I stumbled upon this knowledge in my last year in school and I would always say, “man, if only I had this knowledge when I was younger”.

    So with that said, I want them to be exposed while they are young and peel their eyes open regarding the reality. Reality among men nowadays is that they are becoming more and more feminine, straying away from acting like real men. I want them to be inspired in their individual own lives, to reach their full potential and being able to live free someday.


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