Weekend Game Tip: My 3 Biggest Game Mistakes


#3 Game Mistake

“If I see that chick I’m gonna flip dude, I swear”. I continued rambling while my giant of a buddy tried to chill me out. This dude was huge. I’m talking 6’6″ in height and jacked as hell. I was referring to my ex-girlfriend, a firecracker of a Latina. She was a dead ringer for Shakira the singer and she knew it. We had a crazy relationship that lasted two years, plenty of broken plates and some equally explosive sex. My buddy and I were out on the town in a major Midwest city on the prowl as usual. The thing about this city is, that the main street where all the clubs and bars are, is also perfect for running into every single girl I’d fucked since I lived there.

We skipped the line at a popular club and walked in. “Just chill out and let’s have fun bro”. Hercules’ wise advice fell on deaf ears. “You have got to be kidding me”. I couldn’t believe my eyes. As soon as we walked in the entrance of the club, there she was holding hands with a Jason Statham lookalike, her best friend (who I wound up fucking later) and ‘Statham’s’ buddy.

All bets are off.

I walked the 10 or so feet between us and them and squared up on the dude holding my ex’s hand. “I hope you enjoy the taste of my cock and cum when you kiss her”. Ahhhhh that felt good. He swung, I half-ducked and his fist grazed my jaw. Ahhhhh that DIDN’T feel so good. Then all hell broke loose. The girls scattered and the fight began, until my buddy stepped in and that shit ended quick. We’re talking about Hercules here. They kicked us out of course, and he ranted and raved about how I just ruined the night. My adrenaline was going 90 to nothing, but his words still fell on deaf ears.

We headed to another club, but my vibe was royally fucked. My approaches fell flat and I couldn’t get the image of her holding his hand out of my mind. That is MY chick. I headed home sad, mad and ready to break some more ceramic plates. Sleep came hard that night and would continue for quite some time.

What Is The Lesson Here?

There a couple of key Game lessons here:

1. I should have listened to my friend. He had my back, but I shouldn’t have let my ego get in the way. Listen to your real friends who have your back. Don’t just discard their advice and then expect them to pick up the pieces. He was a real friend so he STILL had my back, but the situation should have never happened.

2. I did not have control of my emotions. Having control of your emotions is one of the most important disciplines a man MUST conquer. Was the comment funny? Sure. Was it worth it? At the time I thought it was, but essentially, I let a girl (who I was NO longer with) ruin my night. I let external circumstances control my inner state. Big mistake. Learn to control your emotions and when an ex is an ex, let her be. This doesn’t mean you won’t have emotions inside about the situation, but letting yourself get out of control is a recipe for disaster. Prisons are full of men who could not control their emotions over some pussy and it ruined their life. Don’t be one of those guys.

#2. Game Mistake

This isn’t one particular story, but an overall point. I cannot tell you how many times I have gotten too drunk and cockblocked my own self in the past. While alcohol can be great, there is a line where after I cross it, my game starts to decline. The key to fixing this mistake was learning my limits, disciplining myself to stop after a certain point and pace myself.

Listen, drinking can be a blast, but everything in moderation. Personally, while I have no desire to be stone cold sober for life, I’ve chosen to ease back on drinking a bit. Everyone will figure out what works for them personally, but I do have one last piece of advice on this subject: do not become dependent on alcohol to approach and game girls. If you’re finding yourself doing this, then commit to rolling out sober as a nun for the next month. See how you do. At first you might be terrified, but I can promise you that your game will skyrocket and you will be forced to face your Game ‘demons’.

What Is The Lesson Here?

Don’t let drinking control your game, whether it’s ‘helping’ or genuinely hurting you. Build your game on the foundation of being sober and your game will be rock-solid. Alcohol is fun in moderation, but if you lose new experiences with sexy girls because you become a drunken mess, then how is that fun?

#1. Game Lesson

“I am on fucking fire tonight brother”, I laughed loudly and took a drag from my cigarette. My buddy laughed and agreed. I really was on fire. Every single girl I opened responded the way I liked as though I wrote the script. You gents know the feeling. When you can do no wrong. It’s a great feeling. Until you get greedy.

“The hardest part is figuring out who to take home”, I ruminated out loud. “Take the brunette with the big tits”, my buddy offered. “Eh, I want the tall blonde, or maybe that black chick…” I couldn’t make up my mind. I bounced around the venue making out with multiple girls, getting IOI’s like a celebrity and generally just owning the bar. Well, last call came.

“Where’d the blonde go?” I asked my now drunk as fuck buddy. “I-I-I don’tttt knosee man”. I scanned the bar. Fuck, she was gone. Alright, where’s the brunette with big tits? Another scan and she’s goneeeeeee. “This is some real bullshit” I ranted for a minute until I spotted the cute black girl walking towards the exit. I took off like an Olympic runner and caught up with her.

“Where you going silly?” She was not amused. “Not with you”. I played dumb. “Why not? Let’s go after party”. She laid it down. “I would have left with you earlier, but that was before you decided to walk around the bar and stick your tongue down half the girls’ throats making out with them. I don’t do sloppy seconds.” And poof, she was gone. I bitched about it for a few minutes to my drunk as fuck buddy, but in reality, she had a very valid point.

What Is The Lesson Here?

I got too cocky and too greedy. I had several options that night, but cockblocked myself by not picking one and going for it. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t flirt with all the girls. What it does mean is play chess, instead of checkers. Because I was blatantly obvious about making out with half the girls in the bar, it caused the higher value females in the joint to be disinterested. If a girl sees you make out with an average chick, she’s not going to perceive you as a High Value Male.

I didn’t watch the clock. There is a point in the night where I call it the Witching Hour. That hour in Los Angeles is around 12:45am-1:30am. If you don’t have a girl who you’re warming up by then, then your odds of taking a girl home diminish greatly with every passing minute. Sure, I’ve pulled when the club closes and at after parties etc, but in general, this is exactly how it plays out. Weigh your options when you’re out, work on one and if she’s not feeling you then move on, but don’t blow yourself out of the water by being obnoxious like I did.

Have fun this weekend gents and remember, I’m your Wingman In Spirit!



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15 Replies to “Weekend Game Tip: My 3 Biggest Game Mistakes”

  1. “I didn’t watch the clock. There is a point in the night where I call it the Witching Hour. That hour in Los Angeles is around 12:45am-1:30am.”

    Where I’m from many slutz will leave the venue and go home at approximately 12:30AM. What you’re left with are either busted azz females and girls who went out to get laid but still can’t find a man who’s good ENOUGH.


  2. Think the bigger lesson has less to do with alcohol and more to do with grounding yourself. Even if you don’t drink, you may not go as far as a physical confrontation, but just the site of an ex/failed love interest can ruin your night if you let it.

    Practically speaking, I would recommend meditation. At its core, it’s a way to detach oneself from their emotions. Works huge wonders for those who make it a consistent practice.


  3. Hey Christian!!! You reminded me of the wisdom of 2pac talking about brothers who cannot control their emotions. He said “When these hoes get horny, n******s die!”
    Master emotion, master destiny.


  4. You never know how far violence will go once started. I know a lot of people that would be looking for where you lived if you tried that childish crap with them.


  5. Sup christian. Just been reading your blog for a couple of hours and got the number of an 8/10 hot Indian chick in Delhi. I’m a 30 year old Caucasian american, by the way. God bless you and if you ever want to check out Amazing India, it’d be my great pleasure to show you around Delhi.


  6. I really like your new way of communicating ideas. It sort of reminds me of the 48 Laws of Power where Green begins with a short story or background, in which the law is applied correctly or transgressed, and then he gives a further analysis on the law. Overall, I really like your new style of writing since it gives both the theory and actual real examples of the theory being applied. Good stuff.


  7. Solid post to start the year, especially the point about relying on alcohol. I’m gonna try that out, I think that’s one of the keys that separates the men from the boys.


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