Elevate Your Life: The Sound Of Success

What are you listening to right now?

What CD’s do you have in your car?

What do you throw on when you workout?

What you listen to has an effect on how you feel and screening your music is key to staying positive and fending off depression.

I had a coaching client who was constantly angry. Little things would cause him to flip out. One day I was at his house and while we hung out I looked through his music collection. Ding ding ding! Everything in his music collection was death metal music. He turned on one of his favorite songs and even I started to feel agitated. I gave him a simple task: switch what he was listening to, to more positive music for just 1 week. He was smart and he did as I asked. A week later he told me, “Dude, I don’t feel as angry anymore and while I normally get depressed easily I have been feeling happier”. This came as no surprise to me. The music he was feeding into his brain every single day for years fueled his depressing and angry thoughts.

Thoughts of killing himself.

Thoughts that all women are bitches.

Thoughts that life is simply too hard.

While I enjoy some rock and roll, there’s a big difference between Rolling Stones and Slayer.

It doesn’t have to be death metal either. Country music can be great, but damn if some of the songs aren’t written by beta bitch boys with severe cases of oneitis. Same goes for some of the new rap. Where rappers were once hyper-masculine in lyrics, it’s now about them pining over one girl. Not all music is created equal.

What you think about is what you become.

If you think about depressing shit, you will become depressed. If you think about positivity and put forth positive actions you will feel and be positive.

Do an inventory of what you’re listening to in your life. It’s not just about music.

Do you have negative friends you talk to on a daily basis? Is there a family member who calls you and drags you down? Are you listening to yourself and are you constantly looping negative self-talk?

Change it. Switch your music. Cut off these ‘friends’. Schedule time for family members that won’t drag you down before you work on an important project. And most importantly, nix the negative self-talk. Be your own best cheerleader. Be your own best friend.

Cut out the negative influences in your life that you listen to and watch how your depression turns into happiness and how your hopelessness turns into hopefullness.

Here’s to a great week gentlemen!

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13 Replies to “Elevate Your Life: The Sound Of Success”

  1. New to this site but I have to say this one resonates the most. Ive tuned out a lot of todays nonsense and replaced it with a lot of progressive-house/sunset melodies. Most of it is very upbeat and I usually do a lot of planning/prep/writing to it as it unlocks my brain to think better. Old school rap/hip-hop also packs most of my playlists, the new stuff these days is all about three things:a new car, got some money, and spendin it on strippers in the club. Boring.

    I was never a hard metal fan. My cousin is and I dont know how he does it lol.

    I have 5 months left in my lease agreement and im out of this apartment..my sister and her husband (and two kids) are in the upstairs unit and they constantly fight. Huge source of negativity. Ive pushed them out of my life along with several flakey friends and there has been a huge noticeable improvement in my attitude mentality and well-being.

    Looking forward to reading more!


  2. I’m big fan of rock and heavy metal and i used to listen to a lot heavy shit and still do (can’t stop listening to fucking slipknot.) I mainly listen to hard rock, punk, and even some rap now.

    One thing i’ve noticed is that bands now a days are just angry and depressing, wtf happened to all the bands that made you feel like a total badass?


  3. I am a big heavy metal fan so this hits home. I used to listen to a lot of heavy shit and still do; just not as much as before. I prefer to listen to hard rock and punk and even some rap instead of all athat angry shit.
    I still love metal but Its just hard to find good bands that arent angry or depressing now days.


  4. Christian, this post happened to really resonates with me. I hate to admit it but my iTunes library is mostly filled with R&B, Soul, Funk, and love songs. Lots of the Motown stuff is about lost love or oneitis. I do have a broad taste in music but I tend to gravitate towards the more mellow and melancholy stuff. ( teddy pendergrass and marvin) I’ve read somewhere that I need to change my playlist with more upbeat type shit, I especially like to listen to it when I’m sipping a bourbon and chilling out. Should I scrap it?


  5. I have found that listening to motivational and educational audiobooks in the car impacted my mood quite dramatically when I was having issues with anxiety and wanted some peace from constant noise and then wanted to ease back into it


  6. I’ve always preferred pump-up music during the day and then mellow prog-rock at evening before sleep.A few tracks by Black Sabbath will get me running through brick walls during the day and The Alan Parsons Project takes me to la-la land after dusk. Music is sooo important, even some drone ambient music to provide some white noise to drown outside distractions while concentrating on some file work.


  7. What kind of music do people use here to ‘game themselves’ before heading out? I find jazz to be very helpful.
    It gets me very relaxed and calm, which produces that smooth quality, while everyone else in the venue is amped up with tense energy like anxiety or excitement


  8. Great stuff McQueen! It’s very true that music can affect our mood more than we even imagine. My ex would listen to sad girl music constantly and guess what…she was sad and depressed much of the time. I tried explaining back then she needs some more upbeat tunes to bring her out of that funk. I personally enjoy many different genres but putting on some AC/DC always gets me pumped up in a positive way. Back in Black always does the trick.


  9. Great blog Christian I was starting to notice this myself as I caught myself getting lovey dovey listening to many mainstream music songs and you helped confirm it. Also could you sometime write about how to master being alone in everyday life not just clubs or social places? I am still young and sometimes find myself wanting to text girls for emotional gratification, or feeling slightly lonely on nights alone.
    Keep up the great posts!


  10. I swear by music to alter my mood. If I’m at the gym, I throw on N****s In Paris by Jay Z and Kanye and then Lose Yourself by Eminem to get me pumped up. If I’m feeling sad and shitty, I’ll throw on some happy, positive and upbeat tune to change my mood. Sad music will make you sad. Angry music will make you angry. Stay away from that bullshit. Listen to music that puts you in a good mood to get done what you want to get done. If you listen to Wonderwall (a good song) before you go clubbing, your game will be off.

    The new layout is great, Christian. Keep hustling.


  11. This is one of those little things that plays a much greater part in your day-to-day than you expect. Music that gets you amped will help you prepare to kick ass; chilled out tunes have the opposite effect. Playlists are your friend.

    As for all other types of noise in your life – notably, negative voices surrounding you – cut them out like the cancer they are. Positivity is key, even in the face of crippling failure. Emotions can either be a positive or negative feedback loop, cycling into each other in an endless cycle.

    Have a productive week, Christian.


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