The Legend of Alpha Male Errol Flynn

(Christian here. Apparently Heartiste wrote an article on Errol Flynn back in November unbeknownst to me with the same title. While the actual article is different in content, I changed the title today out of respect for him as a writer and to avoid confusion for readers. Clearly, I’m not the only one who think’s Errol was quite the alpha male.)

Every month as a new addition to the blog for this year, I will be doing a write-up on a classic alpha male figure, whether current or from the past. This will serve as inspiration and a ‘blueprint’ of sorts for those without any male figures in their life.

Errol Flynn was an Australian who became a huge star in Hollywood back in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. While the name might not sound familiar, this gent lived one helluva life and did it his own way. Below are some highlights and photos of this rogue rascal with my comments in BOLD. (all excerpts are from with sources)


Note his alpha male body language. Poised, owning his space and dominant, but gentle with his girl. Note her how her legs are turned into him. 

-In 1934, Flynn was dismissed from Northampton Rep. after a violent fracas with a female stage manager, which involved her being tumbled down a stairwell, and he headed to Warner Brothers’ Teddington Studios in Middlesex where he had worked briefly as an extra (actor) in the movie I Adore You before going to Northampton. With his new-found acting skills he was cast as the lead in Murder at Monte Carlo (currently a lost film), during the filming of which he was signed by Warner Bros. and emigrated to America as a contract actor.

You know he had sex with her. I would bet money.

During the shooting of The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex (1939) Flynn was co-starred for a second time with Bette Davis, but their personal relationship was quarrelsome off-screen, causing Davis allegedly to slap him across the face far harder than necessary while filming a scene. Flynn thought that the cause of Davis’ wrath was her being romantically interested in him, a feeling that was not reciprocated on his part.

She had the gina’ tingles and couldn’t help herself. How many players reading this have been slapped by a scorned lover? My hand is up.

Flynn was a member of the Hollywood Cricket Club with David Niven, and a talented tennis player on the California Club circuit. His suave, debonair, and devil-may-care attitude toward both women and life has been immortalised in the English language by author Benjamin S. Johnson as, “Errolesque,” in his treatise on the subject, An Errolesque Philosophy on Life.

Like any proper playboy he had varied interests and enjoyed life. Live it up gents. Get adventurous. Pursue multiple passions. When you have a book written about you and your player skills, you know you did something right.

When Flynn became a naturalized American citizen on 15 August 1942 he also became eligible for the military draft, as the United States had entered World War II eight months earlier. Grateful to the country that had given him fame and wealth, he attempted to join the armed services but he had several health problems, his heart was enlarged, with a murmur, and he had already suffered at least one heart attack; he had recurrent malaria (contracted in New Guinea), chronic back pain (for which he self-medicated with morphine and later, with heroin), lingering chronic tuberculosis, and numerous venereal diseases. Flynn, famous for his athletic roles and promoted as a paragon of male physical perfection, was classified 4-F – unqualified for military service because of not meeting the minimum physical fitness standards.

The gent tried to give back. Don’t be greedy and never give back when you have success. He also clearly wasn’t spending his time bitching about America, but instead was looking for ways to help this great country. The numerous venereal diseases comes as no surprise, because that is one of the ‘dangers’ of playing the field. Thankfully, we live in a day and age where almost none of them are life-threatening.

In the 1950s, after losing his savings from the Hollywood years in a series of financial disasters, one of which was The Story of William Tell (1954), he spent his time sailing aimlessly around the Western Mediterranean and its ports aboard his yacht Zaca.

Dude basically said, “Fuckit” and went sailing for some time. Sometimes you have to get away. Sometimes you get kicked so hard in the balls by life, you have to regroup and make a new plan. He just happened to do so on his yacht. 

flynn (1)

A girl only looks at you like that when she is in love and has been deeply converted.

Flynn had a reputation for womanizing, hard drinking, and for a while in the 1940s, narcotic abuse. His lifestyle caught up with him in public in 1942 when two underage girls, Betty Hansen and Peggy Satterlee, accused him of statutory rape, alleging that the event occurred at the Bel Air, Los Angeles home of Flynn’s friend Frederick McEvoy. The scandal received immense press attention with many of Flynn’s movie fans refusing to accept that the charges were true (one such group that publicly organized to this end was “The American Boys’ Club for the Defense of Errol Flynn (ABCDEF)” who counted in its number William F. Buckley, Jr.), taking the image that they had of Flynn’s screen persona as a reflection of his actual character in real life. The trial took place over January and February 1943, and Flynn was acquitted after a successfully aggressive defense by his lawyer castigated the accusing girls’ morals and characters. Although Flynn was acquitted of the charges, the trial’s sexually lurid nature played out day by day by the media, created a notorious public reputation of Flynn as a ladies’ man, and permanently damaged his screen image as an idealized romantic lead player, which Warner Bros had expended much time and resources establishing in the eyes of female movie going audiences.

And we thought false rape charges was a new thing? He went to trial and was acquitted like a boss. Sometimes you get burned by the public’s perception of you, but you cannot control everything people think about you. Do you and live life. You will have fans and you will have haters. You don’t have to be everything to everyone. I have people who don’t like me and people who do. Appreciate the ones who do and ignore the ones who don’t.

After quitting Hollywood Flynn lived with Wymore in Port Antonio, Jamaica in the early 1950s. He was largely responsible for developing tourism to this area, and for a while owned the Titchfield Hotel, which was decorated by the artist Olga Lehmann. He also popularized trips down rivers on bamboo rafts.

Once again his thirst for adventure had him living a varied and exciting life. Have you put your thirst for adventure on the back burner? Rediscover that passion again. Get outside, explore, take a trip somewhere new and feel renewed.

The gossips took note of his close friendships with Marlene Dietrich, Dolores del Río and Carole Lombard. Lombard is said to have resisted his advances. She had already met and fallen in love with Clark Gable, but she liked Flynn and invited him to her extravagant soirees

You know she did, but had to save face. Chicks will lie to their friends with, “I NEVER hooked up with him” and meanwhile she’s sending you naked photos and leaving your spot at 5am after a late night booty call.


There’s that look again another girl is giving him. Note his “I don’t give a fuck Ava Gardner is infatuated with me” look. Game recognized.

In the late 1950s, Flynn met and courted the 15-year-old Beverly Aadland at the Hollywood Professional School, casting her in his final film, Cuban Rebel Girls (1959). According to Aadland, he planned to marry her and move to a new house in Jamaica but he died of a heart attack before this came to pass.

I am unclear of the laws regarding age differences in the 1950’s, however, it’s clear that Flynn wasn’t one to settle down with an old haggard wife hounding him about retirement, mowing the lawn and promising to give him a handjob once a year on his birthday. While you should ALWAYS observe and obey the laws in your respective country, the principle remains the same: Do not ever settle down with a girl who you’re not extremely attracted to and truly desire a life with. Know the difference.

Errol_Flynn (1)Like any playboy worth his salt, Flynn is seen here rocking a suit and of course, a pocket square. Jet set and loving life.

While Flynn wasn’t perfect, no one is, and much can be gleaned from his life. He lived more life in one lifetime then most people do in five. When faced with ‘failure’ he regrouped and started again. Flynn was a classic alpha male in every sense of the word. If you like this new series leave a comment below.



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28 Replies to “The Legend of Alpha Male Errol Flynn”

      1. Proof? Having just completed a 2,000+ page exhaustive book on the subject of Flynn, from years of research in film archives, travels to Flynn-oriented locations around the world, and which includes close to 10,000 images, I can tell you that:

        1) There has never been a shred of evidence leading to any conclusion that he had the least personal interest in Davis, let alone any dalliance with her (I prefer to keep my public language civil and vulgar-free, thank you).
        2) Basic grammar. “Charges” is a plural word, therefore requiring the verb “were,” not “was.”
        3) I have, over forty years, collected in the vicinity of 11,600 photos of Flynn and know his face up, down, and backwards, and the last photo in this article is not of Errol Flynn. I’ve seen it pop up fairly regularly on the internet, though, and I’m not sure who started the misinformation regarding the gentleman’s identity.



  1. Check out Oliver Reed…another star from the past that you might not have heard about but you certainly should. He came later but was a big fan of Flynn and was inspired by him to lead a full (and fun) life.


  2. Errol is plain B.O.S.S. In what I’ve seen/read before on him and your article is great in having touch points to showcase just that.

    Can’t wait for more. Your blog encompasses quite a bit of baddassery I admire and respect


  3. Another great article Christian – I like this column, “Alpha Male of the Month” I trust you’re familiar with Porfirio Rubirosa? Thanks again!


  4. McQueen – Excellent article as usual.

    If you haven’t already I suggest you look into Jack Beers. To me this guy lived it up. He had a documentary made about him that you can find on Netflix called “Holes in My Shoes”. Excellent reminder to us men to never let an opportunity pass by. This guy knew how to live and he lived a very full life.



  5. Finally back to the good stuff, hope you keep them coming and stop with that how to kiss a girl grade school stuff.


    1. There are varying backgrounds of my readers ranging from newbies to experienced. While I appreciate the comment, the feedback from that video has been astounding and requests for more have poured in.


  6. It’s no coincidence that many of the quintessential alphas of the past 100 years were around in the 30s to 60s. Compare them to those of today and there’s definitely a noticeable change. I’m curious to see who you’ll be featuring next.


  7. This series is a great idea. Looking forward to future editions.

    Flynn’s presence just bleeds out of the these pictures.


      1. What about Pablo Picasso? I’ve heard he slept with many women throughout his life as well.


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