Weekend Game Tip: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Sometimes a picture or video clip can explain a concept better than a 1,000 words, hell even 5,000 words. Today’s Weekend Game Tip is just that: a simple picture and a video clip.

Take the picture in: the alpha male’s body language, the eager body language of the sexy girl and the vibe of what it depicts.

When it sinks in, your game will be elevated this weekend. That I know.

tumblr_mtsrrz7TCT1qdcznoo1_500_zps86d66c0e (1)

This is absolute and total Frame Control from body language to his words in the picture, but note what happens in the video clip.

In the video clip, watch what Bogart does:

1. Encourages her to drink haha classic

2. Responds with sarcasm when she says “I know so little about you”

3. Where Bogart’s character slips Frame is when he says “Why don’t we get married?” Note her response, how she gently changes the subject and dissuades the idea. Then she drops the line of all lines when the girl is planning on dumping you, but you don’t know it yet: “No matter what happens I want you to know I love you”. This is guilt speaking and a way for her hamster to justify her future actions.

Remember gents…Frame doesn’t have an end. Frame never ends.

Take your game up a million notches here.

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