Year 2 Begins…The Throne Grows

On January 4th, 2014, I launched this blog and damn if it hasn’t been a wild ride. Consider this my one year wrap-up and State of The Blog Address all wrapped up into one post.

When I started the blog, I knew in order to build a strong readership, I had to put in some real work and be consistent in my posts. Thus, began a feverish work ethic of 5 posts a week.

From the 5 posts birthed the idea of splitting some of them into different topics like fitness and sports. That, however, did not work.

I went back to the drawing board

I tried to be too much too soon and also learned to focus ONLY on what I know. While I wasn’t writing the sports column, or writing about topics I was clueless about, I was stretching the purpose of this blog too thin. Doing the surveys helped me narrow my focus on what readers really wanted to read about. An overwhelming amount of you answered them and the blog focus will incidentally be on my two favorite topics to write on: Game, Playboy Lifestyle and a dash of Motivation on Mondays to kick your week off strong.

The first year was about finding my legs, now it’s about taking it to another level. Progress, tweak, progress, tweak, setback, tweak, progress. It’s a never-ending process, but the joy I’ve gotten out of getting emails from you gentlemen telling me that the blog has made an incredible difference in your life this past year, makes every second of time invested into it worth it.

My goal in life has always been to inspire others in some shape or form

Whether that’s through them observing my life, reading about the mistakes I’ve made so you can avoid them, or gleaning a new attitude about life. It’s not just regulated to this blog. In everything I do, the goal is to leave a legacy. When I die one day, if all I’ve done is made some money, had sex with some sexy girls and partied, then I failed at life. It’s easy to get caught up in JUST success for ourselves, and while I’m a huge proponent of success obviously, it’s also about leaving a legacy of positive influence on your fellow-man. With this blog and other ventures, I hope to do just that.

This year I’ve gotten some real hate

But if I didn’t, then I wouldn’t be making a difference. Listen, people will bitch about you when you start rising. It’s inevitable. Human nature is cruel and loves to see people fail. That’s just the facts of life. You will have people who love you and people who hate you. Ignore the haters and concentrate on your fans. Those are the people who matter. The people, like yourself, who take the time out of your day to read a post I write, and those of you who take the time to send an email saying ‘Thank you’; that’s who matters. The rest can continue sippin on Haterade while reading my blog and secretly seething at my success, while I sip on champagne and enjoy life. My heart goes out to them because they don’t understand that bitterness and hating doesn’t affect me; it affects them and their lives. 


What this blog is and what it isn’t…

This blog will never be about trying to right societies wrongs. There’s plenty of blogs that concentrate on that and more power to them. The goal of this blog is very simple: to help men everywhere get better with women and most importantly, better at living a great life. I could give a rat’s ass about certain topics because I don’t allow those forces into my world. The better of a life you create, you can drown out the noise of stupidity from the outside world. If a chick has an attitude: next. If a chick isn’t feminine: next. If a guy friend drones on and on about the doomsday condition of America: peace out. This isn’t a head in the sand approach to life, but the reality is, the world has always had problems and will always continue to. If a man spends all of his energy on the negative in the world his life will be miserable. Our time on this earth is short. I don’t plan on spending it getting into internet ‘wars’ with basement dwellers and unsuccessful people. You’ll find as you meet more and more successful people who have great shit going on in their life, are happy and going places, they do not dwell on what’s wrong with the world, but instead on what is right and what they can do to improve their life and those who are close to them. Nuff’ about that. Moving on…

New blog design…

By now, I’m sure many of you have noticed the new blog design and the new logo on the top left and center of the home page under the first video. This blog has had more face lifts then most older Hollywood stars in its first year and I thank you for sticking around through its evolution. At this time, the blog will not be changing anytime soon. I’m happy with the modern design and sleek look. There will be some minor tweaks here and there (some of you still can’t see the videos from emails I’ve gotten) and those will be fixed very soon. My goal is to make it streamlined, work-friendly (no more risqué photos, etc) and easy for YOU the reader to navigate.

Upcoming killer stuff…

I keep getting asked when I’m writing another book and as of right now, The Alpha Playboy Part 3 is the only book I’ll be releasing later this year. I had expected to release it earlier, but when editing, decided to go back to the drawing board and overhaul it again, so it’ll be a bit before it’s released. Moving forward, I don’t plan on releasing another book for sometime, but I will be dropping some other incredible news on you gentlemen very soon. I’ve been quietly working behind the scenes on a project that’s literally groundbreaking. Alright, enough about that, I’m terrible with secrets ha!

Full Court Press

Starting this year I have a few plans for massive press done the right way. It’s not about controversy for me, never has been and is not my style. I prefer to build this blog on quality, not shock value. A well-known Hollywood PR Firm is being hired to take this blog to the next level and I will release more information when I can. This year is going to be exciting as fuck I can tell you that and I’m excited that we’re all on this journey together. This is just the beginning.

Year 2 begins and the throne grows…

To your true success with women and life,


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21 Replies to “Year 2 Begins…The Throne Grows”

  1. Congratulations on a full and successful year and all the best going forward. I have definitely enjoyed the Monday morning posts; even the experienced paratrooper sometimes looks too long at the ground and you remind to keep that eye on the horizon when it counts, thanks.. Stay at it, but Good Luck as well and a very Happy, Prosperous New Year!


  2. Hey Christian,
    im a big fan from SA, just another youngster struggling in the rat race of modern society. Your blog is the shit, and has helped me pull some bitches, and more importantly given me some ideas on making dough. I like the way you write, to the point and adapted for the audiences understanding.
    Keep it up.


  3. Great job, man. I started out following Roosh’s blog and then found ROK’d blog and which through I found yours. Roosh was good, but he got out there hating on America and I don’t find ROK useful to me anymore, yours is hands down the best and my favorite and the only one I read any more. Keep up the good work and may year 2 be more fruitful than year 1. Congratulations, bro!


  4. Damn, I’ve been reading your blog since almost the beginning. I didn’t know that, cool.

    Hey man, keep up the good fight and here’s to a hugely prosperous new year!
    May you become a bigger hit than the Beatles.


  5. You’ve got a lot to be proud of Christian, your creation is one of the best sites on the ‘sphere. Keep up the good work; you’re doing it right.


  6. Glad to see the evolution of your blog and career. You offer insightful post full of information and the two books of yours I have read (TAP & Text Guide) are gold. I look forward to where you are taking everything. Congrats on year one and keep bringing the heat. See you at the top.


  7. dude, just keep winning and show the haters how it’s done. I’ve ceased to follow any other game blogs and advice, because you’re the most legit dude and a true expert in your area. Getting out, and getting laid. Keep it coming and here’s to your success!!


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