How To Navigate The New Site

As you’ve noticed I’m sure, the site has changed and with that I’ve condensed the Menu. Here’s a quick guide to help you navigate the site, because some stuff has moved.

On the top right of the page the Menu says: Home > Blog > Cool Swag > Meet Me

The ‘Home’ button brings you back to the main page. If you’re ever stuck on  page and can’t get out, just hit that button and you’ll start back at one. You can also click on the logo in the top Left corner and that will take you Home as well.

The ‘Blog’ button is a Drop-Down Menu style button. Hover your mouse and a menu with 4 categories reveals itself: Game, Lifestyle, Style and Motivation.

All of the almost 300 blog articles have been organized in those 4 categories. Simply click on whichever category you want to read about and it will take you to a scrolling infinity page where you can read posts in that category starting with the latest post.

The ‘Cool Swag’ button is a Drop-Down Menu style button as well. Hover you mouse and a menu with 5 categories reveals itself: Books, Coaching, Podcast, Forum and Free Swag. Simply click on whichever choice you like and you will be taken to the main page of each respective category.

The ‘Meet Me’ button is a one-click button that takes you to my About page. If you didn’t already know haha.

The ‘Search’ box is on the bottom of every page, but not the main Home page. It’s in the bottom left corner. Simply type the article or keywords you’re trying to locate into the white box and like magic, the results will be displayed.

New ‘Contact’ boxes have been added to many of the pages. This makes it super easy for you to shoot an email to me or my assistants, whether it’s a question for myself, or you need support on a product you purchased.

The Latest Blog Post is always featured on the Home page immediately after the 2nd video. Hover your mouse to see the image, or simply click on the title to read fully. There is also a button that says ‘View All’. Clicking on the button will open up the latest blog posts in an infinity scroll.

Social Media Buttons are on bottom Left side of every page. Click the Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram icons to be directed to my social media pages.

Lastly, the site is getting a steady return of a Grade A for speed based on site testing sites and we’re not done tweaking it to make it even faster. I totally get that a slow site sucks cock, so speed is a huge focus for me and I plan to get it to under 3 seconds in load time.

Alright gents, that’s it. I streamlined the site to make it super easy to navigate from finding blog categories to condensing products etc. If you’re having any issues or noticed any bugs, leave a comment below. Enjoy and look for a new post tomorrow!


2 Replies to “How To Navigate The New Site”

  1. Been listening to your podcast and have read some of your books–great life-changing stuff.
    Let me know if you need help with speeding up your site, pro bono. I’m a mobile & web developer / entrepreneur.


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