Weekend Game Tip: King In The Car

One of the best places to physically escalate with a girl is in your car. No, I’m not suggesting get busy in the back of your car, although that could be fun. Instead, I’m talking about when you’re driving. Let’s say you pick her up for your date, or you meet her and now you’re driving back to your spot for some naked twister.

The key is to maintain some sort of physical touch, so by the time you arrive at your place, she’s ready to rip your clothes off. These tips can also be used in a LTR, or anytime you have an interested sexy girl in your car.

#10. Open Her Door Like A Boss

This isn’t weak, because that’s what you do. I’ve never had a girl lose respect for me because I opened her door. The key to this, is doing it like a boss, with authority and because that’s how you roll. The fun, sexual part is right after you open the door, give her a light pat on her ass as she slides into the seat. Then close the door.

#9. Have Her Light Your Cig (If You Smoke)

If you’re addicted like me, hand her your pack and tell her to light you one (if she’s a smoker). If she’s not, put a cig in your mouth and tell her to light it for you. Although obviously you could light it yourself, its sensual when a girl lights your cig and she will eagerly do it.

#8. Kiss At Red Lights

The trick here is to really kiss her at a red light (doesn’t have to be every one), then when the light turns green, don’t just go. Look at the light, then kiss her again and when she squeals for you to keep driving, laugh and drive on. This slight disregard for traffic laws gives off a ‘bad boy’ vibe, without creating a car accident issue.

#7. Play Good Music

Your car. Your rules. Play what you want, but sexy music creates an atmosphere of sex. Period. If she wants to play a song, let her play it, but then change it about 2/3 of the way through. This shows a give and take, but that you’re not going to sit through Selena Gomez’s music for its entirety. Also, leave the Titanic soundtrack you secretly blast on the way to work for when you’re not around her.

#6. Hold Her Hand…

…But alternate between holding it and not. Don’t grab her hand the moment you start the car and never let go. It’s weird and gives off a needy vibe. The easiest way to transition, is to change the music station, or adjust the volume which gives you a natural reason to let go of her hand. If you have the volume/station buttons on your steering wheel, use the ones on the dash instead so this will work.

#5. Always Drive If Possible

Even if it’s her car. Shows you can lead, are dominate and you take the initiative. Some chicks may balk, or you might not want to be seen driving a chick car and that’s understandable, but these tips still work in the passenger seat to a certain extent.

#4. Don’t Drive Like An Idiot

Sure, you might be a secret nighttime drifter, but when you have another person whose life you’re responsible for, it’s best to err on the side of caution. Don’t drive like a Grandma with cataracts, but don’t go 90 in a 35. Be smart, drive efficient and live to drive another day. I’ve cockblocked myself many times years ago driving like an idiot. Chicks generally get very nervous, so be chill and save the moves for the track, or when you’re driving solo.

#3.  Your Car Doesn’t Matter, But Your Attitude Does

If you drive a Pinto and act ashamed, then she’ll be ashamed. Don’t act sheepish if you drive a POS. I’ve driven everything from Corollas to Luxury 6 figure cars and everything in between: it’s in the attitude. Sure a chick would rather ride in a Bentley, then a Geo, but it is what it is. If she won’t ride in the Geo with you, then she doesn’t deserve to ride in the Bentley when you get one. BUT, keep it clean. If your car is shitty AND dirty, then brother that’s not cool. No matter how ‘uncool’ your car is, you can definitely keep it clean. Those burger wrappers? Throw em out for God’s sake.

#2. If You Have A Nice Car, Don’t Be A Cheap Ass

Nothing makes me chuckle more, then when somebody is driving a Benz, but drives around for 20 minutes to find cheap parking 5 blocks from the club. Really? Don’t drive a nice car if you can’t drop a Jackson on valet. When you have a chick with you, remember she’s wearing heels and looking fly for you. Valet the whip. Don’t be cheap and park blocks away in order to save $5-10.

#1. The Car Is The #1 Best Place To Create A Bubble

You’re outside, but yet inside. You’re in your domain. This is the perfect environment to Create A Bubble with her. Turn on the tunes, start cruising, put your hand in her lap, hike up her skirt a little more and maybe she’ll show you her ‘world’. (DMB reference couldn’t be helped ha)

Have a great 3 day MLK weekend gents, safe and sexy driving and I’ll catch you on Monday!

Get laid this weekend with these tools.

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8 Replies to “Weekend Game Tip: King In The Car”

  1. Really dig your writing. Plenty of practical tips to use.
    Don’t mean to sound like a hater, but maybe get a proofreader homie. Grammatical errors left & right. Minor stuff…then vs than. Effect vs affect. That sort of thing.
    Just my two cents to help you out as well.
    Not trying to be a dick.


  2. No. 8 is absolute gold. I play a game where we makeout passionately at the red light and physically escalate each time.


  3. I drive a manual and I take the girls hand and put it on the knob and make her change gears keeping my hand on hers and commanding her to do it after I take my hand away.


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