Elevate Your Life: Brilliant Tumblr Post

I stumbled upon this brilliant Tumblr post some time ago and saved it for its brilliance. I don’t have a Tumblr account and can’t even remember how I found it, but the original post is here. The following is what he wrote, but some of the passages I have bolded for emphasis.

Under Promise, Over Deliver…

“Whoever came up with the phrase “under promise, over deliver” was the person who inevitably allowed MEDIOCRITY to be acceptable. To under promise, in hopes of over delivering, you set yourself up for FAKE success. You let people know that you are too SCARED to step out of the comfort zone, and step into something that could be potentially amazing.


There are so many people that are praised for mediocrity and sub par performance. There are people that thrive off of being “average.” What the hell is average anyways? It is nowhere I ever want to be, that’s for sure. By shooting for perfectly average, you are shooting to be just like every other FAILURE.

How many MILLIONAIRES AND BILLIONAIRES do you believe told themselves “I know we can move 1000 units, so I’m going to say we can move 700, so when we move 1000, I look like a fucking hero!”? I’m going to go ahead and say zero.

The wealthiest person I’ve ever known is a perfect example of how to achieve true SUCCESS. He became partners in a company back in the 90s that was essentially an “authorized dealer” for telecomm services (i.e. Comcast, DirectTV, etc). They had 13 employees total. He walked into a sales meeting, stood on top of a chair, and SHOUTED “YOU ARE ON THE GROUND FLOOR OF WHAT WILL BECOME THE LARGEST DIRECT MARKETING AND SALES COMPANIES IN THE WORLD. WE WILL EXPAND INTO NATIONWIDE MARKETS. WE WILL DOUBLE, TRIPLE, QUADRUPLE IN SIZE BEFORE YOU CAN EVEN STOP TO CATCH YOUR BREATH. WE WILL GO PUBLIC. AND I GUARANTEE, THAT EACH OF YOU SITTING IN THIS ROOM RIGHT NOW, IF YOU DEDICATE YOUR TIME TO THIS COMPANY AND THE COMPANIES SUCCESS, YOU WILL BE A MULTI MILLIONAIRE IN THE NEXT 5 YEARS!”

Half of the people sitting in the room laughed. They got fired on the spot.

Today, that company is the largest direct marketing and sales company in the world. They have multiple markets in every state across America, they are in 13 countries, and they are in the process of going public. The man I am talking about was making $220,000 A WEEK in 2008. Did he under promise and over deliver, or did he over promise with no intent of under delivering?

Success is not achieved through accepting mediocrity. Success is not achieved with fear. STEP OUT OF YOUR FUCKING COMFORT ZONE, AND DO SOMETHING THAT WILL LEAVE A MARK IN THIS WORLD. Everyone has the ability to live with their name among the stars, to live above the clouds. The only problem with that, is most people choose to live their “normal” life that they are “comfortable” with.

True comfort is knowing you don’t have to worry about bills. True comfort is having your kids college tuition sitting in an account before your kids are even born. And, trust me, true comfort is a Tempur-pedic bed, over stuffed micro fiber couches, down comforters, and suede seats in a Bentley. Lol.

I hope that at least one person will read this that needs to read this. I hope that this can help at least one person take a step toward success.

“I’m not saying I’m gonna change the world, but, I guarantee will spark the brain that will change the world.” – Tupac Shakur


P. S. When is the last time you heard a beautiful woman say “I hope I find a perfectly average man” or “Gosh, I hope this guy is mediocre.” Don’t be an idiot.”

Change begins today right here.

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