Why Men’s Health Magazine Has Become A Joke


You gentlemen are smart.

You get advice on how to better your life from men who are not strangled by corporate sponsorships.

Men’s Health South Africa recently removed an article on How To Get A Woman’s Number, because certain *cough* female readers (and men who are clearly not getting laid) labeled it as “creepy”.

This is not a joke.

Now, a magazine that’s always been rather pathetic anyways and filled with useless affiliate crap, has now decided to slap men in the face everywhere and not provide practical advice on how to have better social skills.

If they can’t write about how men can get a woman’s number, then here are some suggestions for the weak-kneed beta bitch boy editors they employ:

“How To Send Smoke Signals And Attract The Woman of Your Dreams”

“5 Ways To Remove Your Balls And Become A Beta Bitch Boy (No Surgery Needed!)”

“How You Can Use Your Imagination And PornHub To Replace A Real Woman’s Touch”

“10 Ways You Can Weed Yourself Out Of The Gene Pool (You Don’t REALLY Need Sex!)”

I’m going to pause for a moment and throw up, because it’s beyond obvious that men are under attack in this world.

If you’re masculine, you are “misogynistic”.

If you’re good with women, you are “manipulative”.

If you have balls and refuse to bend to society’s consistent shaming of masculinity, you are “unstable and angry”.

Well, I have a big announcement for Men’s Health: Fuck you. 

You are doing a disservice to men everywhere by catering to the exact audience that doesn’t buy your magazines: women.

But, I chuckle at your demise, because men will seek out truth.

They have and will continue to find real, actionable TRUTHFUL advice in blogs just like this one.

The game is up. The internet has leveled the field of ‘journalism’ and has created a tidal wave of access to the ordinary man to find real-life advice on how to meet women, become better at life and become the best man they can be.

I will not even give them the satisfaction of linking to their article, but a quick search on Twitter for @MensHealthZA will show you what happened.

As long as I’m alive, masculinity will have a proponent of truth and a champion for men everywhere.

The truth will prevail.

Mainstream men’s magazines will continue to alienate men everywhere in exchange for more money and the approval of women. This blog will not.

Do men everywhere a favor and share this on every social media platform you’re on. Get the word out. If we don’t, who will?

The Alpha Playboy available here.

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19 Replies to “Why Men’s Health Magazine Has Become A Joke”

  1. I used to hang out with a guy who was a content creator for the magazine and met some of his coworkers. People who write for that magazine are a bunch of out-of-shape chainsmoking betas. They get these “relationship experts” (hos) to “write” blurbs on how to turn women on and shit while putting up photoshopped models on the article. It’s all BS. The whole print media industry is a shit show overtaken by feminists and their gay BFFs.


  2. Well in the end, isn’t this just social darwinism? I hate to sound uncompassionate but any man dumb enough to take Men’s Health magazine seriously probably doesn’t deserve to have sex with women. Oh well, more for us. Keep on speaking the truth Christian because by speaking the truth, you’ll attract a smaller number of followers but the ones you do attract will be genuine and serious about life.

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  3. Read an article on ask men about men who are “alpha.” They slammed cary grant, Humphrey bogart, and other men from that generation. Then I saw the authors picture and it was one of those hipster looking sissy dudes. Immediately laughed and went back to this blog.


    1. I read the same one I couldn’t believe what I was reading. They suck they gave in to their female masters. Jaja


  4. Hadn’t bought said publication in a long time. Did so the other day and did I regret it the minute I opened the plastic packaging. Its all advertisements!!! Total and utter bullshit articles on fitness, etc. I will never waste my money on it again.


      1. Yup I wanted to puke at just the headlines.
        10 years ago was when I started reading it. Keep up good work McQueen.


  5. Jesus christ. It’s all about playing it “politically correct” these days in case you get publicly shamed for slipping up. The manosphere is the Men’s Health of the 21st century. They gave up pole position cause they’re afraid. Fine, let’s take over.


  6. As strange as it sounds I’m a female and an anti-feminist. I identify with liberal, and I’m by no means a traditionalist. HOWEVER- this man-bashing has got to stop. Men are people. They are not some sort of prop for women to play with. I’m getting tired of that view. Also, getting tired of having to ASSURE a guy they can kiss me. Stop asking. If we like you, move in for the kiss. Nothing is worse than being asked.


      1. One of the core tenents of ”liberalism” the social variety rather than the economic variety is egalitarianism. From that springs forth feminism which is the abolition of sexual polarity. If you believe in female suffrage, pro-choice and others like it you are a feminist.

        Likewise egalitarianism cannot exist because people are different. The only possible justice that egalitarianism can be applied to is equity which is a principle of justice. Where no man or woman is favored or exempted from the law.


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