Required Reading For Men: The Rational Male

I don’t recommend many books. It’s not because I don’t read, because I’ve always been an avid reader. When I was a young lad I would regularly check out on average 15 books a WEEK at my local library.

The librarian would peer over her glasses with a quizzical look and say, “You’re going to read all of those young man?”

“Of course ma’am”

She didn’t believe me, but I would very much read those books. Now these weren’t massive books, but I was a voracious reader and would pour through the books hungry for knowledge.

Throughout the years I rarely read fiction anymore and instead like books that help me gain a better understanding of how the world works, what it takes to be successful and biographies of important men.

One such book that stands out as being required reading for men is The Rational Male by Rollo Tomassi.


Now note, he has no idea I’m writing this post and I’m not getting any affiliate commission for plugging his book. It’s not about that for me, it’s about spreading the word on what’s he doing over at his blog.

If you read one book this month, read his. Written by a real man, for men just like you, this book will help you gain a better understanding of male/female relationships written from a truthful perspective and most importantly, it’s advice that works. 

I require my coaching students to read it and I also had him on the podcast show which you can listen to right here.

We are inundated with books and products that sometimes are merely fluff.

This book is not one of those.

Check out Rollo’s book here on Amazon and read the reviews for yourself.

And check out his blog here.

Happy Monday gentlemen, let’s have a great week.


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18 Replies to “Required Reading For Men: The Rational Male”

  1. I have the book. It’s a great book. Here comes the “but” though.
    But, the font size it way too small. Damn hard to read that way. I hope Rollo addresses that in the next book. I’d pay five more dollars just to have bigger text in my book.


  2. I’ve read some of his post, but did not realize he had a book as well. I trust your co-sign–getting it when I have some reliable internet. Thanks.


    1. Usually a fan of your shit but you could show some love or humility in the comment instead of plugging the next sale.
      Class over ass, or more specifically over books about ass.


    2. I read Rational Male about a year ago and it was a turning point for me. Definitely the best introduction into red pill thinking and written in a very articulate and well thought out way. My ex found me reading this book and flipped out. That was an “a-ha moment” for me. I knew it struck a nerve which the truth tends to do. Keep up the great work Rollo…same for you MCQueen.


  3. Great book indeed!
    I have not seen you do any affiliate links. Any particular reason? Seems like win-win really.


  4. hey CMQ,
    you should make a post about biographies. If I remember correctly, last year you published a post about the need of a mentor in our lifes. Some people don’t have the luck of being around these people. what are your most inspiring biographies?


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