Tribute To a G

Every once in a while a blogger comes along and nails all the right chords and drops wisdom casually with little fanfare.

One such G is none other than GManifesto himself. While his ‘identity’ has been shrouded in secrecy, he does indeed exist and the consistent wisdom he drops is pure gold.

Some of you might know of his work on his blog (he hasn’t updated it in a while, but still excellent regardless) and his Twitter.

For this post, I’ve collected 15 of his latest tweets over the last couple of months to showcase.

#15. “Ever notice how guys who say they have “been there, done that” with partying and swooping girls, never really got a lot of beautiful girls?”


#14. “Understand that it is not what people say, it is their body language, voice and eyes that tell you what they actually mean.”


#13. “Key to life: Avoid Beautiful Crazy Exotic women. Swoop them once, but don’t go back.”


#12. “Want to throw any beautiful woman off her Game? Show her an equally beautiful younger woman.”


#11. “If you want to roll with someone at night, bring something to the table; girls, money, drugs, connections or Game. Preferably all 5.”


#10. “A Man’s Age doesn’t matter at all. His Game, Money, Charisma and Looks do. When guys bitch about age, they are lacking those 4.”


#9. “Not giving a f*ck makes you money and gets you girls. Making money and getting girls makes you not give a f*ck. Meditate on that for a bit.”


#8. “Great talent to have: Love of rejection. Life is going to kick your ass on a daily basis on the way to the top. Better to enjoy it.”


#7. “If you are a successful, sharp dressed Man with his life together, then there are way fewer of you than beautiful women. Supply and demand.”


#6. “Introducing two important people to each other is one of the best things a Man on the rise can do.”


#5. “Important: Contrary to what most will have you believe, there has never been a better time in history than to be a Man on this earth.”


#4. “Watch peoples eyes. Listen to their voice. Feel their energy. Reading people is the greatest skill one can have.”


#3. “If you tell a girl you are dating about something good that happened to you in business, and you notice any tinge of jealousy, dump her.”


#2. “If your “best friend” is someone other than yourself, you are setting yourself up for Disappointment at best and Betrayal at worst.”


#1. “When you dress Sharp in a way that makes other guys say “Who the f*ck does this guy think he is?”, you are already halfway to swooping girls”

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Check out his blog.

Save money and get laid here.

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12 Replies to “Tribute To a G”

  1. Went back tonight to review some “classic” GManifesto posts…after several of his pages loaded a message popped up asking for $4.99 for access to premium content. What’s the deal?


      1. Any updates on his site now asking for $4.99 per month for access? I see he’s on Twitter all the time but has not done a blog post since Sept 2013. Doesn’t seem to me that the MPM I read all these years would be asking for a monthly payment for access. Any thoughts?


  2. Man the Gs always on point.

    He’s always bitching about how California sucks but I’d tell that nigga to go spend some time in Tennessee, Georgia, or Alabama-then well talk player. Haha. Gs smooth as Hennessey.


  3. #10. “A Man’s Age doesn’t matter at all. His Game, Money, Charisma and Looks do. When guys bitch about age, they are lacking those 4.” is truly pure gold. Thinking about other guys I know my age(I’m 37), the ones that bitch about being “old” they do lack those 4, or at least 3. Age doesn’t matter for us like it does for women. Complaining about age makes guys sound like a bitch. This gem will be great to throw back at the ones that also like shaming me about my age. Thanks for the great post McQueen.


  4. I remember when I first stumbled upon the G Manifesto. Even though it’s a mess of broken links, what matters is the text. And sweet Jesus, does G deliver. His voice is unlike any other in our corner of the web. I particularly love his articles on making a party out of the horse races, and becoming a better burglar. One of the best out there for sure.


    1. G delivered the most unique insight out of any blogger I read. You always got the feel that he’s giving ‘insider’ knowledge. He was my gateway into the Manosphere as he linked to Roosh.

      G’s most unique talent was criticizing people, often humorously, without giving off any negativity.


  5. Christian, can you please explain number 5? Isn’t being a man in this country nowadays demonized compared to the old days?


    1. Meaning if you have good game right now it’s easier than ever to get laid.

      If you have Lifestyle + Game you’re crushing it.

      Politically, yes the climate is murky, but speaking from purely a getting laid perspective.


  6. Another great post. #8 is probably the most important of all and the biggest reason people don’t succeed with girls, money, etc. Being in Sales I can attest to that. Keep up the good work!


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